Perfection is your ENEMY


Perfection is your ENEMY

Shannon here with a deep secret to manifest your deepest calling as a Speaker.

The #1 enemy of your growth as a Speaker is seeking PERFECTION.

Burn this in your brain:


I know, a bit strong – but it’s time to make your Big Impact. And it won’t happen by striving for everything to be perfect:

The perfect Tribe
The perfect program
The perfect income

“The perfect…” is what’s preventing manifesting:

Your Tribe
Your signature program

Strive for DAILY PROGRESS. One step at a time, only focusing on progress (and not for things to be perfect) and you’ll see your Big Impact manifest faster than you ever thought possible.

Comment below:

What’s your “Perfect Scenario” that’s preventing your growth?

One thought on “Perfection is your ENEMY

  1. Is amazing how long it took me to realize why I don’t get more and do more (at least one reason is this); yes, I’ve been looking for (seeking) for the perfect program and the perfect prize instead of offering what I have and dominate.
    Thanks for the advise.
    From Puebla in Mexico…

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