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The only reason you’re not making the MONEY what you want (yet)

The only reason you’re not making the MONEY what you want (yet)


Mark here with a sword of “money truth” for you today.

There were YEARS when I was NOT generating the revenue I wanted.
And I couldn’t figure it out.

Here I was with this big message and big dreams to make a Big Impact to my Tribe – so why was I still struggling to pay my bills?


It didn’t make sense.

Until I discovered something when Shannon and I first cracked 6 Figures…in just a few short months.

Before I met (my lovely amazing delicious sexy wonderful magical) Shannon, I was never clear on my VALUE. I was helping all kinds of people – but had never drilled down into my true niche and Tribe.

As soon as Shannon and I got started – our Tribe became clear to us. And our message even clearer. The moment we became crystal clear on WHO we’re here to serve – I instantly felt my ultimate value.

I was almost overcome with this deep sense of OWNERSHIP of my message. That Shannon and I were put here on earth for YOU.

The moment we became clear on our Tribe was the moment I raised my prices by 10 times. Why? Because I was clear on the massive value I brought to the table. I owned it – and we made $400,000 in our 1st 10 months of business.

I want you to know something:

The moment you become crystal clear on WHO you’re here to serve – and OWN your message to that Tribe – is the moment money becomes a non-issue. You simply OWN your message and what it’s worth.

It becomes easy and almost effortless to say, “Yes, my hot, juicy program is only $5,000”.

I want you to make the money you desire and deserve. Let me know in the comments:

How will you OWN your VALUE more this week?

How often do you have a Speak-GASM?


How often do you have a Speak-GASM?

Mark here to inspire the hell out of you to start speaking more.

Because the only thing you should focus on to grow your conscius business….is SPEAKING. And I KNOW how much fear you deal with about Speaking:

  • What if no one shows up?
  • What if I won’t get clients?
  • What if I forget what to say?

After working with 1000’s of clients – I know the BEST way to overcome your fears of speaking:

By having more Speak-GASMS.

Let me explain 😉

There’s a reason why you’re a Speaker. You LOVE sharing your message. You LOVE inspiring your Tribe on stage, live. You LOVE making your Big Impact simply by Speaking.
So how do you feel when you Speak? If you’re a true Speaker (and I know you are) then you get a Speak-GASM everytime you’re on stage.

From now on – never again focus on your fears of “What If’s” about Speaking. From now on – anytime a fear comes up – tell yourself:


It’s a bit ridiculous (and juicy) – but it will help you get out there in a bigger way. The Universe wants you to have more Speak-GASMS. Focus and follow your TURN ON and watch your Big Impact begin to manifest.

When I Was Absolutely Depressed


When I Was Absolutely Depressed


Shannon here with a story…how I felt absolutely depressed.

It was only a few years ago when I had to close my Detox Spa. Wow – I thought that was my future. I had been making solid money and having a lot of fun. 2008 hit and in just a few months had to close my cherished Detox Spa.

The thing though, is that I had been doing all kinds of things for work for a number of years. With the Spa, I thought I finally “landed” – and would never turn back.

You know that feeling like you’ve finally come home and you settle in and you think everything will just be smooth sailing from now on? That the “hard part” is behind you? That’s exactly how I felt about the Spa.

Then it closed…and so did I.

I fell to pieces went into a deep depression. We’re all human – and yes, I went through my “dark night of the soul.”

I felt paralyzed… I couldn’t get off the couch… my motivation was GONE.

My friend – as hard as that period in my life was – there was one thing I held onto.

There was one thing I always had in my mind, no matter how horribly dead I felt. No matter how little possibility I saw in front of me – I always kept one thing in mind:

Source sees a very bright future

I couldn’t see it – but I felt God does. I felt that no matter how low I feel – there’s a bright future ahead. Sure, it didn’t make sense – but deep beliefs aren’t supposed to make sense.

I held onto that. As subtle as it was – I held onto it like a lifeline. And guess what?

It wasn’t that long afterwards that I met Mark, we started Big Impact…and wow, my life soon became that vision I held onto. Pure, total, MAGIC.

I know Source has the same bright vision for YOU. No matter how low you might feel on your journey to make your Big Impact – know that your future is BRIGHT.

Your Big Impact is NEAR – hold onto that vision and desire and watch miracles begin to unfold for you.

Inspire the Tribe with your comment below:

“What vision do YOU hold onto, no matter what’s going on?”

you were born…for THIS


you were born…for THIS


Shannon here with a vision I had while meditating yesterday.

My vision was all about YOU.

Mark and I had come back from an AM’AAAZING Saturday together. As soon as I came home, after such a magical day – I had a deep desire to connect to Source.

I walk in our door and tell Mark that I want some alone time to meditate for a few minutes.

Mark says, “Rock on BABE!” – wow, I love that man!

So I dim the lights in our living room, light a candle and tune in.

I tune into the blessings we’ve been given, and my heart just opens. From Speaking all over the place to making MONEY to having incredible friends to travelling around the world to being married to the love of my life…I just start tearing up.

The raindrops soon turned into a river…and into an ocean.

I couldn’t stop crying.

My few minutes of meditation turned into an oasis of deep emotions. Soon enough, after feeling this rich world of magic and miracle – I had a vision.

My vision was YOU.

In that moment of deep inner space, I saw you. I saw your struggle, desires, dreams, pain, history, story and your message.

I specifically saw one clear message that I most wanted to share with you today.

You were created for GREATNESS.

Every struggle you’ve had – is for your own greatness.
Every dream you have – is for your own greatness.

You were born for greatness. That’s why Mark and I were put here – we’re here to help YOU step into your greatness. Sharing your message, your story, your vision and manifest your Big Impact.


Know you’re born for greatness – and everything that has happened and will happen to you – is simply for your own greatness.

Comment below and inspire the Tribe:

What does “Greatness” mean to you?

ignore your website -

10 reasons to IGNORE your WEBSITE

10 reasons to IGNORE your WEBSITE


Mark here with a sword of truth for SPEAKERS who are not earning more than $10,000 a month.

Shannon and I see a lot of talented, heart-centered Speakers who have websites, blogs, article marketing- the works. When we ask them how their business is doing and how many speaking gigs they’re getting from their site – we often hear a similar response:


So we ask why they have a website if it’s not earning them money. And, we get a similar response:


Which is what inspired me to write to you today. Here are 10 reasons why Speakers must IGNORE their websites until they make (at least) $10,000 a month.


  1. All great Speakers started SPEAKING to live audiences
  2. A small group LIVE is 100x more engaged than a small group reading a blog
  3. A “good” conversion rate online is 2%. Speaking LIVE can be over 50%.
  4. Websites cost more of your ENERGY than you think
  5. Working behind a computer screen vs. seeing LIVE beautiful FACES
  6. Checking stats vs. connecting and serving clients
  7. Online you get “likes”, in person you get hugs, “love” and real engagement
  8. Steve Jobs sold Apple computers…from SPEAKING
  9. Tony Robbins sells multiple 5-figure events…from SPEAKING
  10. Our clients made $5.7M last year… without relying on their website


I hope this inspires you to SPEAK to small groups in your own backyard more. I hope this inspires you to FOCUS on the main reason you started Speaking: to make YOUR Big Impact, in front of live audiences.

Yes, once you’re earning in the multiple 10’s of 1000’s of dollars a month as a speaker, websites can be used to help you “scale”. But until then, don’t even think of the word “scale”, ok? We’re here for you – and we want to help you stay FOCUSED.

Inspire the hell out of us and let me know:


What fires you up about Speaking in your own backyard?


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon