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A Surprising Way To Discover Your Life’s Purpose

A Surprising Way To Discover Your Life’s Purpose


We definitely struggled through the years to feel like we really “knew” our life’s purpose.


And our clients have told us countless times how seriously they take “fulfilling their purpose.”  We get it.  When you know you’re soul’s purpose, you have an obligation to live it and fulfill it.


Shannon and I created a tool that’s REALLY HELPED US feel a deep sense of purpose with our work in the world.


In fact, this tool has made all the difference, feeling every day that we’re truly expressing the purpose of our soul.




So for today’s Big Impact blog, we’d like to give you this tool:


Ask your soul…

  • “What are my 2 best gifts God/ Universe has given me”
  • “How can I use these gifts to help improve the lives of others?”
  • “How can my work in the world be sharing my best gifts that help others?”


Using this tool is what propelled Shannon and I to create this Big Impact.


For me, my 2 best gifts are inspiring people and strategic branding and marketing.


Shannon’s is being a hot Diva (ok, I added that 🙂 who inspires people with 6 Figure+ business plans and producing world-class events that rock the house.


So we created this business to achieve all that:


We help Speakers and Conscious Business Owners get more speaking gigs and attract a flood of high paying clients through speaking.


So if you’d like to take this even deeper – so you TRULY FEEL that everyday your work is expressing your soul’s purpose – we have a special invitation for you:


Discover how to monetize the message of your soul and unleash your life’s purpose…


By joining us at Big Impact Live <<<


You’ll learn how to monetize your soul’s message, reach more people and create a 6 Figure+ business through SPEAKING… and lot’s more 🙂


All the details are here <<<



In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon




You’re finally on the phone with your prospect, excited to offer them your life changing program that your soul was meant to deliver in this world and the big problem drops:

How do you land a new client while being authentic to your message?

In other words – you want your new prospect to buy your program, but you don’t want to ‘Sell’ it.

Exciting news:

Today’s post will reveal a HUGE breakthrough in how to land clients over the phone while having a completely soulful conversation.

In the past few posts, we went into great detail to help you spread your message to more people. So you’re making lots of money while making a big impact in the world.

Now, you’re going to learn the 10 ways to enroll an ideal prospect in a 30 minute call. Shannon here – and I’m going to give you some actual scripts that you can use right away.

These scripts are extremely valuable – so make sure to print out this post or share with someone who needs help enrolling more clients.

10 Steps To Close Your Next Client In A 30 Minute Soulful Conversation
Here are the 10 steps:

1. Purpose – LEAD the call by stating the purpose. “[Name] so awesome to be speaking with you. Over the next 45 minutes I’m going to help you [solution you offer] and I’ll begin by listening to what you most need now, ok? So all I need from you is to be honest and open, cool?” The purpose of course is them being committed to moving forward to change their life because of the solution/program you have.

2. Challenge – Then ask them what their #1 challenge that they’re facing now pertaining to your niche. LISTEN to their challenge. They’re opening up to you because they trust you and this is a moment of soulful honesty of what they need from you.

3. Dig – Here’s a golden secret: the more you dig and clarify exactly what their pain is and what goal they’re after – the easier it becomes for them to sign up. So Lead, Listen and now DIG to find out all the details of what pains them and what they crave to change. Here’s a ‘Dig’ question to ask: “Can you tell me more about that?” or “What’s important to you about that?” You’re looking to find what they’re pained by and what they crave.

4. Cost – What is their pain costing them? So, let’s say you’re an energy healer and your potential client is talking about feeling constantly overwhelmed in their hectic life right now, you’d ask: “What’s that overwhelm costing you right now?” – this further clarifies the deeper pain they feel, which opens them up to your program to change this for the good.

5. Imagine – Once the pain has been clarified, and you have a vivid picture of what goal they crave, now paint the picture. Start with the word ‘Imagine’ and then paint the picture, using their words, of experiencing and having what they most deeply crave.

6. Bond – In a few sentences, tell your own story (or one of your success story clients’) of struggle in this area, how you discovered the solution (your program) and a few impactful results you’ve had because of it. This creates a real bond.

7. Offer – With confidence and excitement, make your offer (check out the OAK post that goes into making the offer in great detail) that solves the exact problems THEY mentioned, using their words.

8. Urgency – Right before you end the offer, add one element of authentic urgency. Something like, “Because I really connected with you and know this program will change your life forever, if you enroll in this phone call you’ll get a 45% discount”.

9. WAIT – Finish the offer by saying, “[Name], now tell me, are you ready to get started to [solve the problem/get the solution] right now?” – and immediately be silent and wait. Let your prospect digest it and don’t confuse them with any other details. This is a powerful moment of clarity and commitment for your prospect – be present and let them respond.

10. Purpose – Most every call you’ll have, there will be questions after this. Some people will not say yes right away. While we created an entire 3 day event to give you a much deeper training on this life-skill, here is the main point. At this point, they’re feeling uneasy about committing to your program – because change is always unsettling.

So you must LEAD the call by bringing back all those doubts back to their desire to change. See their doubts and turn them into desire. The desire of the original reason they’re on this call. The more you stick to PURPOSE of them being committed to change, the more these prospects will sign up with you on the spot.


See your Tribe’s doubts in themselves as a deeper desire to commit to their transformation.

Print this out, write it down – please use this. This 10 step script is worth GOLD if you use it.

These 10 steps are for you to manifest your big impact in this world – so more and more people are transformed by your message.

Please comment below what your #1 take-away from these 10 points were?

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

The law of no attachment -

The law of NO attachment

The law of NO attachment


Mark here with a glorious and delicious Law of the Universe to share with you, my friend.

I call it…..

The Law of No Attachment.
The more attached you are to an outcome, the more painful reality becomes.

You have to be filled with an awesome sense of purpose, vision and strategy – and yet simultaneously not get attached to the outcome.

THAT’s when you’re free.

Then you’re playful.

Then you’re learning, loving and growing at a RAPID pace.

There have been a lot of times where Shannon and I thought someone was a super hot potential client, only to see them turn out to be completely out of alignment with us.

Another time we felt someone was not at all connected to us – and they turned out to be one of our best success stories (and now close friends, too!)

It’s important to be aware of this law to allow yourself greater freedom and fun in your Big Impact journey. Then the energy runs super smooth.

Imagine what it’ll be like when you can have as much fun when people say NO as when they say YES!

Think Dalai Lama – if someone walks out on his talk – I’m sure he’s not beating himself up about it.

He’s embodied the law of no attachment.

Now it’s time for us to rock it too.

Inspire us my friend:

How Can You Use The Law of No Attachment This Week?

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

When we went Cake Tasting…

When we went Cake Tasting…


Hey Guys,

Mark here with a great story for you that can help you increase your income and impact THIS WEEK

When we were planning our wedding, Shannon and I went cake tasting.

And WOW we met the most amazing cake decorator.

Her genius zone is making cakes – she’s like the Steve Jobs of cakes…

OMG, these cakes are A-MA-ZING!!

So we started talking with her, asking her all about her business – which was limited.

She had limited income, because she was only doing 1 on 1’s, not growing and not earning what she could be.

So we told her about speaking to grow her business, that she can speak to local women…

She said, I’m an ‘ok speaker… I’ve got this down “one on one” – but I’m not that good of a speaker,’ meaning – she COULD grow her business, inspire more people, make way more money and take off more time – but she wasn’t.

Because she was worried that she “ wasn’t a good speaker.”

Well – here’s a little secret…


You don’t have to be a ‘good’ speaker!!! 


All you have to do is BE YOURSELF.  


If you’re authentically you… and you know your clients’ wants, needs and desires, you’ll WOW your crowd!

EVERY time.

Comment below how can you be even MORE Authentic with your Tribe?


Nothing is more courageous than being vulnerable. Be courageous, share yourself and inspire the living daylights out of the Big Impact Tribe 🙂

In your corner and by your side,


Should I build a website -

Should you BUILD a Sexy WEBSITE?

Should you BUILD a Sexy WEBSITE?


Mark here to answer a question you’ve probably asked yourself on several occasions: should you build a sexy website or spend more time speaking??

To appreciate the answer (and you will) – meet one of our clients…

Brody Boyd, one of our Rock Star clients, told us how he was following one of those online gurus for 2 years….2 YEARS!!!

After going through aforementioned guru’s courses and all that complicated info… guess how much Brody earned?

2 years….$200.




It hurts my soul to hear that!

A brilliant change agent with a transformational message is struggling to make enough money for a cup of coffee?!

It’s wrong – and we’re here to change all that – so you can make your Big Impact in this world, get paid well for your services – and become a true Rock Star.

Ok, so let’s play a little game: What do Martin Luther King, Marianne Williamson, Steve Jobs, & Eckhart Tolle have in common?




Speakers are leaders, and leaders are speakers.

This means that if you’re not speaking, you are leaving behind BUCKETS of money on the table.  Because all those leaders began their movements – not with sexy websites, facebook ads, webinars, blogging or SEO – all those leaders began their movements with SPEAKING.  

Did you know that Marianne Williamson started speaking to very small groups in her own backyard?  

Steve Jobs spoke at a local college-tech meetup.

And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at his small Church.

Speaking is all you need to start your movement…TODAY.

Speaking is the fastest way to grow your business, make a difference, get a FLOOD of adoring, ideal clients who pay you what you deserve… and ultimately, change the world.

So if you’ve been worried, thinking that the only way to generate high end clients by having some super-complicated online ‘sales funnels’ with SEO, autoresponder series, youtube optimization, facebook ads…

Well, that’s just bullshit.

Yes, there’s time & place for all that – but not until you’re at least earning a consistent $10,000 a month (more on that later).

Think about it – if you’re fussing around with opt-in conversion rates and facebook custom audiences – and you’re not even clear on your core message or your niche – it just won’t work.

Those are all for a specific PHASE of Business.  But you’ve got to be crystal clear about your message and know who you’re marketing TO, in order for your marketing to work.

Share with the Tribe… What Topic Are You MOST Excited to Speak On?  


In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon


A story of one speaker’s’ outrageously BAD focus

A Story of One Speaker’s’ Outrageously BAD Focus


Shannon here with an outrageous story for you. So the other day I was at this woman’s small event, where she’s trying to help people develop a deeper connection in their relationships. So after she’s done with her presentation, I go up to her and ask her how her business is doing?

And she’s like, “‘My business? Oh my God, I’m so excited. I’m working on my first book, I just hired a book coach, I have to start this movement, any day I’m going to be booked all over the country on the speaking circuit to promote it”.

Now, the whole time I’m thinking, “Hmm, doesn’t sound like she has any clients..” So then I asked her, “Can I ask you a direct question… how much are you making a month?”

And then she goes on to tell me she DOESN’T make ANY income!  She has a job as a hairdresser and a waitress – she’s working 2 different J.O.B’s with some big vision of changing the world?!


But then…


THEN – she told me two things where I almost dropped to the floor.

I tell her about Big Impact University and how we help Change Agents like her, turn 10 minutes of Stage time into $10,000+… the program we take our high end clients through and help them enjoy $10,000 – $50,000 months – from scratch!

And you know what she says?

“I can’t do it now because I need the money to get a logo and T-SHIRTS!!!  I need T-Shirts in order to create a Movement!”

And I’m like, “What the F*%#?!” You’re spending money on a logo and…T-Shirts?!?

Holding myself back with a world of self-constraint I asked her, “Hmm, how many T-Shirts do you need to sell to make $10,000?”

That made her think and for about a minute, there was dead silence. It was like she was thinking, “Right, wait – hmmm, that’s a hell of a lot of T-Shirts I need to sell when I can’t afford to even make them…”

And the really sad thing: Unless she’s dialed in on her niche… they won’t even buy the T-shirt.

I love that story – and all too often – that is the sad truth. Here’s a wonderfully inspired Conscious Entrepreneur, Thought Leader and Speaker – who’s dreaming of creating a movement – and T-Shirts – when she doesn’t have clients or a steady income, working a J.O.B.

Inspire the Tribe by sharing:


What’s The BIGGEST Obstacle YOU Have

To Creating YOUR Movement?


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

A speaker who couldn’t afford the gas to drive to her family reunion

A speaker who couldn’t afford the gas to drive to her family reunion

Mark here…and let me tell you a story of a now 6-Figure speaker who just a few months ago….couldn’t afford gas to drive to her family reunion.

As of today, Maria is now crushing it with her ‘booked solid’ speaking gigs, fearlessly charging what she’s worth…and happily earning 6-Figures. This is all after Big Impact University though. Before she came to us, she was really struggling. So we’re sharing this with you to let you know you’re not alone – and ANYTHING is possible when you use the ‘Speak Your Path to Cash’ System with everything you’ve got.


Enter beautiful Maria:


“Every month I would receive notices from my bank that I was charged yet another $23 because I didn’t have sufficient funds to cover my expenses. I was going through constant shame & self doubt because my partner was covering rent, food, gas…everything…I felt like a child when we’d go to the grocery store..

“Can we get this, please…” I was living partially on my credit cards watching my balance go up and up and up. All the way to $10K in debt. I felt like a failure – How could I be so brilliant, creative, strong and yet, not be able to be successful in my work? I actually had to decline invite after invite to visit family because I didn’t have the money to pay for gas for the drive….”

Since then, Maria has launched her movement, has travelled to Hawaii, hired an assistant, has 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in savings, has paid off her credit cards and is ENJOYING LIFE!

Because YOU have a message. You’re inspired and connected to a purpose bigger than your challenges. You know this, deep within your soul – we’re here to remind it for you. And inspire you to take action and get your movement…MOVING.

Maria – we love you. Thank you for inspiring the Tribe to manifest their greatest calling.

Let us know:


“What’s YOUR Calling and what are you WILLING to do to follow it?”  


We believe in you!

In your corner & by your side,


fail forward -

It’s Time To Fall Flat On Your Face [Splat]

It’s Time To Fall Flat On Your Face [Splat]


Here’s a HOT secret you’re absolutely NOT going to love.

So … why would I tell it to you?

Because the faster you know it, learn it and use it – the faster you’re going to GO PRO with your message.

Shannon here, and this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT reasons why Mark & I got to $400,000 in our first 10 months from scratch (without a website or even business cards).

It’s also why our high end clients are such Rock Stars, generating $10-50K months after struggling for years. Here it is:





Sound confusing?

It shouldn’t be.

This means don’t freak out if you get on a small speaking stage – and your talk doesn’t rock. Because then you’ll just get better and better. Because you’re learning what works, and more importantly … what doesn’t.

It means if you’re on a strategy session and they say no, then that’s a good thing.

Get a no.

And then get another.

Repeat 15 times.

Guess what happens?

You’re getting better.

Soon you’ll be smoother on your delivery, get clearer on the most common objections, and anticipate exactly how the call will flow.

(Just look how our rock star client Matteus used this to land his first 3K client!)

Fail Fast -

If you think Martin Luther King gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech for the first time in front of hundreds of thousands of people – he didn’t. That famous speech was tweaked, fine tuned and delivered so many times before he finally gave it in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

THAT’s how he gave such an epic speech. He practiced it over and over and over and over again until he was ready to rock it.

So here’s your assignment for this week:


How Can You Practice “Failing Forward Fast” This Week?


Let us know in the comments below how you plan on failing forward fast this week to ROCK your Big Impact in this world. You’ll inspire the hell out of the Tribe.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

how to fill your next event -

How Do I Fill My Next Event?

Planning your own event?


If not, you should be! But most people are afraid to put on their own events for fear no one will show up. But there’s a shockingly easy solution……

Here is one ridiculously simple way to sell out your next event.


Because one of the top questions we get from clients, time and again is, “How Do I Fill My Next Event?”

So let’s say that you wanted 100 people at your event – how do you do that?

Although there are a variety of ways we teach to fill your events (affiliate marketing, client referrals and strategic webinars…) – here is the best way.

Because the biggest challenge for conscious entrepreneurs and speakers is when your mind “dis-serves” you.


So just thinking, “100 people at my event” can stir up a whole range of dis-serving messages:

– I don’t have 100 clients yet

– My last event had under 20, how can I get to 100 so quickly?

– I don’t think I could handle 100 people all at once

The antidote to “dis-serving” thoughts is to create “purpose-serving thoughts”.

Because thoughts like, “My last event had under 20, how can I get to 100 so quickly?” – does NOT serve you or your greater purpose.

Before you learn our very best strategy for guaranteeing 100 people at your next event – let’s give you this “purpose-serving” thought as a mantra:

Make sure you REALLY bring this into your consciousness – because that’s the only way this strategy can serve you:

Here’s your new mantra to fill your events:

“What’s the easiest way to serve the most amount of people?”



Can you feel that shift?

That energetic shift is what will make this strategy work for you fast.

Alright, moving on:

With this mantra as the foundation for your strategy, you know that it’s EASY and can SERVE the most amount of people.

So here is the strategy:

:: Little gigs…..

…..feed into

BIG gigs ::


So here’s how to do that:

Find 10 places to speak over the next 30 days.

In each of those places, have the goal to sign up 10 people to your next event.

Simple math: 10 people from 10 small speaking gigs = 100 people.


YES, you can do this.

Forward this to a friend of yours who’s working to sell out their next event..

And comment below on how you plan to use this to fill up your upcoming event, cool??

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon



How To Get HIRED On The Spot – How To Get Hired

How To Get HIRED On The Spot – How To Get Hired

One of the biggest fears we as individuals have isn’t just a fear of failure, but a fear of success. And whether we know it or not, that fear is what screws with us when we’re put on the spot. But there’s one big thing you can do to offset that fear…

If right now I put you in front of 100 hungry ideal clients for your life changing service – do you have the 1 thing you need to get hired on the spot?

In today’s post, I’m making this so freaking simple for you that the next time you’re in front of your ideal clients they’ll say YES to working with you without even thinking about it!

Mark here and like most things, I learned the 1 thing I need to get ‘hired on the spot’ the hard way. And when I tell you what it is, you’re gonna slap yourself for missing it in the first place…


The Mistake That’s Almost Too Painful To Tell You About

Years ago a friend of mine was putting on an event for about 100 people.

One of his speakers canceled at the last minute, and me being his close friend, he asked me if I could fill in for the dropout instead.

…the very next day.

Naturally, I said yes – after all, I had a whole bunch of talks I could give in a moments notice with my eyes closed.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I was busy with a few different things, and to be honest I didn’t really think too much about this event. I mean, I knew what I was going to say and I showed up on time. What more could you ask for from a last minute addition.

I was called up to the stage and gave a great talk.

People laughed, cheered, and clapped.

And during the ‘content’ piece you could hear a pin drop

What Happened Next… Shocked Me.

Feeling excited and fulfilled after giving a great talk, I happily walked down the stage towards my seat.

The only problem was that I couldn’t get to my seat.

I was mobbed.

Before taking 4 steps down from the stage, people started saying thank you, what’s your email, can I call you…

I felt like John Lennon at Shea Stadium…

But when it was all over, I realized I made one HUGE mistake:

I didn’t use ANY of those conversations to secure new clients.

And do you know why?

….Because I didn’t know how.

…I didn’t have A SYSTEM.

A System = Getting Hired On The Spot

Years later, I learned the crucial importance of having a ‘Client Attraction SYSTEM’.

With it, Shannon and I get hired on the spot everywhere we go (even when we’re detoxing at a spa or on the hiking trails).

Without it – we’d probably be working for the man in a cubicle 🙁

All kidding aside – having a ‘Client Attraction System’ is the 1 thing you need to get hired on the spot.

So let’s make it as simple as humanly possible so that there you have NO EXCUSE in the world to stop you from implementing your tomorrow TODAY

There are only 3 things you need:

1. The Clear Offer (we spoke about this at length in previous posts)

2. The Micro-Commitment

3. The Follow Through

A ‘Client Attraction System’ is simply how you take someone from being a prospect to becoming a client on the spot.


The most important part of growing your Conscious Business is having a system to turn hot leads into high paying clients. 

What I did NOT have at that event was an irresistible offer.

So when all these beautiful people were coming up to me, it was for a bunch of different reasons – based on what THEY heard in my talk:

One asked for marketing advice, another how to be more present on stage and another how to be more productive (it was part of the talk).

No one could possibly become a client – because there was no clear and concise OFFER.

Now, had there even been a clear offer – what was I going to do?

Write down their name and number? Put their info in my phone?

That just loses the moment. They’re hot for me – I can’t just take their number and call them later – I need to make this happen NOW.

The Power Of A Micro-Commitment

Imagine two scenarios:

1. A client is THRILLED to learn more about what you do and how you can help change their life, and so you write their number in your phone.

2. A client is THRILLED to learn more about what you do and how you can help change their life and you SCHEDULE a 45 minute ‘Strategy Session’ with them in your calendar ON THE SPOT.

(And if you want to be a HOT Rock Star, as soon as you schedule the call, enter their email into an ‘auto-responder’ (free on mailchimp or aweber, that’s right free!) that sends them a confirmation with 5 hot and juicy content pieces to wet their appetite for your appointment. Now they’re scheduled and wildly anxious for that call)

The appointment is a micro-commitment. This creates a deeper bond than, “I’ll call you after the event”. It means they’re serious.


Dreams stay dreams when they stay in your head. But when Dreams become scheduled they become a reality. 

(FYI – emphasize that this is precious time of yours that you’re giving away to help them at no cost, so you get their commitment.  Cancellations are unacceptable. Period.)

The 3rd part of the System is the ‘Follow Through’ – we’ll go into that in detail in next week’s post.

Do you see how I lost this huge opportunity of getting loads of ideal clients because I didn’t have a SYSTEM?

I didn’t have an offer, didn’t schedule anything of value with them, and DEFINITELY didn’t have a follow-through.

.03 Second Recap

(Yes, you can absolutely do this today)

Remember – this is SIMPLE. All you have to do next time you meet anyone who’s an ideal prospect is:

1. Make a clear offer

2. Schedule a free call to solve their top challenge

3. Follow Through

Can you make a clear offer to help someone in your Tribe? YES

Can you schedule a call? YES

Can you wait for next week to learn the ‘Follow Through’? NO

how to get hired -

Now it’s your turn:

What’s the biggest obstacle you face in turning prospects into high paying awesome clients?

Please comment below and we’ll try to respond to as many comments as we can, personally.

Finally – can you do me a favor? If this content had an impact on how you think about your life and business – please share this article with a friend or colleague who you KNOW would love to learn about getting hired on the spot.

Thanks – I really appreciate it. You’re helping us help others make the BIG impact they’re called to make in the world.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon