A speaker who couldn’t afford the gas to drive to her family reunion

A speaker who couldn’t afford the gas to drive to her family reunion

Mark here…and let me tell you a story of a now 6-Figure speaker who just a few months ago….couldn’t afford gas to drive to her family reunion.

As of today, Maria is now crushing it with her ‘booked solid’ speaking gigs, fearlessly charging what she’s worth…and happily earning 6-Figures. This is all after Big Impact University though. Before she came to us, she was really struggling. So we’re sharing this with you to let you know you’re not alone – and ANYTHING is possible when you use the ‘Speak Your Path to Cash’ System with everything you’ve got.


Enter beautiful Maria:


“Every month I would receive notices from my bank that I was charged yet another $23 because I didn’t have sufficient funds to cover my expenses. I was going through constant shame & self doubt because my partner was covering rent, food, gas…everything…I felt like a child when we’d go to the grocery store..

“Can we get this, please…” I was living partially on my credit cards watching my balance go up and up and up. All the way to $10K in debt. I felt like a failure – How could I be so brilliant, creative, strong and yet, not be able to be successful in my work? I actually had to decline invite after invite to visit family because I didn’t have the money to pay for gas for the drive….”

Since then, Maria has launched her movement, has travelled to Hawaii, hired an assistant, has 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in savings, has paid off her credit cards and is ENJOYING LIFE!

Because YOU have a message. You’re inspired and connected to a purpose bigger than your challenges. You know this, deep within your soul – we’re here to remind it for you. And inspire you to take action and get your movement…MOVING.

Maria – we love you. Thank you for inspiring the Tribe to manifest their greatest calling.

Let us know:


“What’s YOUR Calling and what are you WILLING to do to follow it?”  


We believe in you!

In your corner & by your side,


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