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speaking=no j.o.b ever

Proof: Speaking = NO J.O.B, ever…

Proof: Speaking = NO J.O.B, ever…



Mark here with a sword of truth for you, the brilliant Speaker & Change Agent that you are. Listen to the following words and let me know if it aligns with where you’re at in your Conscious Business today:

People tell you all the time how brilliant and talented you are – yet those compliments don’t turn into clients or into cash. And you have no idea WHY!

In fact – you secretly wish there was just a simple SYSTEM (that you’d be happy to FOLLOW step-by-step) how to use speaking to generate consistent income, month after month.




When you take an honest look inside, you don’t know what to do to get on the right track. Everything you’ve tried, just doesn’t seem to be working. You secretly fear if something doesn’t turn around (and FAST), you might have to get a J-O-B.

After working with and helping 1000’s of Conscious Business Owners & Speakers who shared the ‘J.O.B Fear’ with us – I have exciting news:


You NEVER Have To Worry About Having To Get a J.O.B…When You Start SPEAKING!


Most of what you’ve been taught about speaking is all wrong.  Speaking is the #1 BEST way to attract adoring high paying clients – better than any other marketing strategy.

When Shannon and I started with ZERO (I mean, NOTHING) – just by speaking to small groups and our own local Meetup, we were able to generate $400,000 in our first 10 months. And our Big Impact University clients were able to generate over $3.7 MILLION by SPEAKING.. in 2015 alone! (I know, it’s NUTS!).

Here’s all you need to know to use Speaking to attract clients:


  1. Invite people who come to your small speaking gig or Meetup to get more support with a free 1:1 strategy session
  2. During the strategy session – offer your ‘Hot Juicy Program’ for (at least) $2,000.


Think about it! For you to make $10,000 a month – all you need are 5 new clients!

We shared what you just learned with our Big Impact University clients, and look what HOT results they achieved:


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 11.51.34 AM


You can DO THIS my friend! And if you’d like personal support from us, email “support@bigimpactlive” to get a Complimentary 1:1 Speaker Breakthrough Session
to help you get the same kind of results as Elizabeth and Jaiya.

*And if you’re already in Big Impact University, make sure to ask us about this during the next Big Impact Support call.  

So let the Tribe know:


What Is Holding YOU BACK From Speaking To Small
Groups In Your Own Backyard?   


Be courageous and tell your story in the comments. The Tribe is here to support YOU with Shannon and myself 🙂

In your corner and by your side,


Get Present -



Get Present

It’s time we centered ourselves in our incredible self for a moment. You with me?
Shannon here – and let’s take a moment to be centered. So this week is even more
blessed with opportunity, abundance, new clients and increasing our big impact in
the world.

One of the great pains we live with, is choosing to focus on where we’re NOT, instead of enjoying what we’ve GOT.

In this busy world of being an Entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming sometimes. It can be easy to look at what you’re MISSING or LACK vs how amazing you are
and all the resources around you.

You’ve come a long way from 10 years ago. You’ve made incredible progress
since 3 years ago. And 1 year ago? You’re making miracles my friend – so let’s
take a moment to feel it:


1. Go Back


Take yourself back to a few years ago. Feel how much you’ve learned since then.
Lean into how powerfully you’ve grown. Take this moment to appreciate your
greatness. Read that sentence again.


2. Feel Now


With the miraculous and magical context of where you find yourself at this very
moment – be here right now. For a moment, understand that you don’t need
more clients, more money or more speaking gigs. In this moment, you don’t
need to ignite a movement or leave a lasting legacy. In this moment, touch the
feeling that all you need is what you have right now. And whatever happens –
in this moment, listen how you’ve already achieved it.


3. Bless Tomorrow


Release everything that needs to get done. Let go of everyone you need to
speak with. Ignore the changes you need to make. In this moment, just send
a blessing to tomorrow.

Soon enough, you’ll look back on this year – and it will feel like forever ago.
Bless tomorrow – and there’s no rush to get there. It already loves you and it
will meet you at the perfect moment.

Mark and I started Big Impact only a few years ago – from absolutely scratch. We’ve made incredible progress – and can you believe it… even millions of dollars.
We’ve helped thousands of people and met the most incredible people in the world.



Comment Below: What is ONE Thing You Have TODAY That You Feel You’d NEVER Be Able To Manifest Just a Few Years Ago?


You’ll get there too my friend – that’s what we’re here for. So for now, let’s feel how far you’ve already come. Because you are greatness. You have a big calling.
And you WILL manifest it. Let’s make sure to enjoy the journey.


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

3x your income -

An EASY Way to 3x Your INCOME this Month

An EASY Way to 3x Your INCOME this Month


Shannon here with THE strategy to radically change how you earn money.
If you’ve been helping people with your message and you’re still struggling
to have the lifestyle you know you deserve – this will change everything for you.

After helping thousands of clients, from all over the world – Mark and I have seen the patterns of Conscious Business Owners. There’s a specific pattern that
leads to helping a lot of people – but not getting paid well for your services.

And if you think not making real money isn’t important – that might be an
indicator why you’re not making a lot of it. Which is why today’s HOT strategy
can make a big difference in your life my friend!




Too many Conscious Business Owners KNOW their message & gifts can
absolutely change the life of their clients. BUT – they don’t offer a way to
help them long term. Here’s exactly what I mean.

Let’s say you’re on a strategy session, talking to a potential client. It comes time for you to make your offer – and your offer is for weekly coaching sessions
at an hourly rate. How on earth can you give your client lasting transformation
with a ‘weekly session’? Thinking ‘by the hour’?

Here’s how to think bigger about your impact with your message: Offer a long term package at a flat rate. Like a 6 month package at $5,000. That way – you’re helping your client by serving them for 6 full months. AND – all you need is 2 clients to have a $10,000 month.

Meaning – if you can sell 4 of them – you just earned $20,000 a month! Now you’re goal and focus becomes “how can I sell 4 packages a month?”

How SIMPLE is that? Which is why the ‘long term package’ strategy can easily
triple your income, this month.

So let me know my divinely awesome friend:


How Are You Feeling About Packaging Your Services?  Are You Excited… Is There Fear Coming Up?

I’m challenging you with this post. Will you do it?  Let me know in the comment below.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

How to turn any no into a hell yes -

How to Turn any ‘NO’ into a ‘HELL YES!’

How to Turn any ‘NO’ into a ‘HELL YES!’


Hell Yes

Shannon here and I just HAD to share this hot story with you.

One of our Big Impact University clients told me the other day how frustrated she was with enrollment conversations. She absolutely thought they’d become a client… the alignment was there, she knew in her heart she could serve this woman so when she said NO, she was shocked!

So when it became clear as day that the answer was a big fat no – she tried our ‘Flirting With Objections’ system – and it worked!

You see, one of the most important things we teach our high end clients is to turn a ‘No’ into a ‘Hell YES!’. To dig and dig to better understand the deeper needs of your clients. Because the clearer you are on their needs, the easier it will be for them to hire you.

So what can you do when someone says ‘I can’t afford this right now’ in the middle of an enrollment conversation? You flirt with the objection:


Client: “I’m sorry, but I just CANNOT afford your program right now…”

You: “Okay great, can I ask you a question about that?  If it wasn’t for the money, is this something you’d want to do?

What would you need to get out of the program in order to make it worth your time, money and energy? (Reassure them that’s exactly what they’re going to get)

So if money is still the issue- would it be helpful to brainstorm some ways of how you could generate the money?”



By ‘Flirting With Objections’ instead of being weighed down by them – ‘No’s’ are never really ‘No’s’ – they’re just waiting for you to help them turn it into a ‘Hell YES’! So now you’re using these no’s to serve more people (instead of feeling it was a waste of time) and getting HOT referrals too.

This is exactly what our high end client did. She got to better understand her Tribe AND got some HOT new referrals!


So let us know:


How Can You Flirt With Objections To Turn Any No Into a Hell YES?



Comment below to inspire the hell out of our Tribe to turn a ‘No’ into a hot and juicy ‘Hell YES’!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Attract your ideal clients -

Uplevel your VIBRATION to attract IDEAL CLIENTS

Uplevel your VIBRATION to attract your IDEAL CLIENTS



I can feel your pulse in your arm as you’re reading this.
I can absolutely feel it – and I want it to pulse with a special magic, so you
start attracting the kind of clients who say, “Yes, I’ll pay you in full right now”
instead of, “I can’t afford this right now, maybe some other time.”

Because the way your veins are pulsing make all the difference with the clients you’re attracting. Let me put it this way: Tony Robbins has people beg to pay him Millions of dollars a year to get his coaching. He’s pulsating on such a level where the conversation doesn’t even happen where someone says, “You know what? I just can’t afford to pay you $4M”.

That’s already happening for us too. You’re right – not $4M (yet), but Shannon and I aren’t even having conversations where people tell us, “We can’t afford it”. The reason is because our veins are pulsing awesome abundant-energy right now.

And I want YOU to start pulsating like that too. Here’s exactly what Shannon and
I do to uplevel our vibration so we attract clients who are AWESOME. It’s time you
did too. Here we go my friend.




The more you feel into who you’re being called to be – the more you’ll start upleveling
your vibrations. Shannon I started from absolute scratch my friend. SCRATCH! But the moment we said YES, we were committed to stepping into our calling – not our circumstances. We kept on feeling into our calling – and we upleveled our game.

It’s something that needs to be so clear to you – that it pulsates from the inner core of who you are.  Not all at once – just be present with it, feel into it – and make it a focus. Focus on who you’re being called to be – not your circumstances.

It’s time to do this for real, so answer:


What Burning Desire Do You Have Inside You?  
Who Are You Being Called To Be?


Let us know by leaving a comment. Not for us – but for you.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

The Process We Use To Get Out of Our Own Way -

The Process We Use To Get Out of Our Own Way

The Process We Use To Get Out of Our Own Way



“Help! I can’t get out of my own way!”


Shannon here, and this recently went down at Big Impact Live. An amazing woman came up to me, towards the end of the 2nd day and asked to speak with me for a minute.

She began to tell me how she has all these big dreams of changing the world, having a big impact and her clients going crazy to hear her life changing message.  With the 2 clients she has – they do, but she’s having a hard time enrolling more.

She went on to tell me how she speaks once a month – but can’t seem to get any more gigs. And it’s crushing her soul.

“Shannon, I know I have this HUGE message – and everyone I share it with can’t get enough of it – but I just can’t seem to reach more people.  Do you have an idea that can help me?”

We ended up speaking for quite a while. It was only then that she finally told me the real question that was bothering her:

“I just feel like I know exactly what to do (no, she didn’t need more ideas) – I keep spinning my wheels and I can’t seem to get out of my own way, help!”

I then gave her our hot process how Mark and I get out of OUR own way. It’s worked with us from the beginning and it’s something our private clients LOVE. So when I shared it with this woman, she told me she felt the change already happening.


So here it is:



Before you ‘do’ anything, you first have to notice what it is that’s holding you back. Because we’re miraculous beings operating on a multitude of levels – what’s holding us back is often barely noticeable.

Meaning – as soon as you see, hear or feel the first inkling of a negative vibe – notice it. Check it in with it. Hold on to it. It might feel like fiery hell, but the more you notice it, the more you can change it. As Martin Luther King said, “Only in the darkness can you see stars”. 



Start with questions like:

  • Is this true?
  • Does this serve me?
  • Is this negativity helping my tribe?

When you notice it and then question it – you release it from within you. So for example, let’s say as soon as you’re thinking about offering a $5,000 program to a new client, you freeze and think to yourself, “No one will ever pay me $5,000 for this”.

As you notice that statement that causes you to freeze, question it:

“Is it true that NO ONE will ever pay me?”

“Does this statement serve me?”

“Is this statement ultimately helping my tribe?”

And just LEAN into how ASKING that feels. Can you experience the change? RIGHT? HOT! But there’s more:



Now that you’ve released the negativity from within you – it’s time to move forward. So let’s make an offering. An offering means to turn the negative into a positive through a suggestion, or offer.

Using the previous example you’d make an offering like:

“The right person would absolutely pay me $5,000 for this level of transformation”

“People pay this kind of money and more when a leader is aligned with their tribe”

“Transformation comes with commitment, and all $5,000 is a dedicated commitment to their transformation”



Once you’ve sent an offering, it’s time to act on it. We’re not talking about moving mountains – just taking a single step. What is one step you can take with this new offering?

  • Send an email to a promoter you’ve been in touch with.
  • Call a local organization you know of and ask if they’re audience would
    benefit from your talk
  • Connect with local Meetup groups
  • Call 3 colleagues who can help put you in touch with local groups they know


Can you see how this process can turn around what’s been holding you back?

Do you feel it? Leave a comment below and let us know this:


“How Did This Process Help You?  What AHA’s Did you get?”


Let us know in the comments below my friend. We’re here for you!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon


How To Get More YES’s

How To Get More YES’s


Her chin moved up about 2 inches…

Then it moved down about 4 inches…

Up for 4… down for 4.

A repetitive motion of the head & neck signifying… YES!

Did you know that when you say yes – it’s a powerful message to your unconscious mind to start accelerating forward? One of the most important things you can do to generate momentum in your life is to start saying YES significantly more often.

Shannon here and this is straight from one of our Big Impact Rock Stars – and you’re going to LOVE this. She recently signed up client after client, to generate over $20,000 in one month – her best month so far! She then hired her first personal assistant (what Mark and I recommend be your first hire once you’re profitable) and continues to rock and roll.

In her mastermind, she vocalized in utter gratitude how far she’s come. When asked how she’s done all this – she replied with this gem of truth.

“I started saying YES A LOT!”

She explained how she said YES to earning more, giving more, playing more, praying more. YES to herself… more. She said YES to Big Impact University and YES to her greater calling.

To go pro, you have to embody a YES energy. The more you radiate YES, the more your clients will be attracted to you. It’s an almost unconscious attraction – but they want you. Because they see you as a YES to their own need to transform.

So let me know:


How Will You Uplevel YOUR ‘Yes Energy’ This Week?


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Why your business is the best spiritual practice of your life -

Why Your Business Is The Best Spiritual Practice of Your Life

Why Your Business Is The Best Spiritual Practice of Your Life


Shannon here with the worst mistake I see conscious business owners make over and over. This is a mistake that not only prevents them from growing their impact in the world – but it guarantees their business is filled with anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

I have to admit – this is something Mark & I noticed coming up early on in our business. And we didn’t realize how much it was costing us – we just thought it was normal for running your own business.

After all, doesn’t running a business mean you’re always putting out fires? Exhausted? Wiped out at the end of the day? Overwhelmed at the beginning of the day with the infinite amount of ‘to-do’s you need to check off? I mean – that’s it, right? Stress and exhaustion are just part of the game – right?


As Mark and I started enrolling not 3 clients in a week, but 30. And as we scaled our team to multiple members and grew our business with lightning speed – when we saw stress sneak in – we just thought it was normal. That is, until Mark had the best Yoga of his life.


How Mark Found Business Enlightenment From The Best Yoga Stretch of His Life…


Mark was doing this insane Yoga stretch, the kind where you feel your eyes popping out of your head, along with any veins you feel you have left. But Mark didn’t stop – he kept stretching. This wasn’t past his comfort zone – it was past the Himalayas of his comfort zone.

I heard his heavy panting, quick screams of pain release and finally – what sounded like an orgasm.

I was working in the other room and let him be. I thought I’d hear the shower go on in a few minutes – but when I listened in, all I heard was dead silence.

30 minutes went by, I heard some foot steps, kept on working, felt like he was behind me – and like the ghost of the Dalai Lama, I saw him standing there in a state I’ve never seen him in before.

He stared at me with this powerful presence, like he saw through me. It was amazing. I stared back – and then he said something I’ll never forget:


“Babe, our business IS our spiritual power. We need to start using it like a spiritual power. Our business is pure f**ing yoga.”


He went on to explain to me how his stretch was so intense – that his meditation afterwards was equally intense. And how our business is doing the exact same thing to us – except we’re not using it how we could.

“We need to feel the stretch and listen to what it’s telling us. Not to be stressed by it, but stretched by it. The more we stretch, the more we grow. We have to use it Babe. Business is the ultimate spiritual power”

You see – everything that’s happening in your business – is stretching you. It’s shaping you. It’s allowing your greatest self to emerge. While most people use that as an excuse to freak out with anxiety – you can use it like a yoga stretch. Feel it, lean into it – and listen to it. What you’ll hear won’t be overwhelm – it will be opportunity. You won’t hear stress – you’ll hear stretch.

After all, if your business feels like it’s ‘stressing you out’ or it’s ‘stretching you forward’ – isn’t that a HUGE difference? If you feel like you’re dealing with ‘overwhelm’ or you’re leveraging an ‘opportunity’ – isn’t that a world of difference?

Maybe you’d like some support to shift from ‘stress’ to ‘stretch’? If you would – we’re now offering a free call how to use your business as the greatest spiritual practice in your life. To claim yours, just email and we’ll schedule a call with you right away.

(For Big Impact University Students, you’ll get this when we cover it on an upcoming call in more detail.)

Leave a HOT comment below:


How Is Your Business Your Greatest Spiritual Practice?



Your juicy comment might inspire the hell out of someone. We’d love to see that happen. Share your genius answer below my friend 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Enroll more clients with this 1 line -

Enroll more clients with this 1 line

Enroll more clients with this 1 line


Mark here and I am jittery about what I’m about to share with you. Only because I know how hard it is for the Tribe to make this deeply needed shift. And until you do, signing up clients will keep on feeling painful and heavy (instead of fun and awesome). I know – because it took me years to do it. YEARS!

You’re a Conscious Business Owner, so I know you know this – but it still helps to be reminded of this truth. Because we operate on so many levels as conscious beings – we’re often operating in certain patterns without even noticing it. And one of them is speaking to be liked.




This is a HUGE challenge for our Tribe. Because you’re SO talented with an array of gifts and a big-hearted, world-changing message, you get on stage and subconsciously think this thought (and no, it’s NOT serving you):

“I hope they like me”

The reason this unconscious thought is costing you clients is because clients don’t hire someone because they LIKE them. Clients hire you because they believe you’ll deliver a transformation and solve a specific problem for them.

That requires a different energy. So the next time you’re in an enrollment conversation or on stage – and the feeling to be liked arises – use this one line:

“Can I be direct with you?”

And then, be direct about what they need to achieve the transformation they’re hungry for. When you say a line like, “Can I be direct with you?” – you immediately shift YOUR energy to one of authority – regardless of being liked or not.

Now you’re right – being liked is PART of the puzzle. If someone doesn’t like you at all – of course they’re not going to hire you. But we know that already, right? Because our Tribe is a conscious Tribe – you’re here to SERVE and you’re 1000% likeable.

What you need to shift, and what our entire Tribe needs to shift – so they enroll MORE clients with WAY more ease and fun – is by being DIRECT, in authority mode.

So let Shannon and I know in the comments below:


How Will You Shift From ‘Being Liked’ To Being Respected?


Comment below with your juicy answer to inspire the hell out of our divinely awesome Tribe 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon