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Are you a BADASS?!

Are you a BADASS?!

Mark here, with something a little sexy to share.

Picture this: She and I have chemistry. There’s magic between us. I turn her on and she starts to purr…

No, I’m not talking about my gorgeous wife, Shannon. I’m talking about my other Baby — my new set of wheels. My other pleasure.

But speaking of driving, what drives YOU? This isn’t about your BIG ‘why.’ This is about the smaller one. Sure, you’ve gotta have something that gets you out of bed in the morning.

But you’ve also gotta have something that gets you around!

Because we’ve been rocking it as SPEAKERS, I finally got to buy the car I DESIRED… Lexus SC 430 Convertible… I call him Mr Badass 🙂



How’d you like to have a Business like that? We can teach you how.

Meet one of our Rock Star Clients, Amanda:

“Happy to announce another $12,000 month! I’ve also had a consistent $5,000+ over the past few months, which is twice as much as I was making last year. It’s growing each month and I’m confident I’m going to be hitting a consistent 5 figures by the end of the year.”

Prior to this, Amanda’s weak link was her enrollment conversation. Can you relate? She decided to invest in coaching with us around her sales process, and the rest is history. Just listen:

“My conversions were below 10% last year and are currently at 100% this month!!! My clients are loving my offerings and I’m getting more and more requests for private and tailored work, which I LOVE!”

And that’s just one of the many testimonials that regularly pour into our office.

Would you like a month like Amanda’s? How’d you like to have that consistently? If you don’t name it, you can’t claim it.

So be bold and tell us,

What’s YOUR Dream INCOME, and What’s One HOT Toy You’d Like to Treat Yourself With?

My Stand for FEMININE Leadership

My Stand for FEMININE Leadership

Shannon here with something powerful to share about how I‘m breaking free from conditioning that no longer serves me.

It may not be obvious, but I come from a long line of (well-intentioned) German-Irish ancestors who instilled in me a lot of “sacrifice, work more, do more, be more” programming.

(Ugh! Makes me tired just to say it, let along try to live up to it.)

That “get ‘er done” attitude may work for men some of the time, but not for women most of the time. And it’s a recipe for burnout in your Business. It’s definitely NOT the best way for CONSCIOUS BUSINESS OWNERS to reach 7 Figures.

So I’m here to break the old “rules” and take a stand for a different kind of leadership — Feminine Leadership — for myself, my Tribe, all the Sister Goddesses I touch, for my future children and their children…

(And as Mark can attest, this NEW way of being.. benefits the men too 😉

Imagine a world where girls knew their power and appreciated their gifts from a very young age — a world that celebrated and cultivated those gifts!

One where girls got praised for their FEMININE magic and were encouraged to shine their light instead of being shamed with words like “you’re too much,” “keep it down,” and “don’t be too big for your britches.”

Rather than cave in to the patriarchal paradigm, I’m now allowing myself to lead from a different place. I’m letting go and surrendering to the Divine Feminine.

And does it ever feel good. Kind of like a nice warm bath, or a two-hour massage. More than anything, it feels like coming HOME…. ahhh!!

And you know what the best part is? My own German-Irish Mom is on board with it!

Yeah, we were in NYC not too long ago… when we were practicing our “goddess tools”,
Wearing tiaras and cruising around in our own Chauffeur-driven car… making FUN & pleasure our #1 priority. I took off my tiara at the end of the day and said, “Yayy, Mom! We get to sleep in tomorrow. No alarm!”

And my Catholic Mother says… “Yayy, cuz we’re Goddesses!!”

I felt such JOY radiate through my entire body!

With no alarm ruining our sweet, refreshing dreams, we did wake up the next day rejuvenated — and ready to go out and conquer the Universe!

Moral of the story? Put PLEASURE & FUN in the Driver’s Seat of your life… and watch the magic unfold!

So right here, right now, inspire the Tribe and tell us,

How Are You Bringing PLEASURE & FUN into your BUSINESS?