Big Impact Live Promotional Tools

Big Impact Live Campaign Promotional Tools

Your affiliate link leads to a  full scholarship to “Big Impact Live!” 3-Day Event… a $997 value.

Your affiliate link for this campaign:
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Here are the promotional tools you can use to promote “Big Impact Live!” our signature 3 Day Event. Your peeps will learn all about Big Impact Live on the event page, where they can apply for a Full Scholarship (Valued at $997)

You will find 3 separate emails to send in 7-10 days. Remember to also grab the Facebook promo tools below and have yourself some FUN. Here’s to big fat checks in the mail and sharing this rockin’ system with your Tribe. Thank you for your support, we can’t do it without you!

Oh and BTW, in the last 90 days the Big Impact Tribe (our clients) have generated over $617,000 in their businesses! And best of all that money represents more LOVE, more HEALING and more TRANSFORMATION in the world.Together, we’re all making a BIG Impact, yayyy!


Using the promotional tools for Email is simple.

  1. Copy the text of the email you plan to send.
  2. Paste the copy into your email provider.
  3. Select the people you want to receive the email
  4. Click Send
  5. Collect BIG FAT Affiliate Checks!

Email #1- Day 1
Subject line of email:
This realization could change your life...
When you send email #1 to your list, it’s setting the stage for your peeps to start getting excited. They learn that small speaking engagements in their own back yard is how Dr. Martin Luther King & Marianne Williamson started their global movements.
Now they can begin to imagine being the change agent they feel themselves called to be and they’ll make more money while also making a bigger difference.

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Email #2- Day 4
Subject line of email: $100,000+ in your backyard
Now we're “Rockin’ & Rollin’” with sexy email #2. This email is SMOKING so make sure and send it on Day 4 or 5.
Remember… it’s not a single email that creates the momentum… it's the 3 emails in 7 days along with the twice weekly Facebook posts (see below) that gets results.
This email will get the attention of your peeps and drive them to click on your affiliate link. Isn't this cool! You're helping us create a movement and change the world… it’s already happening and it feels so good.
This is the second of 3 emails to send in 7 days.

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Email #3- Day 7
Subject line of email: (LAST CHANCE) How we’ve been lied to…
So take a moment to “Rock Out” to some Bon Jovi or “Bang Your Head” to some Guns n Roses for spreading the Big Impact message of Conscious Business through speaking. The “Ripple Effect” you are participating in is having a global reach. People’s lives will be forever changed when they become a part of the Big Impact Tribe!
This is the third of 3 emails to send in 7 days.

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Social Media Copy Section  

Facebook, Linkedin, Meetup, Twitter, etc.

Make sure include the Big Impact Live badge with your Facebook posts.

Using the promotional tools for Facebook (or other social media) is simple.

  1. Copy the text of the Social Media post you plan to use.
  2. Right click & save the banner pic to your desktop.
  3. Go to your homepage in Facebook & select  “add photo”
  4. Click “Upload Photo” & select the banner pic you just saved to your desktop
  5. Paste text (make sure you affiliate link is complete)
  6. Click Post
  7. Collect BIG FAT Affiliate Checks

Copy and paste the social media post below with Big Impact Speaker Quiz badge into Facebook (or other social media)

Best results: Post both these twice a week until the next Big Impact Live (see promotional calendar) 

Social Media Post #1

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Social Media Post #2

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Social Media Post #3

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Social Media Post #4

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