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Spark your SPEAKER “Ooh la la!”

Spark your SPEAKER “Ooh la la!”

Shannon here with something edgy, vulnerable and a little naughty.

But oh so FUN!

You know how important it is to go out of your comfort zone as a SPEAKER.

Well, my visit with Mama Gena (The School of Womanly Arts) in New York City pushed me to the wall — and broke me through it.

Our homework was to dress in something that stretched our “pleasure edge.” As in dressing up sexy in the middle of the day “just because!”

I could see myself doing that at home with Mark. But then my photography friend Lindsay A. Miller grabbed me and said, “Let’s do a photoshoot ON THE STREETS of New York City!”


Talk about walking on the wild side! Suddenly ALL MY STUFF came up, because here’s the vulnerable part: You may not believe it, but I’ve struggled with big time body image issues for over 20 years (including an eating disorder in college.)

But dang it, we coach you guys to be ALL IN and to push your COMFORT ZONE.

So… I took my own advice, took a deep breath, loved myself forward and ALLOWED myself the PLEASURE of strutting down the streets of Manhattan in a hot pink camisole, black leather boots and short shorts — and relished every minute of it!

Can you imagine channeling THAT kind of pleasure onstage?

Ooh la la! I can too! So I’m assigning you a new mantra: “My pleasure is more important than your rules!”

Go ahead — inspire the Tribe with your bravery:

What old rules are YOU willing to break in service to your calling?

In your corner & by your side,

Mark & Shannon

the money’s in a SYSTEM

the money’s in a SYSTEM

I was thinking about YOU when Mark and I rocked our talk at a very BIG speaking event recently.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that we were the ones everyone in the room (including BIG name Industry Leaders) were talking about.

When people came up to ask me our secret, I told them the truth! (Mark and I are totally TRANSPARENT about what works.)

I said, “We have a SYSTEM! We know exactly what we’re doing. And we have team holding down the fort. We’re so grateful and feel incredibly blessed.”

Can you imagine what it’s like to stand in your power and say that? That’s what brought us out of obscurity and sent us into the stratosphere in such a short time.

Both Mark and I struggled for YEARS… because we didn’t have a system.

Maybe you know from your own experience what that means. You’re spinning your wheels. You lose money. You lose hope. You start doubting yourself. And you start wondering if you’re gonna have to get a J.O.B. to cover the bills.

But once we discovered — and used — a system, everything changed.

We went from watching everyone else make money to becoming the ones who are known for making money — FAST!

We want that for you, too.

So light a fire under yourself, inspire the Tribe and tell us:

How could YOU benefit from a Proven SYSTEM?


What’s your Pre- STAGE RITUAL?

What’s your Pre- STAGE RITUAL?

Mark here with something hot to share with you from the SPEAKING trenches.

Shannon and I were at a big event recently, about to go on stage.

There we were, behind stage… totally FOCUSED on doing our thing, preparing in the best way possible by getting into “STATE” when a less experienced Speaker wandered through and offered us unsolicited advice to “just breathe.”

Shannon and I looked at each other and moved ourselves to a corner to continue prepping.

What that woman didn’t understand was that we weren’t stressed or anxious– we were in our element and we know the importance of getting into STATE before we get on stage. This is our pre-stage ritual.

We leave nothing to chance and have a specific way of doing things that guarantees our success because we’ve mastered our INNER GAME.

But even I was blown away by what happened next.

As we hit the stage, Shannon came out in her stunning dress, blue eyes sparkling. And she just stood there holding the audience with her joy and her smile.

The crowd went wild. Talk about a Big Impact! EVERYONE wanted to know who “that woman” was.

I was so damned proud of her and what we’ve accomplished together. Needless to say, we rocked that event off the charts.

This is what’s possible when you’ve managed your inner state to the point where you can radiate your true essence… when you can make a real CONNECTION with your audience by allowing yourself to be playful, sexy and authentic.

So tell me now:

How Can YOU Enhance YOUR Pre-Stage Ritual?