How I unwind

How I unwind


Shannon here with…something really juicy for you.

Mark and I believe that this is one of the MOST critical factors of growing your Conscious Business as a Speaker:




This is a bit vulnerable and wild – but a lot of Big Impact Tribe members ask how I unwind. Well – here’s a taste from my last “Self Care Saturday”:


  1. Hit the gym for a great workout before 10am  
  2. Sister Goddess check in time on Zoom (‘cause we’re busy little bees but making time for Pleasure anyway!)
  3. Colonic and fav kale salad (Rustic Tavern in Lafayette)
  4. Thai Massages with my man
  5. Friends over for dinner



It’s so easy to get caught up in the “busy-ness” of business but days like this nourish the soul so we can be more productive and fulfilled.

Inspire the Tribe with your comment:

What are YOU doing for your SELF today?


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

6 thoughts on “How I unwind

  1. I am taking a “mental health” day. I have given myself this day off from my day j.o.b. to relax. No one in my family knows this. I am by myself staying in tune to my “higher self”.

  2. I had a session with my Somatic Sex Coach tis morning, talked to a dear friend and lunch with another friend and attending a Tantrik healing by ritual workshop with another close friend this evening.

  3. Monday: Asked myself what a Rock Star would do? Decided to take the day off. Went to the dentist where I lay down for a long time! Made lunch had a nap. Unpacked. Did the laundry. Watched a movie. Early to bed.

  4. Continually in gratitude,,which keeps me in Bliss & Relaxed full time & in love with Life …Walks in nature everyday! Dancing all the time!!!
    Yes of course massages ! Prayer work /Spiritual food first thing everyday !

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