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A Surprising Way To Discover Your Life’s Purpose

A Surprising Way To Discover Your Life’s Purpose


We definitely struggled through the years to feel like we really “knew” our life’s purpose.


And our clients have told us countless times how seriously they take “fulfilling their purpose.”  We get it.  When you know you’re soul’s purpose, you have an obligation to live it and fulfill it.


Shannon and I created a tool that’s REALLY HELPED US feel a deep sense of purpose with our work in the world.


In fact, this tool has made all the difference, feeling every day that we’re truly expressing the purpose of our soul.




So for today’s Big Impact blog, we’d like to give you this tool:


Ask your soul…

  • “What are my 2 best gifts God/ Universe has given me”
  • “How can I use these gifts to help improve the lives of others?”
  • “How can my work in the world be sharing my best gifts that help others?”


Using this tool is what propelled Shannon and I to create this Big Impact.


For me, my 2 best gifts are inspiring people and strategic branding and marketing.


Shannon’s is being a hot Diva (ok, I added that 🙂 who inspires people with 6 Figure+ business plans and producing world-class events that rock the house.


So we created this business to achieve all that:


We help Speakers and Conscious Business Owners get more speaking gigs and attract a flood of high paying clients through speaking.


So if you’d like to take this even deeper – so you TRULY FEEL that everyday your work is expressing your soul’s purpose – we have a special invitation for you:


Discover how to monetize the message of your soul and unleash your life’s purpose…


By joining us at Big Impact Live <<<


You’ll learn how to monetize your soul’s message, reach more people and create a 6 Figure+ business through SPEAKING… and lot’s more 🙂


All the details are here <<<



In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon




You’re finally on the phone with your prospect, excited to offer them your life changing program that your soul was meant to deliver in this world and the big problem drops:

How do you land a new client while being authentic to your message?

In other words – you want your new prospect to buy your program, but you don’t want to ‘Sell’ it.

Exciting news:

Today’s post will reveal a HUGE breakthrough in how to land clients over the phone while having a completely soulful conversation.

In the past few posts, we went into great detail to help you spread your message to more people. So you’re making lots of money while making a big impact in the world.

Now, you’re going to learn the 10 ways to enroll an ideal prospect in a 30 minute call. Shannon here – and I’m going to give you some actual scripts that you can use right away.

These scripts are extremely valuable – so make sure to print out this post or share with someone who needs help enrolling more clients.

10 Steps To Close Your Next Client In A 30 Minute Soulful Conversation
Here are the 10 steps:

1. Purpose – LEAD the call by stating the purpose. “[Name] so awesome to be speaking with you. Over the next 45 minutes I’m going to help you [solution you offer] and I’ll begin by listening to what you most need now, ok? So all I need from you is to be honest and open, cool?” The purpose of course is them being committed to moving forward to change their life because of the solution/program you have.

2. Challenge – Then ask them what their #1 challenge that they’re facing now pertaining to your niche. LISTEN to their challenge. They’re opening up to you because they trust you and this is a moment of soulful honesty of what they need from you.

3. Dig – Here’s a golden secret: the more you dig and clarify exactly what their pain is and what goal they’re after – the easier it becomes for them to sign up. So Lead, Listen and now DIG to find out all the details of what pains them and what they crave to change. Here’s a ‘Dig’ question to ask: “Can you tell me more about that?” or “What’s important to you about that?” You’re looking to find what they’re pained by and what they crave.

4. Cost – What is their pain costing them? So, let’s say you’re an energy healer and your potential client is talking about feeling constantly overwhelmed in their hectic life right now, you’d ask: “What’s that overwhelm costing you right now?” – this further clarifies the deeper pain they feel, which opens them up to your program to change this for the good.

5. Imagine – Once the pain has been clarified, and you have a vivid picture of what goal they crave, now paint the picture. Start with the word ‘Imagine’ and then paint the picture, using their words, of experiencing and having what they most deeply crave.

6. Bond – In a few sentences, tell your own story (or one of your success story clients’) of struggle in this area, how you discovered the solution (your program) and a few impactful results you’ve had because of it. This creates a real bond.

7. Offer – With confidence and excitement, make your offer (check out the OAK post that goes into making the offer in great detail) that solves the exact problems THEY mentioned, using their words.

8. Urgency – Right before you end the offer, add one element of authentic urgency. Something like, “Because I really connected with you and know this program will change your life forever, if you enroll in this phone call you’ll get a 45% discount”.

9. WAIT – Finish the offer by saying, “[Name], now tell me, are you ready to get started to [solve the problem/get the solution] right now?” – and immediately be silent and wait. Let your prospect digest it and don’t confuse them with any other details. This is a powerful moment of clarity and commitment for your prospect – be present and let them respond.

10. Purpose – Most every call you’ll have, there will be questions after this. Some people will not say yes right away. While we created an entire 3 day event to give you a much deeper training on this life-skill, here is the main point. At this point, they’re feeling uneasy about committing to your program – because change is always unsettling.

So you must LEAD the call by bringing back all those doubts back to their desire to change. See their doubts and turn them into desire. The desire of the original reason they’re on this call. The more you stick to PURPOSE of them being committed to change, the more these prospects will sign up with you on the spot.


See your Tribe’s doubts in themselves as a deeper desire to commit to their transformation.

Print this out, write it down – please use this. This 10 step script is worth GOLD if you use it.

These 10 steps are for you to manifest your big impact in this world – so more and more people are transformed by your message.

Please comment below what your #1 take-away from these 10 points were?

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Your COMFORT ZONE is your MONEY zone

Your COMFORT ZONE is your MONEY zone

Shannon here with a wake up call about playing it “safe” as a Speaker.

Hear me when I say: Your comfort zone is your money zone.

Or rather, that’s where your money ISN’T.

The EXPANSION of your comfort zone is your real money bucket.

And getting there means having a different relationship with discomfort.

Money only flows to you as a SPEAKER when you push your boundaries. When you break through that barrier of wanting to feel safe.

Listen, there’s a HUGE difference between feeling “safe” and actually being safe.

You may feel safe where you are, but how does it feel when you can’t pay bills?

Or when you aren’t getting new clients?

How safe is THAT?

The miracle happens when you decide to own the stage in life and PLAY FULL OUT instead of playing safe & small.

As Carl Jung said, “When there’s a fear of falling, the only safety is deliberately jumping.”

So dive in baby!

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal… fulfill your calling & purpose and know you’re doing what you’re meant to do in this lifetime.

Show us you’re ready to take the plunge and tell me:

What are you doing to PLAY FULL OUT in Life & Biz?


When the earth caved in…SPEAKING saved me! (vulnerable)

When the earth caved in…SPEAKING saved me! (vulnerable)

Shannon here.

And today I’m putting down my walls and getting a little vulnerable and transparent about my journey.

For those of you who have watched our meteoric rise within the industry, it might seem like Mark and I have been blessed with the golden touch.

Yes, it’s true, life is amazing now.

In less than 4 years we pulled off what many consider a miracle, building a lucrative 7 Figure business without a website or even a business card.

But it wasn’t always like that…

What you might not know is that in my former life, I watched my thriving spa business disappear in a heartbeat.

Overnight, I went from living in my 4-bedroom dream home in the suburbs to camping out in a 400 square-foot converted garage — in a pretty rough part of town.

I was in a shitty relationship…. the guy I was dating at the time wouldn’t even help me move!

I filed bankruptcy, lost my beautiful home, and broke up with a boyfriend all in the same month… so I know what FAILURE feels like.

I lost everything.

It was devastating.

Fast forward…I’m now with my dream partner — my husband, Mark. And we’re rocking our dream business, living our calling and making a difference in the lives of our favorite people — Conscious Business Owners (like you), all over the world.

How did we pull it off?

It all happened through SPEAKING.

That’s the fastest path to the cash — as long as you have a SYSTEM. One you can rely on to bring in 1000’s of dollars each and every month — from small gigs in your own backyard.

In as little as 10 minutes of stage time!

If that TURNS YOU ON, tell me:

What are YOUR goals & desires with SPEAKING? What kind of IMPACT do YOU want to have?


The Power of DECISION

The Power of DECISION


Mark here with a simple STRATEGY that will make a world of difference in your BUSINESS.

The “empowerment” industry is an 11 billion dollar industry, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to carve out a chunk of it and live an amazing life… while helping a lot of people.

But most of you aren’t doing that.

You know why?

Because the people who are called to this industry have been doing the work and love it!

They know when they need to skill up and get help, and they’ve been doing that for years.

The problem is they aren’t living what they teach!

They’re not walking their talk.

And look, if that’s you, don’t worry. We were doing that too, at one point.

It’s part of the process of learning who you are and what you’re good at.

But here’s the thing; there comes a time when you have to get real and teach what you know.

It’s a matter of integrity, and the time is now.

Part of that is teaching what you need to learn. Now. that doesn’t mean pretending to be something you’re not.

It means being who you really are. This causes you to start thinking like a visionary, and that’s a beautiful thing.

But there’s a downside here, too.

As your thinking expands, you create problems with your niche.

So how do you decide on where to focus?

It’s simple.

You make a decision.

There’s enormous power in that.

The Latin root of the word “decision” means to “cut off.” You eliminate Plan B, meaning you cut the crap, cut off your escape routes, and cut all the other BS.

You stop believing the stories of lack… you stop telling yourself about how hard it is, and you stop telling yourself how you can’t do it.

Because here’s the deal: Any decision is better than no decision. So commit to making a decision on who you’re meant to serve.

Yes, it will make you uncomfortable.

Yes your brain is going to fight you.

Yes, your stomach may feel like it’s on a rollercoaster as your body tries to get you to do what’s comfortable and safe.

Do it anyway.

In fact, do it TODAY.

Close the door, clear your space, and turn off your ringers.

Maybe even pour yourself a glass of wine and light a candle.

Take a deep breath, and then get to WORK!

And prove it to the Tribe by telling us,

What 1 Decision Can You Make Today To Start Living Your Calling?