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6 ways to use your BODY on STAGE

6 ways to use your BODY on STAGE

Mark here with a HOT secret for your next talk:


As you probably know, non-verbal communication makes up over 93% of all communication. Your Tribe listens to YOUR body even more than they do your words. So it’s important you SPEAK with your Body, in order to ROCK your Talk!

Here are 6 ways to use your Body in your Talk:

  1. When you get excited – move your hands in the air.
  2. To emphasize something – get on your knees and whisper.
  3. When you tell your story of victory and results – pump your fists against your chest and do an air kick
  4. When you tell a vulnerable story – put your head in your hands and be quiet for a few moments..(the Power of the PAUSE is incredible!)
  5. When you share something that surprised you – open your legs and arms, like standing in an “X” – like you couldn’t believe it.
  6. When you talk about your Tribe’s pain – make an angry face. It shows them how you care so much about them it makes you upset.

HOT, right? Let me know in the comments:

How can YOU use your BODY more when you Speak?


When I pretended

When I pretended

Shannon here with a HUGE EPIC FAIL.

It was a number of years ago when I started Speaking. And when you’re just starting out and have yet to see any “success” – you do what most people do starting out:


How did I “fake” it?

I had this ONE amazing Speaker in mind when I started out. And I just wanted to be HER.
I wanted to have her huge stages, massive income and Big Impact. So I tried to be like her.

And ya know what? It didn’t work!

After enough times falling on my face in front of those early audiences – I realized I can’t be someone else anymore.

I had this inspired idea that if I STOPPED trying to be like her and started to just be ME – it might be easier… and more FUN too! And ya know what?! EVERYTHING changed.

But I was just SO embarrassed of myself after things turned around. Especially now, with Mark at my side and we’re rocking a 7-figure Speaking business, LOVING our incredible Tribe – I am SO embarrassed how little I believed in myself then.

Let me know in the comments below:

Did you ever PRETEND and Regret it? How did you turn things around?

Your comment will inspire the Tribe – we’d LOVE to hear from you 🙂

Be wildly…YOURSELF

Be wildly…YOURSELF

Mark here with something… ROCKIN.

Forget your strategies. Ignore what you learned about “marketing”. Get rid of any piece of information you have about “Speaking” and commit to this mantra:


This is a HUGE reason Shannon and I feel we’ve been able to do what we’ve done in just 2 years. To go from 0-$400,000 in 10 months and within 2 years to have a 7-Figure business – has everything to do with us NOT being anyone else…but our wild selves.

It’s crucial you START with this. If you need, inject it into your veins. Because your Tribe wants YOU – no one else. No one’s message or personality to special gifts – they only want YOU.

And every part of YOU.

Your humor, your quirks, your energy, your spirit, yourSELF. Give YOURSELF more to the world, raw and wild as you are – and watch your Big Impact UNLEASH itself faster than you ever thought possible.

Inspire the Tribe in the comments:

How Can You SHARE More Of Your SELF With your Clients?

the 3 juicy secrets of REST

the 3 juicy secrets of REST

Shannon here with 3 JUICY secrets that make me melt:

I know you’re working really hard. I know how hard it feels sometimes, growing your own Conscious Business. Which is why it’s important you know one of the most important things of making your Big Impact:


  1. Take short naps in the afternoon when you need it
  2. Get 8-9 hours of sleep every night
  3. Don’t work on the weekends- take 2 days off/ week

You will feel so much better. You’ll start manifesting WAY MORE of your Big Impact. You’ll start earning more.

Because the path to massive action begins with being RESTED.

Surprise me in the comments:

How Will YOU Put These 3 Secrets of REST to Use?