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3 Insider Tips To Book More Speaking Gigs This Month

3 Insider Tips To Book More Speaking Gigs This Month


Please raise your hand if you know you have a powerful message to share with the world, but you’re struggling to fill your calendar with speaking gigs…

You have decided that 2018 is YOUR year to be a sought-after speaker. You’ve set aside time over the last couple of weeks to really dedicate yourself to booking more speaking gigs. But when you open up your computer to hunt down some gigs…your brain goes blank. You have no idea where to look for speaking gigs. There’s not even an inkling of an idea on who to reach out to in the speaking world.

And maybe you’re feeling a little defeated. Thoughts are starting to creep into your head like, “What if I’m not cut out to be a speaker? Maybe no one wants to hear what I have to say? I should probably just give up.”

We’ve been there too. Before we had a PROVEN SYSTEM to consistently book speaking gigs, we were spinning our wheels on how to fill up our speaking calendar.

The reality is you you ARE cut out to be a speaker. You DO have a message that people want to hear. And you should NOT give up on your speaking dreams. You just need a better SYSTEM for how to book more speaking gigs.

Lucky for you, we have perfected a tried and true system for booking more speaking gigs. And today we are going to share 3 insider tips from the exact system we use to book more speaking gigs.

Oh, and did we mention that this is also the same system our clients have used to book speaking gigs and generate over $16 MILLION DOLLARS? Yeah, this system WORKS baby!


How To Book More Speaking Gigs This Month

1. One word:

When we were first starting out in our business, was our #1 source for booking speaking gigs. And years (and several million dollars) later we still use Meetup to book speaking gigs.

You can get proactive and start your own Meetup in your area. has over 750,000 groups.. Why couldn’t one of them be YOURS?!

As a Community Leader on Meetup, you will be bringing together your ideal clients on a consistent basis. Use these Meetups to deliver a condensed version of your Signature Talk and you will start to book clients right from your very own group.

Or if you don’t want to start your own group, reach out to other group leaders to see if they are looking for speakers. Let them know the title of your Signature Talk and how you can help their members learn something new, and you will be surprised by the number of gigs you can book using this strategy.

Join and get proactive about meeting people in your community. Seriously…join Meetup right now. Do it! Now.


2. Network, baby!

We always get the same look when we tell people to start networking to book more speaking gigs. The look is somewhere between a grimace and utter confusion. It’s basically the look you have on your face right now.

Somewhere along the line networking got a bad wrap. And that’s a shame. Maybe YOU have had a bad networking experience where you felt everyone was trying to sell you something or you kept getting hit up to join a multi-level marketing company. Whatever went awry, we want you to wipe that bad memory from your brain.

Networking is an excellent way for you to meet powerhouse people who you can create a win-win situation with. If you’re networking for speaking gigs THE RIGHT WAY it is not a sales pitch fest. It is a time for connection and collaboration.

Find a few networking events in your area this week and go. Here is how you ROCK these events:

  1. Dress to impress… don’t show up to events in your yoga pants people!!  Like it or not, first impressions matter and the subconscious mind makes up their mind about you in 7 seconds.  So… use this knowledge to your advantage and make a good first impression.
  2. Know the answer to the “What do you do” question. Make it juicy so people want to learn more.  You’ve got to be able to answer this question confidently and pepper in your credibility while you’re networking for people to respect you (and want to book you on their stage).
  3. Get curious about the people you meet. Who are they? What do they do? How do THEY need help? Be genuinely interested in learning more about the people there and how can you SERVE vs TAKE… then watch the magic happen.
  4. Know how you need help. You need to know what type of speaking opportunities you are looking for so the people at the event can help refer you to Promoters and Event Hosts. Who is your ideal audience? What is the topic of your talk? What type of events are you looking to speak at? Ask attendees for referrals to other Community Leaders & Event Planners who they could connect you with.

See, that’s not scary. You can do this. And you can ROCK it!


3. Google Alerts

This rockin’ insider secret will help automate your search for speaking gigs. Instead of you having to do hundreds of Google searches every day, you will unleash the speaking gig Kraken. Once you set up the right alerts, Google will send you a list of dozens of potential speaking opportunities every single week. Holy Smokes, that’s hot!

Do this RIGHT NOW…

Go to and type into the box “call for speakers {your industry} and (your city).  {Example: If you are a health coach, you will type in “call for speakers health san francisco.”} Then click on the “Create Alert” button.

Now anytime there is a new Google search result for a call for speakers in your industry, you will get an email right in your inbox to let you know about it. Talk about an AMAZING opportunity to book more speaking gigs!

Now that you are going to get a flood of opportunities to speak, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to impress Event Hosts and Promoters so they are practically BEGGING you to speak on their stages.

We’re talking email templates that you can literally fill in a few blanks and send to Event Promoters to get booked. We mean scripts you can use when Promoters say you can’ “sell from the stage” or “I’d love to have you speak but I’m booked for the rest of the year.”

We want you to have tools that help you keep track of who you have reached out to so you can systematize the process for booking speaking gigs and double or even triple the number of gigs you get every month. Do you think these tools would help you book more speaking gigs?

Hell yeah!!  

You’ve made a commitment to yourself that this is YOUR YEAR to become a well-known speaker, now it’s time to book the gigs you need to get your message & medicine to the people who are hungry and praying for it right now!

Follow the 3 tips we have shared here and watch  your calendar fill up with incredible speaking gigs.  

We want to know, which of these 3 tips are YOU going to implement THIS WEEK to start booking more speaking gigs over the next month? Share in the comments below.

3 Insanely Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Ditch Online Marketing And Start Speaking Now To Grow Your Business Fast

3 Insanely Persuasive Reasons Why You Should Ditch Online Marketing And Start Speaking Now To Grow Your Business Fast


“YOU NEED TO BE MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE!!!” How many ‘gurus’ have shoved this modern marketing trope in your face… this week?

As a business owner, you’re constantly bombarded with Facebook ads claiming, “With these online marketing secrets, you can millions, like me!” We know, because we get those same ads too.  

And we get it, it is sexy to think about throwing up a simple opt-in form, turning on a Facebook ad and watching clients line up to work with you. Unfortunately this ‘simple’ strategy is extremely complex (and surprisingly expensive) to master. While you’re spending hours tweaking your sales funnels and setting up Facebook ads, you’re missing out on the hundreds of leads and dozens of clients who are begging to work with you, right in your own backyard.

When we first started our business Big Impact, Inc, we too were intrigued by the idea of online marketing, but we have enough friends who have made it big online to know the dirty secrets of internet success. We saw the thousands of hours they spent building their online presence. We were privy to the tens of thousands of dollars they spent on marketing. We got a glimpse into the dozens of contractors they hired to pull it all together. And the adrenal fatigue and burnout they suffered from working around the clock to pull their “big launch” off.  

There’s a time and place for online marketing but definitely not when you’re not yet making $10K/ month, aren’t crystal clear on your niche, your offering or specific problem you solve.  And In the beginning, we needed to build our business fast, and we knew the secret to getting clients fast was through SPEAKING.

Using only speaking, we grew our business to over $400,000 in just 10 months… without a website or business cards! Plus, we sparked a movement, built our Tribe and personally connected with hundreds of our ideal clients while having FUN speaking our message on stage. To get to that level using internet marketing would take YEARS, not months (let alone, how do you pay the FB ad consultant and ad spend to Facebook if you’re not yet profitable in your business?) 

If you’re still not convinced to dump online marketing and start using speaking to grow your business, then these 3 insanely convincing reasons should be enough to get you off of Facebook and onto a local stage.


1. Get Paid To Travel While Using Speaking To Get Clients

You love travel. You want more clients. Now you can use speaking to get paid to travel while getting more clients!

One of the appealing aspects of online marketing is being able to ‘work from anywhere,’ but what the gurus don’t tell you is that while you’re in the beginning phases of building your business online, you’re spending tons of money on startup costs which leaves very little cash to do the things you enjoy most, like traveling.  You can work from anywhere…for the first few years that is going to mean working from a nearby Starbucks.

On the flip-side, with speaking you can find speaking opportunities anywhere in the world (we recommend start locally, in your own backyard) and by using our proven “Speak Your Path To Cash” System you will have clients lining up to work with you by the end of your talk. Boom! Money in your bank account, serving awesome clients, sharing your gifts and making an impact, yayy!

And once you hone your talk in a bit more, you take it on the road if you want a new adventure (that you can write off as a business expense!)  Want to sip espresso in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Book a gig in Italy and enjoy your espresso! Excited to enjoy to Eiffel Tower? Book a speaking gig in Paris, mon cheri! There are endless speaking opportunities all around the world, and you deserve to be the one sharing your message on stage and attracting more clients.


2. Speaking Has A Low Startup Cost

We’ll give it to you straight, you need to invest money in your business in order to achieve the success you desire. But how much you need to invest depends on the marketing strategy you choose. And speaking is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business and get clients.

Most online marketing ‘gurus’ claim that it’s cheap to market your business online, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Just look at these high startup costs you’ll need to invest in just the first year of online marketing:

Clickfunnels – $1,164

Activecampaign – $240

Facebook Ads (at just $5/day) – $1,825

Internet Marketing Courses – $3-5,000

Contractors you need to hire- $2,500

At just the bare minimum, you’re looking at over $8,729 to get started marketing your business online! That’s not the cheap marketing strategy you were promised, huh?

Let’s look at speaking, shall we?

Using your current network, you can certainly reach out to 10 potential partners who are looking for speakers – free.

Moving outside of your current network, you could attend a few Meetup groups in your own backyard, meet potential partners who are looking for speakers, get some speaking gigs and rock your talk – for free (okay, you’ll need to pay for the gas to get there! 😉

Using our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System, you’ll need to print off a few sheets of paper and a clipboard that your potential clients will fill out after your talk – about $10.

Speaking – free.

Wow! That is far less expensive than online marketing.

And sure, depending on your current speaking skills you will most likely need training on how to hone and master the art of speaking to attract clients, and that will have an additional cost. But you could invest up to $8,700 in a training program and still spend less than your first year of startup costs with online marketing!!!  And get WAY better results as the conversion rate in person is WAY higher than online… the average conversion rate online is 1%, speaking live in person when done correctly using our “Speak Your Path To Cash” System, you’ll get a 50% conversion rate!!  Now we’re talking baby!


3. You Only Need To Master One Skill – Speaking To Attract Clients

Being a successful business owner, means always honing your craft and learning new skills, but that doesn’t mean you need to spin your wheels, wasting your precious time (and money) learning dozens of skills to market your business online.

We cannot stress enough how difficult it is to get good at online marketing. Just think about it, to successfully market your business online you need to learn, at a minimum: copywriting, web design, graphic design, Facebook ads, social media marketing, video production, email marketing and sales funnels. At. A. MINIMUM!

And just when you master the internet marketing “game”, Facebook changes their algorithms and what was working, is no longer working. Now you’re back to tweaking your funnel again… aka pulling your hair out!  

How long do you think it will take you to learn all of these new skills? And how many clients are you going to miss out on while you’re busy learning how to properly place a Facebook pixel on your website? You’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table by spending so much effort on marketing your business online.

You’re ready to grow your business RIGHT NOW and speaking is the best way to reach your goals. To grow your business with speaking you just need to learn one skill – Speaking To Attract Clients. This is the one skill that helped our clients bring in over $4M in the last 4 years and helped our clients generate over $16,000,000 in their businesses. And it is the only skill you need to learn right now to grow your business.

With our PROVEN “Speak Your Path To Cash” System, we will show you step-by-step how to get over your stage fright, find speaking gigs, connect with your audience and get a flood of strategy sessions at the end of your talk. We have mastered this system within our own business and we have broken it down into an easy-to-learn method that our clients have been using for over 4 years to go from struggling to thriving to industry thought leaders.  

In our brand new webinar, we are revealing the exact steps to grow your business with speaking so you can add an additional $10,000 (or more) to your bottom line every month. This is a limited-time training, so CLICK HERE to claim your spot now to discover the fastest path to cash in your conscious business.

Now that you have discovered the power of speaking to grow your business, isn’t it time to step away from Facebook and step into the spotlight?  You were born to shine! It is your mission on this planet to serve your clients, so isn’t it your duty to take the fastest road to finding them?

Does this mean that you will NEVER use online marketing in your business? Of course not! Technology is a powerful tool, but it shouldn’t be your first step to grow your business. Once you have a steady stream of income and a waitlist of clients, then you can start bringing on a team to help you take your business online. But until then, stick to speaking and watch your business thrive!

Public Speaking and The 3 Phases of Business: Part 3

Public Speaking and The 3 Phases of Business: Part 3

how to be a public speaker

Phase 3: Automation & Scale – Money While You Sleep


It’s that elusive enigma all Entrepreneurs strive to achieve.

And while the lifestyle of an Entrepreneur has built into a lot more freedom of choice over a J.O.B. – actual FREEDOM… takes years of long hours and hard work.

Now that you’ve got your business moving smoothly along, it’s time to step into an entirely different mindset – AUTOMATION.

Automation is basically designing your business to run without your efforts… freeing yourself & your time becomes the focus.  This allows you to be the face of your business while your team executes the systems to fulfill on your promise to customers.

This allows you to stand tall as a Thought Leader who now has the freedom to give back and ramp up the impact of your contribution through your legacy.

Welcome to Part 3 of the Three Phases of Business: AUTOMATION

Read Part 1
Read Part 2 

Step 1: Master Your Marketing

how to become a speaker
Mastering Your Marketing sets you up for the freedom you desire. This means you must shift from the doing and implementing of Phase 2: Leverage to spending most of your day learning to be the face of your business through Speaking, writing books and PR.


Great branding means the moment your ideal client needs what you offer they think of YOU and the benefits you provide.  Branding is the backbone of ALL your marketing efforts and in Phase 3: Automation & Scale, you will need to revisit your brand to ensure your messaging is aligned with your essence.

Not only has your business evolved over the last 3-5 years as you’ve made your way through Phase 1 and Phase 2… but you’ve evolved too! What got you here… will not get you where you want to go. You’re gearing up to be the face of your business so you need to ensure your branding is “world class” and communicates the benefits of your business persuasively and authentically.

Branding is so much more than colors, logos and fonts… high level branding strategy is at the heart of all of these and tells a story that is relevant and interesting to your ideal client. It’s through the creative use and deployment of your story and content that you achieve T.O.M.A – Top of Mind Awareness.

When the stories, language and emotions you want associated to your brand are communicated effectively…  your stepping into a whole new arena of excellence and service.


Now that you’ve created a profitable business, and you’ve established some systems with your team, it’s time for you to turn your attention to Thought Leadership… (See the 5 Revenue Models of Speaking). As a Thought Leader, you are setting the standards with your intellectual property and often become the one everyone models in your niche or industry. You have 10s of 1000s of raving fans and this platform makes you very appealing to promoters and media.

This is when you’re ready for Oprah, The Today Show, CNN and other highly coveted media spots. Because each exposure brings with it a flurry of traffic to your website, you need to be prepared in order to maximize these opportunities.

public speaking
Did you know that in order to be considered as a guest on Oprah, you have to meet specific requirements with your website? Just think… being on Oprah drives 100’s of 1000s of people to your site and if you’re website isn’t branded or constructed correctly… that traffic with all of their enthusiasm and interest is lost.

Dial in your media presence… as a Speaker, you’ve already learned how to position yourself while providing value to followers, now is the time to land these media spots and learn how to talk in sound bites, with humility and humor.

Public Relations and media requires your time and energy as well as the necessary funds to invest in training and representation. This is one of the highest leveraged activities for reaching the masses and impacting the world with your work.

Digital Marketing

One of the most comprehensive and complex aspects of business is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing entails ALL tools, apps, websites and strategies for attracting customers online. The biggest mistake we see ambitious and motivated Entrepreneurs make is stepping into Digital Marketing & Online Marketing too soon… often as they are launching their business (and haven’t mastered Phase 1 of Business yet), they get seduced by the sexiness and myth of the “easy button” of internet marketing.

Think about it for a sec.. how can you possible master Online Marketing if you aren’t clear on the specific group of people you’re trying to reach and haven’t done market research to elicit their specific challenges & desires?  Where will the funds come from for Facebook ads and paid traffic if you’re not yet profitable in your business?  Who will manage all the moving pieces of your business if you don’t yet have a skilled team in place?

It’s essential you do the right things in the right order.. remember SEQUENCING is key to your success!

Digital Marketing requires 100s of hours of training and experience as well as a highly educated and trained team. The complexities run far deeper that one can imagine and the landscape of Digital Marketing (not to mention Facebook algorithms!) are always changing.

From experience, we suggest building an in-house Digital Marketing team instead of outsourcing to an agency or a consultant. You need an in-house team who understands you’re values, brand, messaging and heart so all the pieces of your business and marketing platform is consistent.

Our experience has been there can be a disconnect when you hire an outside team or contractor and that can cost you A LOT when it comes to the online game!  Make sure you’re hiring an in-house team that understands SEO, keywords, article marketing, social media management, optimizing your website and organic traffic.

The best resource we’ve found for building this team is Ryan Deiss & Digital They have the most robust and comprehensive system for certifying and training a modern day marketing machine. They understand it takes a village and you can’t possibly manage all the pieces of online marketing yourself.  We highly recommend you send your team through their certification programs so they are equipped to help you master online marketing.

Go Ever-Green

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “evergreen,” it means that you’ve established online marketing systems that produce qualified leads while you sleep.  This can be effective as long as your content remains relevant. The constant changes being made to the platforms used to create your evergreen funnels require constant attention and upkeep.  The “set it and forget” idea is a myth.  The truth is even evergreen funnels require constant tweaking and tracking to continue to maximize results.

As the Thought Leader, YOU WANT NOTHING to do with these details. That’s why it’s critical in Phase 3 to have a kickass team that’s educated and allow you to stay out of the daily minutia.  Remember, you want to be spending the majority of your time building your Wealth Team, creating power partnerships, writing books, promoting your business with PR and Speaking on stages all over the world.


Step 2: Power Partnerships

True partnerships are built on and revolve around one specific and very important dynamic – ALIGNMENT.

When you share values, rapport, and similar business models you’ve found a colleague we like to refer to as a “Power Partner.”  Power Partners support not just the financial growth of your business… you’re also partnered in each other’s evolution and spiritual growth. Not that you spend time together meditating naked on the mountaintop (unless that’s your jam!) but the relationship has an element that runs much deeper than just business… there’s an intimacy and shared commitment that’s beyond the typical business relationship.  You actually LIKE each other and enjoy spending time together!  This alignment trickles down to your mutual communities and the curriculum you teach compliments each other, providing an even deeper, more enriching experience for your mutual clients.

The goal is to establish 10 of these nourishing and collaborative partnerships with Community Leaders. Ideally, you want to build deep relationships with Leaders that have a larger following and are more influential than you. A handful of Badass Business Partnerships with other Thought Leaders will do more for your life and business than a Facebook following of 100 of 1000s. It’s simple, it’s fulfilling and it works!

You don’t need 100s of affiliates promoting your launch… you need deeper more authentic connections. Eckhart Tolle once said that the energy we’re in when we create something gets attached to that which we create… and I agree. These 6 (even 7) figure launches as seductive as they seem, can often be riddled with stress, complexity and over work.  We know many colleagues that behind the scenes, their online launches are fueled by a toxic, push energy that burns themselves and their team out.  They lose the joy and passion of why they’re doing what they do, let alone the spirituality and consciousness.

So focus on QUALITY vs quantity when it comes to partnerships.  Spending more time determining and fostering the partnerships that fuel your personal, financial and spiritual growth through ALIGNMENT.


Step 3: Build Your Wealth Team – Wealth Mentor, CPA, Attorney, Financial Planner, Investments

In this video Oprah interviews Lynn Twist on “The Soul of Money”. This short video is all about the concept of “sufficiency” vs falling into the trap of “more, more, more.”

Congratulations! You’re a successful business owner! But do you know what to do next? What about taxes? Or investments? Money comes and goes, but you worked hard to earn yours, so let’s try and keep it for you.

And we do that with the final step in Phase 3, building a Wealth Team. These are the Experts who make sure you’re doing everything legally, make sure you’re maximizing tax deductions, avoiding unnecessary fees & penalties and can get your money working for you.

A New Money Mindset

Now that you’re making great money… what are you doing to minimize taxes and maximize wealth? What used to be a problem of not making enough money is making too much money. Let me explain.

As you accumulate wealth EVERYONE wants a piece of it… friends, family, the IRS and after working so hard for so many years its painful to see all of this money leave your life just as fast as it comes in.

So now you are spending your time fostering a Wealth Accumulation Mindset and start spending the money you make in an entirely different way. In Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” he educated people on the difference between Assets vs Liabilities.

A Liability is an investment in something that doesn’t generate revenue… in essence it costs you money every single month. A car, a house (or even a hot pair of shoes!) would be considered a Liability. These are the things most of us have been conditioned to purchase.

Assets are investments that generate cash flow every month.  An office building, a storage unit and a plethora of other revenue producing investments are available to you now and is precisely what you want to spend your business profits purchasing. Essentially, you want to look at your business as your “cash machine” that you use to invest in Assets and cash flowing investments.  This helps you get out of the “rat race” as Robert Kiyosaki calls it and where you start to create long term wealth and real freedom.

Build Your Wealth Team

Continuing on our theme of ALIGNMENT, you will need to spend serious time and thought on building your Wealth Team. Your Wealth Team is designed to minimize your taxes, maximize and protecting your wealth while keeping you compliant with IRS tax codes and the law.

Unless you are a Money Expert, you will most likely be out of your element here… the adage “you don’t know what you don’t know” is at play so finding those Wealth Team Members that are knowledgeable and trustworthy is essential.  Getting the right financial education is critical to your success.

On your Wealth Team you will need:

  • Wealth Mentor
  • CPA (who specializes in helping Entrepreneurs)
  • Insurance Specialist
  • Financial Planner (again, make sure they specifically work with Entrepreneurs vs W2 Employees)
  • Tax / Business / Real Estate Attorney

There’s so much to learn here… the takeaway – protect what you’ve spent years building. This team is about mitigating the risks to your wealth accumulation and protecting it with systems that are in accord with the law.

You will be challenged to find a Wealth Team that understands the challenges and dynamics of Entrepreneurship. After doing our own due diligence, one of our Power Partners and who we believe in and is serving as our Wealth Team is Garrett Gunderson with The Wealth Factory .  Garrett and his team have impeccable integrity and an amazing system for managing, protecting and building your wealth.

In this video Garrett Gunderson discusses the role of cash flow in the cycle of Wealth Accumulation

Launch Your Legacy

Ultimately what is all of this for? There’s a lot more to life than wealth creation. Now you can tap even more deeply into your values and calling to have the “Big Impact” you are on this planet for.  

Phase 3 – Automation and all that it entails allows you to create your legacy or foundation and commit to giving back with intention. It’s great to volunteer your time to help those in need… whether its starving children.. feeding the homeless… empowering the physically disabled… whatever causes your most passionate about.  Use your resources of time, money and energy to give back to causes you believe in.  

And life gets TRULY AMAZING when you have the freedom and team to build an official Foundation that provides support to 100s of 1000s of people in need.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve laid out the 3 Phases of Business and how the power of public speaking positions you as a leader of your industry. These also serve as a way to not just focus your efforts but to also chunk them down into sizable action steps so you don’t get overwhelmed.  It keeps you focused and on track to building a legacy and real wealth for the generations to come.  

Here are the 3 Phases of Business:

Phase 1 – Profitability

Phase 2 – Leverage

Phase 3 – Automation

The Phases of Business provide you a long term perspective on how to grow your business through time so that you have a “Big Impact” with your message. The power of your voice and your message must be fueled by a foundation build on Entrepreneur excellence so it can reach to far corners of the world and impact those less fortunate and in need.

As the World Authority on ‘The Business of Speaking’ we’ve shown you how the platform of Public Speaking can lead to building yourself a fortune while providing a body of work that heals and transforms the world. Speaking ROCKS and when done correctly and with heart… Speaking HEALS.

And that’s why public speaking is at the heart of our business model and not digital marketing. It’s real, its authentic and it transforms lives.


What is 1 step you are going to take this week to start automating your business? Share in the comments below!

And if you’re thinking “how do I start speaking” or “how do I book speaking gigs”.. we’re here to show you how.

If you’ve got any questions about this article, speaking, or growing your business, feel free to contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk 1:1 to help you figure out how to get started.  If we can support you in anyway please email us here or call 855-95-SPEAK.

We believe in you!  Here’s to your Big Impact in the world!

Public Speaking and The 3 Phases of Business: Part 2

Public Speaking and The 3 Phases of Business: Part 2


What a THRILLING ride… this journey of business ownership!

Full of twists and turns and ups and downs… the life of an Entrepreneur is never dull. One moment you’re on fire and kickin’ ass and the next you’re overwhelmed and steeped in what feels like failure.

If you haven’t yet read the last article on Phase 1 of Business, check it out here… this is a 3 part series blog so be sure to read Phase 1 of Business FIRST.

You’re really going to enjoy this entire series and the role that Public Speaking plays in it. And if you’ve already read part 1, let’s dive into Phase 2 of Business: Leverage & Team. Let’s go!

how to be a speaker

The “Business of Speaking” can be a really confusing place. And unfortunately, few business consultants are able to layout their consulting in a way that helps you escape the uncertainty and overwhelm of building a profitable business. Phase 1 – Profitability gives you a foundation of clarity and step-by-step action plans to get profitable FAST using Public Speaking

It makes us so sad to see truly brilliant Experts not only remain the ‘best kept secret in town’ but to remain stuck and “spinning their wheels” trying to get their message out.

public speakingEven a Master’s Degree, PhD or even an MBA can leave the most talented and educated professionals struggling to make their business work. Despite all the hard work, effort and discipline… advanced degrees & modalities often don’t teach you how to attract & enroll clients or be profitable in the real world. That’s a lot of cash for a little piece of paper!  
An MBA is great if you want to be hired as an Executive or climb the Corporate ladder… but if you want to be a successful Entrepreneur or Thought Leader, you need specialized knowledge and training.

So hold onto your hat… because this is a ride you’ll remember forever… one full of PROVEN guidance on how to build and grow a profitable speaking business (or add a 6-Figure revenue stream to your current business using speaking)… this is PRICELESS. Read on!

We’re Mark & Shannon, a powerhouse husband and wife trainer team! In our first 10 months of business, we produced over $400,000 in revenue — without a website or even a business card! We’ve gone on to use this very same system over the last 4.5 years to build a multi-7 figure business. We’re now the recognized World Authority on the “Business of Speaking” launching  Experts, Speakers and Entrepreneurs from 8 different countries, helping them get on the most coveted stages in the world including Tony Robbins, CNN, The View, Good Morning America and Brendon Burchard, just to name a few.  

Our specialty is showing you how to grow your business and reach more people through public speaking. And since those first 10 months, we’ve gone on to work with 1000’s of Experts, Speakers, Authors and Politicians to refine this system into a PROVEN methodology that anyone can use to grow a profitable business…. FAST.  

In fact, our community (we call them our TRIBE) has produced over $16,000,000 (that’s MILLION) in revenue in their own businesses using speaking and more specifically our Signature “Speak Your Path To Cash” System… it’s proven… it’s simple… and it works!

And today we’re here to show you the fastest way on planet Earth to attract high paying clients and grow your business!

This article, gives you meat… no fluff… no opinion and no conjecture. Just solid business acumen that’s proven, deep and real. We broke it down for you. No more lack of clarity… no more “spinning your wheels”… no more wondering if you’re just not cut out to be a business owner and should just get a J.O.B (don’t do it… there IS an easier way!)

We’ve mentored 1000’s of successful businesses, large and small, and have found that all the successful businesses follow this blueprint. And the businesses that struggle… really struggle, are lost in a sea of overwhelm and confusion from doing too many of the wrong things in the wrong order.  Or are doing a lot of the “right” things but in the wrong order.

The key is to learn and master the power of SEQUENCING.  

So if you’re wondering how to start a business or how to grow your existing business, read on and learn how Phase 2 of Business can help you spread your message and paid well for your expertise.


PHASE 2: Leverage, Systems & Team


Once you’ve got your foundation built and have consistent leads and sales coming in, your students are engaged and loving all your hot, juicy content, you’ve got a new challenge. You now have money (you’ve mastered Phase 1 of Business when you’re making about $10K/ month)… but now you’re running out of energy and TIME.  

What’s next?


Now it’s time to go from a one man (or woman!) show to a thriving business. This means amping up everything you’re already doing. Your stage is about to get a lot bigger, and you need to prepare for that by having SYSTEMS in place that duplicate results without your efforts.

Step 1: Build Your Support Team

how to be a public speaker

You did an AMAZING job by yourself in Phase 1, but you won’t be able to sustain this pace and now it’s time for help. Your thinking begins to change from “what is my message” to “how do I leverage my time? as a team.

At this point you’re generating a consistent $8K-$12K/ month and it’s time to hire some people to help you out (otherwise you’ll burnout!)  Step # 1 is to build your money team.  

These are the people who help you leverage your time and expertise so you can keep finances in order and make running your business much easier.

Here is our suggestions and the order we suggest you hire:

  1. PERSONAL ASSISTANT: This might be surprising but the very first hire we recommend is a Personal Assistant to help delegate your LIFE… Laundry, Groceries, House Cleaning, Errands, etc.

    This is a total game changer and many of you will have to work on your ability to receive. Most of you have never had someone to do your laundry, wash your dishes, clean your house, or run your errands. I can hear the old, limiting beliefs of your parents whispering in your ear as you read this…  

    You’ll be amazed at how a few hundred dollars a month frees you to focus on your genius zone and income producing activities… not the day to day tasks that are better handled by a $20-$25/hr contract employee.

  2. CLIENT CARE SPECIALIST: Customer Service, Client Care, Fulfillment Admin
    A Client Care Specialist who connects with customers and keeps you free of requests for passwords, emails, training dates, login info, etc will save you hours of time and acres of mental real estate. Make sure they are an extension of your brand and have an natural altruistic, service based personality.

    You Client Care Specialist will support you by handling the day to day details of customer service and support so you can focus on higher leveraged activities. Like speaking!

  3. BOOKKEEPER: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, P & L, Balance Sheets
    It’s critical to get out of your own way when handling finances. Find a bookkeeper who knows Quickbooks Online so that you know your financial situation. This makes tax time super simple as everything is organized and at your fingertips.

You can get more and more specific as needs arise, but this core group is essential. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done by yourself. With this Money Team behind you, you can focus on what needs to be done in order to grow.


Step 2: Align Your Brand with Your Essence

business of speaking
Effective branding makes it really easy to standout in the marketplace… but you MUST have an Expert from the outside build your brand upon a foundation of authenticity… YOUR ESSENCE.

This sounds simple, right? Just “be authentic”.

And yet so many Entrepreneurs completely miss the boat on this. With DIY resources like WIX and other instant website builders, you’re taking precious time to learn a skill that would be better served outsourced to professionals.

There is SO MUCH to building a really effective website… beyond its colors, fonts, pics and layout. Hiring a Professional with proven results will save you 10s of 1000s of dollars, hours and hours of banging your head up against the wall.. not to mention, you’re brand will actually be World Class vs amatuer.  Which of course, will help you attract higher caliber clients who happily pay you well for your services & expertise.  

Avoid the DIY model when it comes to building a website. In Phase 2, we suggest starting with a 5 page website that is essentially an online brochure and blog.  These are the pages we suggest

  • About
  • Blog
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Speaking

This will elevate the results of your speaking gigs as people will go to your website after hearing you Rock Your Talk and see you’ve GONE PRO!


Step 3: Produce Your Own Rockin’ Events & Workshops

public speaking
Your Signature Event adds value to your hot juicy program, creates deep connection and builds community. It’s here that your movement begins to take shape in the hearts and minds of your “Tribe”.

If you REALLY want to make a Big Impact in your industry and the world, you have to step up your interactions with your future students. Start producing your own events and workshops. Make yourself available. Get belly to belly with people, help them have breakthroughs and “aha” moments… online is great but nothing replaces LIVE connection.

There are people out there who need your medicine and expertise.  And the best way for them to get it is to experience you in person, by going to one of your events. While these can be packed with 100s of your raving fans, you can also start with small, intimate groups in your living room!

Create a Signature Event that you get known for and master making your offer from the stage.  Once you master this, you’re able to attract all the clients you need for 6 months to a year.  It takes the pressure off of constant prospecting and you can cruise a little.. Plus have the cash flow to hire the people & resources you need.. even if that’s a tropical vacation or a day at the spa!

When done correctly, you’re Signature Event will get you known and seen as an Industry Leader.  Which means JV & Collaboration Partners comes much easier.  Opportunities start coming to you because you are more visible (no more hiding behind your computer!).

It’s at your live events, retreats and workshops that your clients will experience profound shifts. This is the transformation & connection people are craving.

Look at Tony Robbins. He started his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn when he was just 17. He then started giving his own seminars. And that led to Robbins releasing infomercials and publicizing his workshops. That’s how he became recognized as an industry leading Motivational Speaker. Now, his companies bring in $5 billion annually, and Tony is one of the most recognized Speakers on the planet. Would any of that be the case if he hadn’t started with his own events and workshops?

And who’s to say you’re not the next Tony Robbins in the making?! 


Step 4:  Build Your Wealth Team

Now is the time to set yourself up for financial success. Having a team in place that allows you to leverage your time while being in integrity with your finances creates confidence and certainty.

Now that you’ve got your core Support Team in place, you’re ready to create a Wealth Team to help you expand your message.  These people include:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: Client Support & Engagement, Social Media Platforms, Online Presence, Basic Marketing and TechnologyThe world of business has evolved from client care to community manager. Capturing and keeping the attention of both your clients and potential clients is now the domain of customer service and support. In addition, the Social Media Manager will also coordinate optin pages, landing pages, graphics ect.

  2. Copywriter: Sales Letters, Emails, Blog Posts
    Copywriting requires time… and while specific areas of your marketing need YOUR voice a lot of the everyday basic communication can be outsourced. This will save you hours every week as you create compelling content that leads to more speaking gigs, more clients and greater impact.  who can produce great copy for
    content and sales, alike.

  3. Certified Public Accountant (CPA): Minimize Taxes & Maximize Profit
    Staying in integrity with the IRS will save your stress and frustration in the coming years. A reputable CPA will help you determine how to spend (or not spend) money based on the numbers of your business. Having an Expert determine, in advance, estimated quarterly tax payments allows you to get to work doing what you do best.

You money team is there for you to delegate. This is one of the biggest challenges as an aspiring Entrepreneur makes her way up the ranks of business. Your role in Phase 2 (while still booking speaking gigs, rockin’ your talk and converting clients) is to get each of these roles dialed in and jammin’ so you can focus on being the face of your business.

Make sure you’ve got a plan for your new hires. If they’re working a set amount of hours per week, make sure they’re clear of their priorities and empower them to take ownership of their role and department. And make sure you have a plan for how to utilize them. Do you want them in meetings or working on specific projects?  

With all new hires, we recommend having a 30-60 day trial period.  Schedule regular check in meetings and keep the communication open so you can see if they’re the right fit. Once you find a groove together, you can negotiate a longer term agreement.

Your team is your greatest asset, and as the owner of the business, your job is to coordinate your team and make sure everything is running smoothly so you can focus on being the face of the business.

business of speaking

Phase 2 – Leverage is all about leveraging your efforts and building the foundation you need to get Phase 3 – Automation in place. By focusing on your brand and your team, you’re ensuring you give your business it’s best possible chance of success. Don’t just skim this phase, invest your time and energy into it… this can often take 18 – 24 months.  The more effort you put into building the “right” team and cementing your brand, the more powerful your business and marketing actions can be.

Stay tuned for the Part 3 of this blog series… Automation & Scale.  


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Public Speaking and The 3 Phases of Business: Part 1

Public Speaking and The 3 Phases of Business: Part 1


It’s as if the SPINNING NEVER STOPS… a limitless amount of misinformation comes at you like a firehose to teacup. You’re confused, unclear & simply overwhelmed.

The world of business can be a really confusing place. And unfortunately, even when people spend $100,000/yr on grad school, they never learn how to get clients or be profitable in the real world. That’s a lot of cash for a little piece of paper. So hold onto your hat… because this is a ride you’ll remember forever… one full of PROVEN guidance on how to build and grow a profitable speaking business… this is PRICELESS. Read on!

We’re Mark and Shannon, a powerhouse husband and wife trainer team! In our first 10 months of business, we produced over $400,000 in revenue — without a website or even business cards. We’ve gone on to use this very same system over the last 4.5 years to build a multi-7 figure business.

Our specialty is showing you how to grow your business and reach more people through public speaking. And since those first 10 months, we’ve gone on to work with thousands of Experts, Speakers, Authors and Coaches to refine this system into a PROVEN methodology that anyone can use to grow a profitable business…. FAST. In fact, our client community (TRIBE) has produced over $16,000,000 (that’s MILLION) in revenue in their own speaking businesses using our “Speak Your Path To Cash System”… it’s proven… it’s simple… and it works! And today we’re here to show you the fastest way on planet Earth to attract high paying clients and grow your business!

Now, here’s the funny thing about business…. Everyone has an opinion on what “right” looks like. And sometimes it can get ridiculous. There’s a misconception that the value of your content is based on how long that content is. And that leads to these long, wordy, irrelevant articles about internet funnels, optin pages & click through rates. This article, gives you meat… no fluff… no opinion and no conjecture. Just solid business acumen that’s proven, deep and real.

We broke it down for you. No more lack of clarity… no more “spinning your wheels”… no more wondering if you’re just not cut out to be a business owner.

Just 3 simple phases. Or, more precisely, the 3 phases of every successful business — AND how to use them to build a sustainable business that blazes a trail for your future wealth and legacy.

We’ve coached a LOT of successful businesses, large and small, and have found that all the successful businesses follow this blueprint. And the businesses that struggle… really struggle, are lost in a sea of overwhelm and confusion from doing too many of the wrong things in the wrong order. At no fault of their own, they remain ignorant to the power of sequencing their efforts and it doesn’t even occur to them to use the phases of business to get profitable now.

So whether speaking or just looking for opportunity, if you’re wondering how to start a business or how to grow a business, read on and learn the how the 3 Phases of Business — can help you spread your message and paid well for your expertise.



Laying Your Foundation

Do you know why 89% of businesses fail?

There are a ton of reasons you can find all over the internet, from lack of funding to marketing issues. But the truth is, it boils down to one thing: the lack of a foundation.

We get it. You’ve got a GREAT idea. And you have to beat the competition to market or else you’ll lose your chance! But before you take action and monetize your idea… slow down, put in some work, and set up everything you need in order to really achieve your dreams. It truly is your fastest path to cash!

You’ve got a great business opportunity in front of you, which means it’s important to do things the right way and in the right order so that you maximize income (and impact) for the long term by setting up a proper foundation for your business. And the really interesting twist – this also allows you to generate revenue very quickly in your business and establish a public speaking system that positions you for serious wealth in the long term.

Step 1: Niche Clarity & Market Research

public speaking
Client Attraction is the goal. Setting up systems in your business that attract ideal clients to you everyday. Speaking is the fastest way to attract customers, grow your business & make a bigger difference.

Niche Clarity

What would it feel like to be crystal clear on the niche you serve? How would that instantly change your ability to step more fully into your calling and get paid accordingly for it? This is HOT… so pay careful attention as we go deeper.

There are many more questions to ask, but the MOST important question you want to ask yourself is this: Who is my IDEAL client?

If you don’t know who your ideal clients are, then there’s no way you can know what they want. And if you don’t know what your clients want, then your marketing message will be irrelevant.

Most business owners don’t understand that the most important aspect of attracting customers is… WHAT YOU SAY.

You HAVE to know what your clients want in order to find the language that will influence them. Once you find this language… your ability to attract high paying clients becomes practically effortless. It’s as if there’s this mysterious energy from far… far away… constantly steering ideal customers your way.

how to be a public speaker
Before you do ANYTHING else – DO MARKET RESEARCH. Here are some questions for you to consider that will help you uncover your ideal clients’ frustrations, challenges and language.

There is a laundry list of these questions you can (and should) ask, but start with these to really get a clear picture of who your ideal client is. And then comes the critical part …. It’s time to talk to them.

Market Research

We’re not talking Surveymonkey or online questionnaire.

We’re talking real conversations with real people who qualify as your ideal client.

FACT: Determine the specific problem you solve
for this specific group of people

This is important as it allows you to combine your knowledge, experience & wisdom with this market research to offer a solution that is truly unique in the marketplace. The answers gleaned from these “avatar interviews” (ideal client conversations) are then used to create the foundation of your marketing & messaging platform.

Over the years we’ve developed 37 psychologically driven questions that peel back the layers of awareness that reveal what truly lies in the heart of your ideal client.

Just think, how effective your sales and marketing will be when you know the frustration, fears, wounds, desires, and fantasies of your ideal client?

Are you starting to see how this market research invites intention and clarity into your business – making you unique & authentic in the marketplace? It allows you to authentically connect with consumers at the level of transformation… not just information.

Income and impact are instantly elevated with this low tech / high touch approach to understanding your clients… and it only gets better.

Your Marketing Message:
The answers you glean from your market research are then used to help you customize your marketing message. You can’t get more customized that using the very language patterns you hear over and over again from your ideal clients answering specific questions.

The Key to Effective Marketing is in the Relevance of Your
Message & the Specific Words You Use

The real gem in this market research are the language patterns that emerge from these interviews. People articulate their challenges & desires in remarkably similar if not even identical ways… allowing the specific words & phrases that resonate with them to be the backbone of your marketing message.

Finding the right message for your marketing can be one of the most difficult and enduring tasks of building your business as you attempt time and again to wordsmith your way to progress and results.

Market research makes this simple and effective. Once you’re clear on the specific group of people you serve, the problem you solve and the words and language they use to describe their circumstances… you’re equipped with the necessary foundation to build a long term, sustainable business as well as how to get profitable right out of the gate.

If you skip this step, there’s a good chance you’re setting yourself up for failure. The majority of businesses NEVER have this information in hand… those that do have this information are poised to succeed… and succeed BIG>

The point here – intimately knowing your ideal client & the specific problem you solve for them gives you a competitive advantage throughout the longevity of your business.

Why? Because people who buy… are consciously or subconsciously looking for a solution to their problems. Therefore, when you know what your ideal clients struggle with and the language they use to articulate that… your business is designed specifically as a solution to their problems.

Future Success is Practically Guaranteed
for those Businesses that Most Effectively Solve the Biggest Problems that is at the Heart of their Target Market

When done correctly – Market Research will glean ALL the necessary information you need to authentically and effectively attract the very best clients to you. As the backbone of your marketing message… you quickly earn recognition as a leader in your industry.


Step 2: Lead Generation – “Signature Talk Marketing”

how to become a speaker
Mark & Shannon answer questions from audience members at their premier event Big Impact Live

This is actually our favorite step. Signature Talk Marketing is the name we’ve given our system of public speaking that generates a FLOOD of ideal clients to your business all at once. Isn’t it time you ROCK lead generation and client attraction?  In fact, we’ve built a robust and thriving multi 7-figure business with small speaking gigs, starting with those in our own backyard!

Once you know WHO you’re talking to, WHAT you’re selling, and are ready to start, it’s time to go find your clients. And there is no better way to do that than through public speaking! Speaking and networking right in your own backyard can bring in more quality leads and clients than spinning your wheels with technology and trying to automate your entire business.  Most Experts, Speakers & Coaches aren’t experts in technology or online marketing and their businesses often struggle as they strive to learn and figure it out.

Like most, you’ve probably dumped money into Google and Facebook ads, tracking your analytics and pouring over the data without a clue to what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Or some “guru” is telling you to do this and you’re beating yourself up for not having the budget to “get online.”  And the truth is, NONE of this is your genius zone…

There is a better way…

Fact: You’ve got a story to tell an a message to share.

You’ve got experience that makes your voice necessary. Your journey matters and the world needs to hear your voice. There are a lot of people out there who are dealing with the same problems and struggles you went through at one point. And when you connect with them in person… as a Speaker… it’s electric! You can feel the rapport and connection from stage. And like magic… members of your audience become not just a qualified “lead”, but a future life-long customer.

We know this for a fact, because that’s what our business, Big Impact, Inc, does. We teach Conscious Business Owners just like you how to find your voice and answer your calling to get on stage and make a Big Impact in the world. Once you’re onstage, you’re by definition an industry expert, and using our proven system, you’ve got qualified prospects approaching you and wanting to enroll in your product or service.

Speaking is the fastest and most efficient way to create leverage in your business… right from the start.  We call it “Signature Talk Marketing” because a single talk that you get known for is all that’s necessary to create a following and generate 100s of 1000s if not millions of dollars in revenue. Other lead generation plans involve complex technology & sophisticated internet funnels that are expensive and time consuming.  Trying to learn technology or just “winging it” can mean huge losses for your business. Speaking is simple and when you have a speaking SYSTEM, your business is poised to consistently generate revenue quickly (plus it’s way more FUN too!)


Step 3: Master the Enrollment Process

public speaking
Inspiration is an advanced form of enrollment. Here Mark inspires the Big Impact Live crowd to follow their calling and make a bigger difference through Public Speaking.

Okay! You know who your target market is, you’ve found what sets you apart from the competition, and you’ve got your lead generation fine tuned and working working seamlessly….  now what?

Now you have to get them enrolled in your program or services.

Let’s get real – most professionals, entrepreneurs and especially coaches are uncomfortable asking for money. And the constant barrage of “easy button” promises and solutions by internet gurus perpetuates the belief, “I’ll never have to learn to sell.”

Hiding behind technology and avoiding the enrollment conversation is a real reason many businesses struggle or fail (lack of clarity runs a close second). Learning enrollment is far more effective and enjoyable than learning the old school salesman shtick that we all know and hate.

Most People are Highly Ineffective at Making and Keeping Decisions

Even the most amazing and brilliant among us will delay, put off, acquiesce and defer decisions… especially the decisions that would make the most powerful improvement to their life circumstances.

Mastering enrollment is fun, because it’s about guiding your prospect into making a solid yes or no decision. Standing for their transformation allows you to be a leader that is supporting them in getting unstuck and out of the status quo of indecision.  When someone says YES to working with you… this is where real change starts to take place.

This dynamic is a game changer… one you want in your business and life right now. Think about it… when you can be a stand for your prospect making a solid decision, one of only two things will occur:

  1. A solid and congruent “YES” lands you a client instantly and you begin serving them
  2. A solid and congruent “NO” means zero wasted time in follow up or chasing energy

The awkwardness of follow up seldom leads to a sale and instead usually creates a “chasing” energy that isn’t very attractive or magnetic. In contrast, your prospect will LOVE the experience of your detached need for a “yes” and will find themselves literally changed by a process that helped them make a new and empowering decision. In this scenario, you’ve left your prospect with a positive and inspired energy that serves their deepest desires and calling.

Excellence in enrollment is a more progressive and honoring approach to sales that feels good. You essentially help your prospect to no longer delay decision and therefore, they attach positive feeling of the process to you and your brand.  

Watch any episode of “Shark Tank” or “The Profit” and you’ll see that business owners struggle when they don’t have a clear path to mastering enrollment. Learning how to sell your services ethically and responsibly is essential to business and financial success.


Step 4:  Deliver your Hot, Juicy Program

how to be a public speaker
When done correctly, enrollment sets and manages expectations so that your clients experience more value in your Hot, Juicy Programs. Just look at how FIRED UP people can get when it comes to spending money with you.

You’ve got your people enrolled. Now you have to turn them into a satisfied customer and RAVING FAN. The most effective strategy to do this is through a solid transformational program that solves their specific problem, engages them in new behavior and expands their awareness.

The “Information Economy” is no longer the currency of our time.

We’re now in the “Transformation Economy” and people want the investments in themselves to lead to real and lasting change. Whether that’s a Nutrition Program designed to cleanse your gut, a Conscious Wealth Program designed to bring you economic independence or a Peak Performance program for increasing productivity… people want to know they will be guided through a specific process of personal transformation.

How to Determine the “Promise of Your Program: The “Promise of Your Program” Serves as a Beacon… a North Star on the “Specific Value” You Will Deliver in your Program

When you get crystal clear on what you will deliver (based on market research) and your new client is clear on the specific outcome they will receive for their investment, you are setting yourself (and your clients) up for success. You’ll delight in the use of data you uncovered from your “Mining for Gold” market research to determine a promise of your program that is quantifiable and sexy. One your ideal client will love!

For example, we’ve become known for providing our clients RESULTS and the promise of our main program Big Impact University is to “turn 10 minutes of stage time into $10,000+” Everything in the curriculum is designed to deliver solely on that promise… with all the bells and whistles… and NO fluff.

When you can deliver a powerful and predictable promise with your program… you’ve established yourself as an authority that surpasses the expectations of clients. This is excellent for your brand and is something you want to build into your reputation.

Transforming Lives With a 90 Day, 6 Month or 1 Year Program

As consultants and mentors to worldwide brands and small businesses, we’ve discovered that a 90 day program structured correctly carries real power to enact lasting change. Especially if you’re newer to business or have a high end product or service that you typically offer. (i.e. Life Insurance, Software, Financial Services, Business Consulting, etc)

In most scenarios, high end packages have a long sales cycle and require an extensive education and indoctrination process that can be frustrating and time consuming. How cool would it be to turn that very process into a dynamic and transformative 90 day product/program that essentially educates them to buy your high end program on the back end?

We suggest these 90 day programs are full of value and content. Delivered through a multitude of e-learning, digital, online and even live event modules and priced at a minimum of $2000.

Through time, with client engagement and experience you may find you are able to more effectively deliver on your promise with a 6 month or even full year program.  It also depends on the complexities and depth of education you provide. Allow this to unfold as you gain insights and experience working with numerous clients.


Step 5: Get Your Finances Right – AKA “Clean Up Your Money Shit”

public speaking
What “energy” do you bring to money & your business finances? A more empowering & playful association to sales, taxes and all things money happens quickly when you “make money your lover”.

Her sexy red dress opened slightly along the outside seam… revealing her toned & tanned leg. She looks into your eyes with those long eyelashes and that flirty smile… you’re spellbound… and want more.  

What if this was the energy you had with MONEY and she was your LOVER?!

Shifting the energy you are in before, during and after dealing with all aspects of money is the fastest way to improve your future income. Have you ever been so afraid or uncomfortable to look at your bills, credit card statement or bank balance that you just ignore it instead?

You’re not alone…

In Working With 1000s of Entrepreneurs Worldwide, We’ve Seen How Over 92% Allow Fear & Limiting Beliefs To Hold Them Back Financially

The relationship you have with money right now… is one you learned. You learned it from your parents… from your educational institutions… from TV and movies. And you can change that programming FAST by bringing in the energy of play, curiosity & sexuality.

Make money your lover doesn’t mean idolizing or attaching to it… it means take the initiative to remove any SHAME associated with money & replacing it with a playful energy that leads to new actions and a clean relationship of integrity with money.

At Big Impact, we teach our students to get “in integrity” with money. That means open your bills, look at your P&L, and make money your lover. Be present with your finances at least once a week so that you can make wise and informed decisions about making, spending & managing money. Having an ongoing commitment to a light- hearted even humorous approach to money is very effective and empowering.

Bringing humor into your finances frees your mind of “Stinkin’ Thinkin’” and will provide you with a more resourceful energy surrounding money.

So many entrepreneurs are completely out of integrity with their money… They carry HUGE credit card debts, owe a small fortune in back taxes, and won’t even look at their overdue bills because of the fear and physical discomfort those bills cause.

But as a Conscious Business Owner, you owe it to yourself, your business, your employees, and your clients to get in integrity with your finances. Have a weekly money date to get in integrity with money so that you won’t be triggered when asking for it in an enrollment conversation.

Basically, you have to get clean with your money.  

Heal your relationship with money if you want to be successful in business.

You must have a more empowering relationship with your finances, otherwise asking for money from investors or customers gets awkward, uncomfortable, and exponentially more difficult.

Prospects are mirrors or reflections of both the light & darkness of our own choices. When you have “money shit” it will ALWAYS present itself when you have an opportunity to make money. And when that happens, you’ll lose out on opportunities.This is a really great & profoundly deep part of our curriculum at Big Impact, but for now I just want to leave you with one question: How QUICKLY will you do it?

Get your finances right so that you can do right by your future employees, customers, and your business by honestly knowing and evaluating how you’re doing. Entrepreneurship has it’s own culture and language and finance is the backbone to all of it. Get dialed in on your money and embrace the lifestyle of entrepreneurship.  

That’s it for Phase 1 of Business. It’s simple skill acquisition and system implementation that focuses on profitability. Determine your ideal client, use marketing research to get crystal clear on the problem you solve, sex up your programs, packages and pricing. Here is where you commit to mastering enrollment so you have the life skill of acquiring clients for the longevity of your business.  Then use “Signature Talk Marketing” to attract qualified leads from small speaking gigs in your own backyard.

You know you’re ROCKIN Phase 1 of Business when you’re consistently making $10K per month (or more).  Stay tuned for the next blog post all about Phase 2 of Business: Leverage…


Did You Get Value?
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