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How to Make your Business your SPIRITUAL Practice

How to Make your Business your SPIRITUAL Practice

Shannon here to share some HOT tips around how Mark and I are making Spirituality an even more important part of our business.

Truth be told, we’re on a mission to help all Conscious Business Owners make their business their SPIRITUAL PRACTICE.

Why? Because learning to develop and run a profitable business is one of the most powerful and transformational things you can do.

It will not only pay off in spades, but without a Spiritual Foundation, you may not even have a business. Because when you come right down to it, Spirit is the SOURCE of everything.

So we honor that.

Here’s what Mark and I have started doing. We have an Evening Routine that winds up the day on a spiritual note and also sets the tone for our morning practice.

At the end of my work day, I set things up for the following day so that when I come into the office the next morning, everything’s ready and I’m not scattered. I’m ready to Rock & Roll!

I clear my desk… look at my schedule for tomorrow… make a list of appts and priorities for tomorrow. Then I WALK AWAY from my computer, turn off the light and shut my office door.

That’s so much better than arriving at my office each morning, going into a panic and wondering, “What do I have to do? And what do I do first?”

The next part of our Evening Routine is that we dim the lights, put on some meditation music and do some stretching to help us calm down before going to bed. We enjoy our favorite evening tea (yogi Sleepytime Caramel 😉

Then it’s nighty-night and sweet dreams. And, believe me, the dreams really are much sweeter when you’ve set things up for the next day and wound yourself down!

In the morning.. Mark gets out of bed really early, at 5 a.m. in order to attend his 6 a.m. yoga class. (Love that guy’s commitment!)

Me: I prefer to honor the feminine and get a little extra beauty sleep, so I arise between 7- 7:30.

I do a little reading or journaling, get a workout in and a mini 15-minute meditation. Then I make my green smoothie, jump in the shower and get rolling with my day.

I don’t always do things perfectly and get a gold star, but this is my intended practice, so if I slip up and start to feel yucky, I know how to get back on track.

This is how I weave the feminine into our business on a daily basis, and it’s working like a charm. I want you to have this experience too.

So inspire yourself and the rest of the Tribe and tell us:

How are YOU Making YOUR Business Your SPIRITUAL PRACTICE?

In your corner & by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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Leading Your BUSINESS from the FEMININE

Leading Your BUSINESS from the FEMININE

Shannon here.. This year, I’ve been doing a lot to lead from a different place, from PLEASURE and from the FEMININE.

In business, it’s easy to get caught up in an old paradigm, masculine “Man mode” to get results and “get things done.”

The only problem with that is it can lead to overwhelm, adrenal fatigue and overall crankiness… my new commitment is to lead from the feminine, relish more spaciousness and JOY in my life. And lots more FREEDOM!

(And hey guys… you can do this, too!)

Sounds like a good idea, right? But how do you do pull it off when the nature of business is BUSY-NESS… you have clients and a team depending on you?

You honor the FEMININE by making decisions that SERVE you and bring you JOY. Tap into your BODY’S WISDOM and set better boundaries with your time. Take dance breaks throughout the day. Buy yourself your favorite flowers… just because.

For example, when I committed to honoring my Divine Feminine… I took one look at my “to-do” list and immediately slashed 20 things! I asked HER if it was in ALIGNMENT and brought me JOY… if the answer was No, I slashed! It was so freeing!

I want to focus on higher-leveraged activities, the projects that JUICE me up versus saying yes to everything and everyone. I’m going for QUALITY, not quantity.

I want you to think about that, too. Because your energy is your greatest resource, and there’s a limit to it. And I’m sure you don’t want to work 12 hours a day, right?!

Imagine the spaciousness that will open up up for you, and let me know:

How Can You Bring More PLEASURE Into Your Business?

In your corner & by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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The Power of GRATITUDE (heartfelt share)

The Power of GRATITUDE

Mark here with a heartfelt memory and a whole lot of GRATITUDE I’d like to share with you.

There we were — my Dad and I — gazing at a full moon shining on Kachemak Bay near our home in Homer, Alaska.

We’d been cross country skiing and the view was incredible, with the snow glittering like crystals before us. It’s one of our favorite memories together.

We’re all busy as BUSINESS OWNERS but it’s important to SLOW DOWN sometimes and just be thankful for our many blessings, including the people nearest and dearest to us.

Gratitude is such a powerful practice. It keeps things REAL and adds depth to who you are ONSTAGE.

We stand on others’ shoulders, and one of the giants in my life has been my father, Russ Grainger, who taught me the value of taking pride in the things I do. Dad taught me that the measure of a man is in your word, not in your braun.

He taught me how to chop wood & start a fire, how to stand on my head & how to fold a hospital corner. He showed me the importance of safety & the joy of riding motorcycles.

He also showed me how to be a gentleman & to see the beauty within each woman.

And he picked a beautiful woman to marry — my Mother, Linda Grainger.

Both of them have taught me so much.Their shining example probably helped me find the love of my life, Shannon.

Shannon and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in the late spring, and Mom and Dad celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on Father’s Day this year.

I’m blessed to have such great parents who showed me it takes TEAMWORK to make your dreams work.

Inspire the Tribe with your heartfelt thanks and let us know,

Who SUPPORTS your DREAM and Who Are You GRATEFUL For?

In your corner & by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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