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You’re finally on the phone with your prospect, excited to offer them your life changing program that your soul was meant to deliver in this world and the big problem drops:

How do you land a new client while being authentic to your message?

In other words – you want your new prospect to buy your program, but you don’t want to ‘Sell’ it.

Exciting news:

Today’s post will reveal a HUGE breakthrough in how to land clients over the phone while having a completely soulful conversation.

In the past few posts, we went into great detail to help you spread your message to more people. So you’re making lots of money while making a big impact in the world.

Now, you’re going to learn the 10 ways to enroll an ideal prospect in a 30 minute call. Shannon here – and I’m going to give you some actual scripts that you can use right away.

These scripts are extremely valuable – so make sure to print out this post or share with someone who needs help enrolling more clients.

10 Steps To Close Your Next Client In A 30 Minute Soulful Conversation
Here are the 10 steps:

1. Purpose – LEAD the call by stating the purpose. “[Name] so awesome to be speaking with you. Over the next 45 minutes I’m going to help you [solution you offer] and I’ll begin by listening to what you most need now, ok? So all I need from you is to be honest and open, cool?” The purpose of course is them being committed to moving forward to change their life because of the solution/program you have.

2. Challenge – Then ask them what their #1 challenge that they’re facing now pertaining to your niche. LISTEN to their challenge. They’re opening up to you because they trust you and this is a moment of soulful honesty of what they need from you.

3. Dig – Here’s a golden secret: the more you dig and clarify exactly what their pain is and what goal they’re after – the easier it becomes for them to sign up. So Lead, Listen and now DIG to find out all the details of what pains them and what they crave to change. Here’s a ‘Dig’ question to ask: “Can you tell me more about that?” or “What’s important to you about that?” You’re looking to find what they’re pained by and what they crave.

4. Cost – What is their pain costing them? So, let’s say you’re an energy healer and your potential client is talking about feeling constantly overwhelmed in their hectic life right now, you’d ask: “What’s that overwhelm costing you right now?” – this further clarifies the deeper pain they feel, which opens them up to your program to change this for the good.

5. Imagine – Once the pain has been clarified, and you have a vivid picture of what goal they crave, now paint the picture. Start with the word ‘Imagine’ and then paint the picture, using their words, of experiencing and having what they most deeply crave.

6. Bond – In a few sentences, tell your own story (or one of your success story clients’) of struggle in this area, how you discovered the solution (your program) and a few impactful results you’ve had because of it. This creates a real bond.

7. Offer – With confidence and excitement, make your offer (check out the OAK post that goes into making the offer in great detail) that solves the exact problems THEY mentioned, using their words.

8. Urgency – Right before you end the offer, add one element of authentic urgency. Something like, “Because I really connected with you and know this program will change your life forever, if you enroll in this phone call you’ll get a 45% discount”.

9. WAIT – Finish the offer by saying, “[Name], now tell me, are you ready to get started to [solve the problem/get the solution] right now?” – and immediately be silent and wait. Let your prospect digest it and don’t confuse them with any other details. This is a powerful moment of clarity and commitment for your prospect – be present and let them respond.

10. Purpose – Most every call you’ll have, there will be questions after this. Some people will not say yes right away. While we created an entire 3 day event to give you a much deeper training on this life-skill, here is the main point. At this point, they’re feeling uneasy about committing to your program – because change is always unsettling.

So you must LEAD the call by bringing back all those doubts back to their desire to change. See their doubts and turn them into desire. The desire of the original reason they’re on this call. The more you stick to PURPOSE of them being committed to change, the more these prospects will sign up with you on the spot.


See your Tribe’s doubts in themselves as a deeper desire to commit to their transformation.

Print this out, write it down – please use this. This 10 step script is worth GOLD if you use it.

These 10 steps are for you to manifest your big impact in this world – so more and more people are transformed by your message.

Please comment below what your #1 take-away from these 10 points were?

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon


Should I just get a J.O.B

Mark here and let me ask you, have you asked yourself this question recently:

“I’m doing everything right and nothing’s working…maybe I should just get a J.O.B”


Painful to hear – but even more painful when you’re actually considering getting a J.O.B…

Because I have great news for you – YOU DON’T!

Listen, this is one of the main problems we see with our clients, over and over.

So in Today’s blog, you’re going to Discover how to start making serious money so you’ll never think of that 3 letter word again 🙂

Here’s the deal:


Shannon and I have a signature system called “Mining For Gold”.

It’s the program that shows you why you’re not getting the results you anticipate – even though you’re working so hard.

It’s helped our clients finally turn things around to get results, fast.

Here’s one of our most powerful Discoveries that we share more in detail in the full program.

Pay close attention to the next 7 words:

Do your market research before creating anything.


If you don’t laser-focus in on the problems and challenges your tribe is facing – why would they buy from you?

When you find out what your clients want, need, desire, what they’re afraid of, what keeps them up at night and what inspires them at their core – well, you’ve found a gold mine.

With deep market research, you can get inside the hearts and minds of your ideal clients – and when you do, your business will start seeing INCREDIBLE results.

Don’t just take our word for it – our clients have told us that they’ve gone to seminar after seminar, taken course after course – but they only started to make serious money when they learned this secret from “Mining For Gold”.

So if “J.O.B” has crossed your mind recently, or you’re just not seeing results like you envision, here is your action item for today and the rest of this week:

1. Create a Survey

2. Have the survey ask two questions: what are their top 2 challenges they’re facing right now, and anything else they’d like to learn more about?

3. Explain that you’re coming out with brand new and hot trainings that can change their life/business, and you want to tailor make this incredible content to them.

4. Then, offer a gift for anyone who fills out the survey.

5. The gift can be a content-rich video, ebook or audio you have – and then just send it to everyone who filled out the survey

That is something you can do today, send it out tomorrow and within a few days – you have GOLD:

You’ll know exactly what your tribe is hungry for – now create a program around it for sale.

I hope that serves you – and ensures that you’ll never consider a “J.O.B” again 🙂

Leave a comment below how you’ll put these 5 steps to use right away in your business.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Monetize Your Message - 3 WAYS MONEY Really Does FALL FROM TREES

Monetize Your Message – 3 WAYS MONEY Really Does FALL FROM TREES

Monetize Your Message



It’s true, money falls from trees – we promise. But only if you have this kind of profit bearing tree: The OAK Tree. The only way you can change people’s lives and make the BIG difference in the world you’re craving to make is when you’re making money. …and lots of it.

Did that just alert some butterflies inside of you?

GOOD. Today’s hot and steamy new post is going to show you a very simple path to cash. Because money is a low-hanging fruit when you have an OAK Tree.


Our Struggle With Money 


Mark & I tried lots of ways to grow businesses in the past. And we continued to struggle. Seeing our colleagues and friends “make it”, wanting things we couldn’t afford, and dreaming of a day where we could do what we love while making great money.

That day came when we found an OAK Tree. We know you’re here to make a big difference in the world and share your wisdom.

But your message will never manifest until you’re earning solid income. Which is why we’d like to share the OAK Tree Formula with you right now.


The Oak Tree Formula To Never Ending Cash – And How To Monetize Your Message


OAK stands for:







The next time you’re at a networking event, speaking, interviewing, blogging, teaching or training in any kind of way – give an 0 = Offer. An irresistible offer is when your prospect thinks to themselves, “I’d have to be crazy not to do this right now”.

The reason why most Conscious Business Owners are struggling is because they’re not talking about money.

** BIG IMPACT SHAREABLE:  Conscious Business Owners create wealth and abundance when they have abundant ‘money conversations’ with prospects to become clients.  **

Not giving OFFERS that lead to a money conversation. So let’s say you’re speaking at event with 17 people that’s going great. Here’s how you can finish your brilliant talk:


“Before I let you go and implement the [Title of your talk, benefit of your talk] to [get result your tribe is after] - here’s a way you can [get the result] much quicker.

I’m offering a FREE 45 minute ‘[result your tribe is after] Strategy Session’.

During this 45 minute call you’ll get/learn:

- Result/Benefit A

- Result/Benefit B

- Result/Benefit C

I can only offer this to the first 10 people who come up to me after this talk. And just so you know, tons of people who have had this free ‘[Result] Strategy Session’ have told me that this call alone has changed their life/business.

I’ll be available right there [pick a spot in the room] in a minute, so if you’d like to get/learn [Core Result your tribe is after] without any [pain they’re trying to avoid] this week - just come up to me before the spots fill up.”


3 Reasons That Offer Is Irresistible


That is an irresistible offer for 3 reasons:

1. It solves the problem they need solved with a high value offer (45 minute call with you- The Expert)

2. It’s free (i.e no risk)

3. There’s urgency (10 spots only in a room of 17).

…IRRESISTIBLY HOT! They’re kicking themselves not to sign up… Why does this work?

Because the people who came to that event came to achieve a certain result (or to find a solution to pain they’re in).

So you know they’re hungry for your transformational work – and now you just gave them an irresistible way to solve it. Here’s the next part of the OAK Tree formula:

A – Ascension


At the end of your 45 minute talk, offer an ‘ASCENSION’ transformative package for high value and price (between $197 and $497 is mid-range, $1997-$9,997+ is high-range). The package should include these 8 elements:


  1. A Hot Title
  2. Timeline (4-8 weeks long)
  3. Modules (Each Benefits/Results)
  4. Social Proof (How this has helped others)
  5. How it specifically solves your tribe’s problems
  6. Price
  7. Risk Reversal (explain how NOT taking action is costing them)
  8. Urgency (why to do it NOW)


Here’s how this can truly help you make a difference in the world: These people have come to your talk, have signed up for a call and have therefore raised their hand saying, “I Want Your Help!”

This Ascension package is a higher level than the call (hence ‘Ascension’) and shows so much value they can’t say no. Now you’re changing lives and making money – YES YES Oh Baby!

Time for the 3rd and final step:


K – Kash


When you make your offer when you’re speaking (or networking or blogging etc.) – people will run to sign up when they FEEL the transformation vibrating in your bones.

When you say the price in your Ascension offer, they’ll be excited to pay when they feel the transformation rushing through your veins.

To do so, you need to equate MONEY with MESSAGE. You’re here to share your message with a Tribe full of your ideal clients – but you’ll only be leading that Tribe if you’re making money.




When you name your price and you feel a bit nervous saying, “and it’s only $2,997” – then you haven’t equated money with message.

But when you name your price with the same presence, calm and passion as when you share your message – your Tribe will sign up like bees to honey.

So yes, Money does fall from trees – if you have an OAK tree.

OFFER – make it irresistible

ASCENSION – use the 8 elements you just learned

KASH – money= message Are you ready to put this to action?


You can do this, we believe in you! And today’s post is everything you need to sign up a client right now!

Comment below how you’re progressing or any questions you have about the OAK formula.

We wanted to give you a low-hanging fruit to make the big impact you’re called to make in this world NOW.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Monetize Your Message - markandshannonlive.com

5K In 3 hours – Monetize Your Message

How Sarah Made $5,000 In 3 hours After We Had Tea

True Story – you’re going to love it. This was a deciding moment for me, when I knew my calling was to help others manifest THEIR big impact in the world. But not at all how you’d think.

Here’s the story.

Sarah is a good friend of mine, pretty much like family. She calls me up one day, completely stressed out. Trying to monetize her message in all the wrong ways.

Sarah is a ghostwriter and an expert copywriter and was dealing with a classic case of clients from hell.

The Huge Soul Who Had A Client From Hell


To emphasize, Sarah is a huge soul and I love her like a sister. She is a true Goddess of words who helps others tell their stories with brilliance and beauty. …so when I heard her over the phone and frantic – I couldn’t bare it:

“SHANNON! Can you come over? I’m having a business meltdown and I really need your help…”

I quickly came over, made her a cup of tea and we sat down to chat. I asked her what the problem was. Sarah told me a whole range of problems. The kind of problems that most would get overwhelmed by – unless you know the 1 business secret I gave her.

Sarah told me how this client kept on asking more from her, not paying her enough, constant complaints and demands and changing of minds and scheduling… and on and on.

At one point I stopped her and asked point blank:

“Sarah, why did she hire you in the first place?”

“To write her book.”

“Is that what you’re doing?”

“No, I’m editing her blog, piecing together her book – it’s so complex because she has so many demands on me and I don’t know where to begin.”

Sarah explained how there were never any boundaries set and was being paid by the hour. Easy fix. Here’s what I prescribed:

“Okay girlfriend, here’s what to do. Explain to her that these working conditions are not suitable for either of you. There’s too much stress and lack of direction. Tell her you’d like to readjust to make it optimal for both of you…”

$5,000 In 3 Hours


So now, instead of doing anything and everything she happens to think of on the spot, paying you per hour – create 3 packages:

1. The Blog (Silver Package – $3,000)

2. The Book (Gold Package – $3,000)

3. The Book & Blog (Platinum – $5,000)

These prices is what she wanted – but about 5 times as much as she was getting paid per hour.

BIG IMPACT SHAREABLEYour Clients don’t want you to be nice. They want you to lead them.

She sat with the idea of ‘Packaging’ and pricing it what she really wanted… looked me straight in the eye but with some hesitation and said:

“Ok Shannon – I trust you, I’ll do it.”

I left her place at 4pm.

At 7pm the phone rings. I pick up – it’s Sarah, shouting with joy.

“Shannon you’re a genius!! I just made $5,000 and we’re both happier!!”

She went on and on, how she thought she was going to lose this client because of all the chaos and had no clue how her client would react to the $5,000 price tag. But it worked like a charm. And now she’s getting client after client, signing up for these hot, juicy packages all based on referrals.

Why Sarah Is Shining (and YOU can too)


And the best part is that Sarah is shining, spreading her message of helping others tell their stories with grace and beauty.

Mark and I have since gone on to help 100’s of clients get these kinds of results, overnight. There are lots of reasons ‘Packaging’ worked so well for Sarah. In later blogs we’ll go into Price Elasticity, Price Comparison, Pricing Psychology, Standing Up & Leading Clients, etc.

For now, here’s your takeaway:

NEVER work per hour (it automatically caps your income).  Offer PACKAGES that are clear with boundaries, results and benefits.

Sarah was all over the place because she was reactive hour by hour. But when she LED her client and created BOUNDARIES with clear benefits and results – the client immediately understood, saw the value and signed up.

Ready For Some Exciting News?


If you’d like the FULL training on sharing your gifts with more confidence, monetizing your message and truly making a big impact with your genius – we have great news for you:

Mark and I are putting on a 3 day live event called, “Big Impact Live” where you’ll get everything you need to start generating $10,000 months in just a few short weeks. Mark & I started from 0 – and in our first 10 months took Big Impact to over $400,000….without a website or a business card!

At Big Impact Live, we’ll show you how you can do exactly the same thing. Plus, you can qualify for a Full Scholarship ($997 Value) if you apply right now.

In the meantime, please leave a comment below how you’re using “Packaging” to grow your conscious business. And if you don’t yet have packages – then let us know what you plan to create this week like Sarah did.

If you have a friend or colleague who would really benefit from learning Sarah’s story – then please share this article with them. Cool? Thank you!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

how to get anyone to say yes - markandshannonlive.com

How to get anyone to say YES with this ONE sentence

How to get anyone to say YES…with this ONE sentence


Recently Mark and I hosted the Bay Area Speakers Meetup.  It was HOT!


Towards the end, after the dancing and hugging – someone came up to us and asked:


“What you guys have done in less than a year is mind-blowing…. how did you do it? I mean, I have no idea how to get people to say YES to my offerings, let alone get to Multiple 6 Figures!”


One of the secrets to “getting past no” that we discovered early on was this.


You see, “yes” and “no” are only words for, “you can help me” and “I’m not confident you can help me.”


It’s really that simple… and that deep.


The way to get people to say YES to you and your offers is to really know your ideal client’s problems.


The more clearly you articulate their pains and why you’re the Trusted Authority to solve them – the more your prospects will say YES to you.


Was this helpful for you? Then please share this post with someone you know who’s having trouble getting people to say YES to their offering.


In your corner and by your side,


Mark & Shannon