When they say “Get a J.O.B”

When they say “Get a J.O.B”


Mark here – with a personal story about NOT giving in.

It was at a family event a few years ago. I hadn’t yet landed on my niche and my Mom & Dad could see me struggling.

They saw how talented I was – and with my background in branding for huge corporations (like Porsche and Marriott) – they came up and said it to me straight. It hit me like a ton of bricks when my Dad said…

“Mark, we think it’s time you get a J.O.B”

Nothing is more painful than having a BIG vision for your message and work in the world – and it not yet manifesting. To hear those words from people I love – lit my ass on fire.

There’s really nothing to “say” to that – because words aren’t what your family needs to hear. It was a hard time for me.


Which is simply the journey of the Speaker.


Martin Luther King’s first speeches were not at the Lincoln Memorial. Steve Jobs barely got a response in his first talk. The journey of the Speaker is paved with obstacles and doubts.

It’s your mission as a Speaker to BELIEVE.

Believe in your greater gift.

Believe that your Tribe is waiting for you.

Believe that you’re here on earth to be a true agent of change.

No Speaker makes their Big Impact overnight.

But every Speaker who continues on their path, who continues to BELIEVE and take action – regardless of the outcome – slowly sees their Big Impact.

When I heard my parents say “It’s time to get a J.O.B” – that’s not what I listened to. I simply heard, “It’s time to make a Big Impact” – and I continued to Speak.

No matter how small the audience, no matter how little I made – I believed in my Big Impact. And Shannon and I believe in YOUR Big Impact.

Don’t give in to the voices who don’t see your vision. Know that YOU’RE here to make a Big Impact.

Inspire the Tribe by commenting below:


“How do you respond when your family tells you to get a J.O.B?”


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

P.S. Now, one of the greatest joys I have is having my Mom & Dad be a part of Big Impact Live. They come in from Alaska for every event and they LOVE being a part of the Tribe! 

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  1. That’s where I was last year in March when I asked my father to help me pay my rent. He was furious!
    And today, I signed up another client!

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