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Should I just get a J.O.B

Mark here and let me ask you, have you asked yourself this question recently:

“I’m doing everything right and nothing’s working…maybe I should just get a J.O.B”


Painful to hear – but even more painful when you’re actually considering getting a J.O.B…

Because I have great news for you – YOU DON’T!

Listen, this is one of the main problems we see with our clients, over and over.

So in Today’s blog, you’re going to Discover how to start making serious money so you’ll never think of that 3 letter word again 🙂

Here’s the deal:


Shannon and I have a signature system called “Mining For Gold”.

It’s the program that shows you why you’re not getting the results you anticipate – even though you’re working so hard.

It’s helped our clients finally turn things around to get results, fast.

Here’s one of our most powerful Discoveries that we share more in detail in the full program.

Pay close attention to the next 7 words:

Do your market research before creating anything.


If you don’t laser-focus in on the problems and challenges your tribe is facing – why would they buy from you?

When you find out what your clients want, need, desire, what they’re afraid of, what keeps them up at night and what inspires them at their core – well, you’ve found a gold mine.

With deep market research, you can get inside the hearts and minds of your ideal clients – and when you do, your business will start seeing INCREDIBLE results.

Don’t just take our word for it – our clients have told us that they’ve gone to seminar after seminar, taken course after course – but they only started to make serious money when they learned this secret from “Mining For Gold”.

So if “J.O.B” has crossed your mind recently, or you’re just not seeing results like you envision, here is your action item for today and the rest of this week:

1. Create a Survey

2. Have the survey ask two questions: what are their top 2 challenges they’re facing right now, and anything else they’d like to learn more about?

3. Explain that you’re coming out with brand new and hot trainings that can change their life/business, and you want to tailor make this incredible content to them.

4. Then, offer a gift for anyone who fills out the survey.

5. The gift can be a content-rich video, ebook or audio you have – and then just send it to everyone who filled out the survey

That is something you can do today, send it out tomorrow and within a few days – you have GOLD:

You’ll know exactly what your tribe is hungry for – now create a program around it for sale.

I hope that serves you – and ensures that you’ll never consider a “J.O.B” again 🙂

Leave a comment below how you’ll put these 5 steps to use right away in your business.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon





How do you manifest miracles? It’s hard to admit, but my biggest problem isn’t getting clients. It’s not even making enough money or feeling passionate about my work.


My biggest problem is that I’m afraid.


– I’m afraid that when I talk to a prospect they’ll say no.

– I’m worried that when I’m on stage – people will say it was bad.

– I’m scared that all of this just won’t work…


Mark here – and let me ask you:

Do those thoughts bother you too?

Shannon and I talk a lot how those kinds of thoughts are what kept us from success years ago.

We were both in places that were easier to stay in the pain than risk “putting yourself out there.”

But you know what happened?

We came across this amazing work, “A Course In Miracles” and it changed everything for us.

It says that there are ONLY two emotions that we experience, in any given situation:




And I’d like to share with you a game changing practice we do, based on this teaching, that has made all the difference in our lives and in our business.

This simple practice is what got us to start really showing up.

Where we boldly went out there and created amazing partnerships, had multi-6 figure events, are attracting the best clients in the world and can’t be more grateful for this MIRACLE of a business and life.

Here’s the practice – but please don’t just read this – do it and we promise, Miracles will manifest in your life.




1. Schedule 20 minutes EVERYDAY to Quiet Your Mind

2. During these 20 minutes, begin by closing your eyes, slowing down, noticing your breath and going inward.

3. Take 5 slow, deep breaths.

4. Now, begin to feel the tremendous amount of LOVE you have. Feel it, see it, listen to it. As you feel your love, notice how expansive it is – feel into how powerful it is for you.

5. Then, see how this LOVE is what you want to give in your life – and see yourself giving this love to your family, to your loved ones, to your friends…and clients.

6. listen to how this LOVE permeates the essence of your business and inspires your greater success.

7. Experience how the FEAR is only an illusion, it isn’t true – and you no longer have any fear in your business or life – because you’re overflowing with love.

8. See how today is a new day to take action, moving forward to fulfill your dreams.

9. Lean into this love and sit with it for another moment.

10. Slowly open your eyes, notice how different you feel – and when you’re ready, write down one action to take away from this experience to do today.

I promise you my friend – do this every morning and you will see miracles show up in your business (and you might even want to take more than 20 minutes!)

I know, because more and more miracles keep on showing up in ours 🙂

We’d LOVE to hear how this goes for you – or even share your own “Quiet Your Mind” work. Just comment below and let us know how you’re choosing LOVE over FEAR.

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

MLK Speaking Secrets - Mark & Shannon Live

MLK Speaking Secrets – How To Instantly Calm Your Nerves Before Your Next Speaking Gig

MLK Speaking Secrets – How To Instantly Calm Your Nerves Before Your Next Speaking Gig


Alright, let’s just bring it out in the open, like the pink elephant in the room: You’ve been following our Big Impact blog for a bit… You see how speaking is the #1 way to grow your business FAST and have a BIG Impact


And it so happens that speaking FREAKS you OUT. Just imagining yourself speaking in front of a group makes you sweat and want to crawl back under the covers.


My friend – there’s a true secret to calming those “speaking nerves” of yours – but first, some good news:


You are NOT alone. In fact, every single speaker gets “butterflies in their tummy” before they get up on stage  (yes, even the top speakers in the world).


What do you think Martin Luther King Jr was experiencing before he gave the “I Have a Dream Speech” in front of the entire world?


He wasn’t kicking back, reading the newspaper backstage and someone said, “Um, Dr. King – you’re on now” and he just got up and said, “Cool…”


Nope. Do you know what he did?



Dr. King, like all great speakers, asked this ONE thing before ever going on stage.


(And it doesn’t matter whether it’s in front of 3 people or 3 Billion…)


Dr. Martin Luther King asked “WHY?”


  • Why am I here?
  • Why did God or the Universe send me?
  • Why are people listening to me?


The ONE thing powerful speakers do is deeply know their WHY.

MLK Speaking Secrets - Mark & Shannon Live


The nerves are the “What”:


What will I look like?

What will people think?

What will happen if I’m not good?


Remember the nerves that make you want to crawl back into bed? They’re asking ‘What’.


While every speaker feels nervous – the nerves of the “Why” are invigorating, energizing and make you feel ALIVE.


When your WHY is bigger than your FEAR, it calls you forth…. and when you make it about THEM and less about YOU – that’s your WHY:


You Can Take Control & Unleash Your SOUL’s MESSAGE To The World.


Because the deepest WHY is that the world needs your special message. The world is hungry for authentic, compassionate leaders who take a stand and make a bigger difference.


So don’t let your “What” keep you in bed… get clear on your WHY and unleash your soul’s message.


And if there’s a friend you know who’s “What” is overtaking their “Why” – help them out and share this blog post with them – they’ll probably hug and kiss you profusely (always a good thing).


Comment below what your big ‘aha moment’ was when reading this post. We’d love to hear your awesome insights!

And in the spirit of unleashing your SOUL’S MESSAGE… would you like to learn how to tap into your Intuition so that you can live your most amazing personal and professional life? So get this… your intuition is just like a muscle. You already have it… you just need to train it a bit. Cool yes?

We invite you to check out the “Unleash Your Intuition: How to Make Decisions Quickly and KNOW You’re Getting Them Right” Interview Series… where Shannon is a HOT guest speaker…. Along with other powerful thought leaders who use Intuition in their businesses to tap into their Soul’s Message to make a Big Impact on the world.

Register for the free Summit here and join Shannon’s upcoming powerful interview!

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

Breaking Down Super Bowl LI Commercials – 2017

Breaking Down Super Bowl LI Commercials – 2017

What an amazing game! The Patriots now hold the record for the biggest come from behind victory in NFL Super Bowl history.

There was some history made in the TV commercial side of the game as well. The focus on diversity & inclusion was a powerful political theme that ran through just about every commercial break. With the current political landscape in upheaval, people are paying attention to the kind of country they want to have… and you could see it in this year’s ads. In fact, there’s no way you could’ve missed it. When discussing commercials you must ask what is the judging criteria… is it entertainment value, brand awareness value, or an ad’s ability to acquire paying customers.

Here are commercials that illustrate a political message

Political Mentions: Hyundai (Military Families)
While this is a beautifully created ad that pulls on the heart strings, it fails to associate the Hyundai brand effectively enough for viewers to remember. If this ad is turned into a campaign with repeated frequency… it could do a lot for the name recognition & emotions associated to Hyundai.

Political Mentions: NFL – Inside these lines
The NFL is extremely effective at maintaining a classy brand & in this ad they effectively deepen connection with fans by associating their band to American patriotism. 


Here are commercials that have entertainment & humor

Entertainment Mentions: T – Mobile – Martha & Snoop Dog
The humor associated to marijuana innuendo is priceless… it also lies in the context of the unlikely Martha Stewart & Snoop Dog association. The ad does a great job of pulling in one’s attention… but the message of T-Mobile’s “unlimited data” get’s lost in translation.

Entertainment Mentions: T – Mobile – Unlimited moves with Justin Bieber
In contrast to the the Martha / Snoop Dog commercial, T – Mobile does well with this one. First – Justin Bieber serves as the perfect & entertaining spokesman to their target market plus the end of the commercial keeps the messaging alive long after the commercial with Justin inviting people to upload their “unlimited moves” on social media.

Entertainment Mentions: Mercedes – Easy Driver
Playing off the popularity of “Easy Rider” Mercedes even includes the music and star of the original movie Peter Fonda,  captivating a massive “baby boomer” audience that is now poised in later life to enjoy spending their money on feeling young again. Well played Mercedes. I do think they made a mistake on not holding the name of the car longer on the screen. I also think they should’ve had Peter Fonda speak the name of the car at least twice. We’re left feeling great… but unclear of the car model Mercedes is asking us to remember.

Entertainment Mentions: Mr Clean
I can hear my mom’s laughter all the way from Alaska. While adding “sex appeal” to the animated “Mr. Clean” is completely cheezy – it works. Especially the way they end the commercial – with the woman seducing her man because “You gotta love a man who cleans”. Completely playful, a great energy & emotion to attach to a cleaning product.


Overall Ad Effectiveness: Bai Bai – Justin Timberlake / Christopher Walken
This honorable mention of ad effectiveness is a must share because this is a short commercial designed to do one thing… name recognition. It’s very successful at this outcome by associating Justin Timberlake & his NSYNC song “Bye Bye”. In addition – the initial scene is irresistible – the fireplace & Christopher Walken reciting the words to the song… before we even know what he’s doing we’re pulled into the story that’s unfolding. Justin doesn’t even have a line in the commercial. His silence adds to the commercial persuasiveness. Then his voice talks about the product. Very well played Bai.

Over All Winner &  Ad Effectiveness: Audi S 5
Fantastic play on current events. The father’s narration is a powerful appeal of keeping secret that in the USA a man’s financial value is greater than a woman’s. This commercial is a powerful appeal for equality & equal pay for equal work. His not wanting to influence his daughter with these truths makes this commercial even more emotionally appealing & speaks to the hope that progress will mean something different for her.   With millions of women impacted by the recent March on Washington, Audi effectively positions themselves as ally to women’s equality. A great “father / daughter ” story unraveling his daughters awesomeness, smarts & courage parallels the experience of millions of women. At the end of the ad Audi even declares its commitment of equal pay for equal work and then provides us all hope with… “Progress is for everyone”.

I pick this ad as the #1 Super Bowl ad for 2017 for its ability to align with its target marketing & associate its brand to values they are currently passionate about. Well played Audi!