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Discover How To Make The Impact You’re Called To Make… And Speak Your Path To Cash


Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn…

 Learn How To Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Get Paid Well For Your Services (And What To Focus On NOW)

Walk Away With The Clarity That You’re On The Right Track – Because You’ll Have The “How To Make A Big Impact Written Plan In Hand”

Attract A Steady Stream Of High Paying Clients… Every Single Month

Breakthrough Self-Doubt, Overwhelm & Fear… Once And For All

Turn 10 Minutes of Stage Time Into $10,000+… From Gigs In Your Own Back Yard

Learn the #1 Key To Designing Packages Your Clients Will Love… Know For CERTAIN They’ll Say YES!

Monetize Your Message So It’s In Alignment With Your Calling And Make The Difference You’re Called To Make

Insider Secrets Of The Speaking Industry… What You MUST Know To Make A BIG Impact

How To Have A More Empowering Relationship With Money & Breakthrough Your Money Sh*t

Get 100% Clear On Your Detailed, Strategic Action Plan On How To Use Speaking To Make 6 Figures+ In The Next 90 Days


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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Our community of Conscious Business Owners is full of experts, they’re brilliant at what they do and yet, they’re overwhelmed with all the demands of building a thriving business. There’s so much to do in business…your website, social media, building a community, product launches, copywriting, technology, speaking, getting clients….the demands go on and on. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not achieving your goals. You need ongoing support from mentors who have “been there, done it” and can give you clarity on your precise next steps that will move your business forward fast. Upcoming FREE Training: Breakthrough Overwhelm – Get The Support You Need What you’ll learn…

  • The #1 Key To Eliminate Overwhelm Forever
  • Productivity Secrets To Get More Done- in Less Time!
  • Get Rid Of Fear, Self Doubt and Limiting Beliefs Once and For All



Want More Speaking Gigs? You’re called to make a BIG difference. Speaking is the best way to reach more people and be the change agent you’re called to be. You can feel it… your calling is real… and your Tribe is waiting. Our “Visionary Speaking Formula” separates you as a World Class Speaker. Witness the crowd hang on your every word as you inspire the masses with your message. In this program, you will discover how to…

  • Step Into The Spotlight
  • Monetize Your Message
  • Get More Visibility
  • Dial In Your Signature Talk
  • Get More Speaking Gigs
  • Magnetize Your Stage Presence

Whether your new to speaking or you’re speaking on big stages, this training will knock your socks off and show you how to make a big impact!


Want To Attract A Steady Stream Of High Paying Clients? You rock at what you do. You change lives. And you’re gifted in so many ways. But you’re not making the kind of money you know is possible. You’ve invested in so many f*&#@ing programs, while you learned a lot of great tools… they were incomplete and missing key pieces. You’re at your wit’s end and you’re doubtful that any coach or program could actually help. (ugh!) You’re secretly fearing if you don’t do something and fast, you’ll have to get a J.O.B. You’re scared… you’re hoping that if you just keep going… something will magically change. And yet… after all this time, you’re still stuck. The Big Impact VIP Platinum Program supports you with 1:1 customized mentorship. This program is all about getting you on the “Fastest Path To Cash” so you can start making money in 60 days or less! You’ll Walk Away With…

  • A Step By Step Marketing Plan That’s In Alignment With Your Essence
  • Hot Juicy Programs Your Ideal Clients LOVE
  • Land On Your Niche… Once And For All
  • Breakthrough Your “Money Shit”
  • How To Find Your Ideal Clients
  • Inner-Game Tools To Overcome Fear & Self Doubt
  • Confidence & Clarity On How To Convert High Paying Customers
  • The Ability To Get Paid Well For Your Services
  • Launch Your Movement & Impact The World

The program is designed specifically for Conscious Business Owners, Speakers & Experts who want to make money NOW (and the confidence that comes with it). We’ve developed a Big Impact Kick Ass Formula that works… CHECK OUT OUR SUCCESS STORIES & HOT GUARANTEE!   guarantee