About Us



shannonThe experience of building a successful business with the woman I love is only exceeded by the joy of seeing our clients thrive. I’m amazed at the work we’re doing and the way that God is answering our prayers.

Our first kiss was on New Year’s Eve under a full moon. I still can remember the dress she was wearing… HOT! While Shannon is the kind of woman you’ll always remember, it’s her heart and intelligence that makes her unique and powerful. Her charisma and infectious smile light up the room.

I find Shannon to be one of the greatest teachers and
most powerful cheerleaders for your transformation and growth. She truly believes in people and lives what she teaches… I respect her.

Simply said… Shannon rocks!

Her rolodex and experience in the seminar industry serves our clients well. She has successfully produced live events that generated over ½ Million dollars in just 4 days. She’s shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Lisa Sasevich, Loral Langemeirer from The Secret, Marshall Sylver and Bill Rancic.

She’s learned the inside secrets of the speaking industry and how to consistently generate 6 Figures. While her warm heart is intoxicating and her laugh infectious, her big impact is in the ability to help you monetize your message, get more visibility and make the difference you’re called to make.

The electricity of our first kiss is still there and I love her more and more each day… and I know you will too!

“Share your brilliance with the world, let your light shine and rock your life!”-Shannon Law



markMark is one of the most compassionate, conscious men I’ve ever met. It’s a blessing to be in a Spiritual Partnership full of intimacy, communication and laughter. It’s a great “yin and yang” for having a fulfilling business and prosperous life. His commitment to his spiritual practice keeps him present and grounded. He’s my rock!

Our first date on New Year’s Eve was every girl’s dream come true. As we danced the night away, he looked at me and twirled me around and around… it was fun and sexy and made me want to kiss him! It was so romantic…

While others may see Mark for his fun and wily ways, it’s his Masculine Depth and his ability to lead
that inspires our clients to dig deep and fulfill their calling. I feel so blessed!

Mark is a genius branding expert. He’s executed over 450 branding & promotional campaigns as the Advisor to McDonalds, Budweiser, AFLAC and Marriott. But it’s his effectiveness with Conscious Business Owners & Visionary Entrepreneurs that’s helping our clients to have a Global Impact.

As a speaker, Mark’s stage presence is captivating and engages the entire audience. Holding them spellbound, he weaves stories and metaphor into compelling lessons you remember. He has led over 200 trainings and shared the stage with Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki, Joel Bauer, and Marcia Weider who has appeared several times on Oprah.

While Mark is powerful on stage, it’s his ability to help you get past your BS and stop spinning your wheels that makes the difference. His inner game breakthroughs are profound and transformational. It’s the “magic glue” that gets you into action, helping you overcome the self doubt that’s holding you back.

Mark is aware, evolved and conscious…I love this man and I’m excited to see how he’ll transform your life!

“Inside of you is a calling… and when you stop and truly listen, it’s bigger than you think!”
-Mark Allen Grainger



shannonThe night of our first kiss, the Universe taught us it’s all about alignment…

We compliment each other in ways far beyond words… we are blessed to have a spiritual partnership, some would even say we’re “Twin Flames.” Brought together by the Divine to do amazing work, where the magic lies in the synergy we have together. Playful, sexy, inspiring, breakthrough results… for each other and our clients.

Within 3 weeks, we had a complete vision mapped out for our relationship, our business, our future and everything we wanted in life. Here’s the first
paragraph… an uncensored glimpse from that life vision…

We are living a life we love everyday and every way…we enjoy consciously creating and productively fulfilling on our day. Everyday we actively take another step closer to our vision. We practice abundant self-care, exercising regularly and nourishing our bodies with healthy food and beverages. We are fit, full of energy, joy and gratitude. We enjoy quality time together, watching Eckert Tolle, Oprah, Maryanne Williamson and Tony Robbins DVD’s, reading, talking about our desires, masculine/ feminine dynamics, creating our future together, enjoying lots of great sex, cuddling, laughing, brainstorming together, praying, reading spiritual texts, studying A Course In Miracles, manifesting our dreams, and going on vacations all around the world.

While the vision continues for 3 more pages… so much of it has already come true. It fills us with gratitude and appreciation. We pray twice a day and give thanks to God and the Universe for all of our blessings. We feel so grateful to be able to serve the most amazing Tribe of Speakers, Coaches and Conscious Business Owners from all over the world.

Here’s our daily prayer we’d like to share with you….

“We invite you in where you already abide. In our hearts and souls, we feel you. We
choose this moment God, to dedicate our life, our business and our relationship to you. May it be as you desire. Please remove our attachments and longings, as we learn to embrace and transcend our ego. Teach us, mold us, and shape us into the people you would have us be. In surrender, we place our life in your hands, asking you to show us where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom. Show us how to truly know You and help us overcome the illusion of our fear so that we can best serve those in need. May we know the joy of being used by you. And so it is.”
-Mark & Shannon