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How to Become a 6 FIGURE Speaker

How to Become a 6 FIGURE Speaker


Shannon here – to quiet your mind today. 

Because all you want is to share your message on stage…and get paid well for it. Most Speakers & Experts feel it should take YEARS until they crack the 6-Figure mark.

Guess what?!  THEY’RE WRONG!

As you might have heard – yes, Big Impact Live  is just around the corner (April 22-24) where we go WAY DEEPER into this. For now – here’s the absolute most important thing to know about becoming a 6-Figure Speaker (fast):


SW + CA = 6 Figure Speaker


Small Wins + Consistent Action = 6 Figure Speaker. The hardest part, we know, is getting started.

It’s that small stage with just a few people in the audience. It’s getting just 1 strategy session on Monday. It’s finishing your “Signature Talk” – before anyone hears it. It’s getting confident about saying, “Yes, that’s $2,000 for my 90 day program”.

As Mark whispered in my ear when we first got started:

“It’s all about the small wins babe”



What’s The SINGLE SMALL WIN you’ll focus on this week to start Speaking Your Path to Cash?


We believe in you,

Mark and Shannon




Mark here to help you next time you FREEZE on STAGE.

And yes, even though Shannon and I now speak in front of THOUSANDS of people every year – there was a time, only a few years ago…

When I FROZE on stage… in front of 100 people.

It was a moment of pure, visceral, deep….PAIN.

Did I prepare my talk? Of course. My problem wasn’t being prepared enough – it was something else.

Like any Speaker starting out, when you need to pay the bills and pray your talk will do it – your talk becomes extremely important to you.

If your talk bombs, your bills are unpaid… again.

Which is the exact reason I froze. It was too much, too overwhelming – and my body shut down.

Now – in that moment, which feels like eternity – there was a gift of grace.

We never know when or why or how grace comes – but did I need it then, and it came. I can’t explain why – but my belief, especially now – is that when you’re aligned with a bigger vision of impact beyond yourself…small miracles start to manifest.

So as I stood there on stage frozen – someone laughed. As in – they thought I was putting on an act. When that person laughed, which broke the ice in the room – half the room let out a huge laugh!




Nothing is better than getting a laugh, where your audience thinks you’re intentionally being hilarious.

I couldn’t believe it. Literally.

So I stood frozen again – and again, they laughed. They thought I was half stand-up, half-Speaker.

With all that roaring laughter, I laughed too – and I opened up. But then the real grace came – because I was speaking to Conscious Business Owners and just said:

“Right? Isn’t that what it feels like when you’re spinning your wheels in your business – like you’re FROZEN?”

At that moment, you could hear a pin drop. Man was I grateful. And more importantly – I felt confident that the Universe has my back.

So I want you to feel this boiling in your blood:




You have a Big Impact you’re meant to make in your lifetime. You’ve gone through hell and back to discover it – and now is your time.

Let me know in the comments if you ever froze on stage, and how YOU turned it around.

We believe in you,
Mark & Shannon

When They Call You a FAKE -

When They Call You a FAKE

When They Call You a FAKE


Shannon here with a crazy story that just happened at a recent talk we gave on stage.

If you’ve seen Mark and I on stage before – yes, we make sure to have a great time. We laugh, we flirt…we rock our talk and the stage.

And if you’ve seen us OFF the stage, you know that we also LOVE to have a great time.

We laugh, we flirt…you know ; )

We invest in ourselves and in our relationship to be as authentic and REAL as we can. Which is why we did a double take when this crazy little thing happened the other day.

So we’re on stage, rocking our talk – and afterwards, we’re answering questions in the back of the room.

A woman was waiting to talk to us – so when the crowd diminished, she approached us.

Point blank:

“Are you guys for REAL? Or are you just putting on a show? Are you really like that?”

Mark and I literally did a double take we were so floored by the question.

I thought in the moment though, that as a SPEAKER – this is what you’re going to be up against.

Speakers put themselves OUT THERE
Speakers are COURAGEOUS and willing to be VULNERABLE
Speakers are driven by PURPOSE…which deflates the fear of “not good enough”

So I just replied:

“We do our best – and yeah, we like to have fun – it’s who we are”

Then Mark drew his arm around me, gave me a hug and we both smiled.

The woman smiled back and replied:

“You know, that’s beautiful. I’m just not used to seeing that kind of loving energy.”

Let me ask you:

“How do YOU deal with TOUGH questions from your Audience?”


Your story and insight will inspire the Tribe – thank you!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

I'll never be a speaker -




Mark here with a story I’ve only shared once.

And even when I shared it with Shannon that one time, it was hard for me.


A few years ago – even after I quit my corporate job in branding and started my own conscious business (before I met Shannon) – I was spinning my wheels with my niche
and I was scared about speaking.  I thought “I’m not ready yet…”  “I need to find my niche and my brand first”

Yes, I was meant to speak on stages. Yes, I had a powerful message that I KNEW people needed to hear. But it wasn’t the message or my purpose that filled me with fear.


It was the “business” part.


I was filled with all kinds of thoughts every single time I got on stage. If I offer my program they’ll think I’m a slimy salesman. If I offer a strategy session – they’ll think I just want to sell on the call.

And worst of all – I thought that as soon as I made some kind of offer, that by being “salesy” it would ruin my message.  And what would I offer?  What is my package?  What’s my REAL message?

So gig after gig I walked away with nothing by compliments. As inspiring as all those compliments were – they weren’t paying the bills.


And I needed to pay the bills.


So after one gig, I came home and said to myself, “I’ll never be a Speaker.”

Because without an income, I couldn’t have an IMPACT.

That was a number of years ago – and of course I kept on going and wouldn’t give up on my dream. The big breakthrough of course was following my spiritual path and getting a mentor.  That’s what led me to Shannon and starting our business… and the rest is history!

I couldn’t believe it – we made $400,000 in 10 months… SPEAKING!

At Big Impact Live we show you how you could do exactly the same thing by speaking. For now, I want you to hold onto your dreams. Don’t give into the fears or frustrations of spinning your wheels.

Miracles manifested in my life because I stayed aligned and committed to my dream. And I want you to manifest your dreams as a speaker too my friend.

So leave your comment and inspire the Tribe:


“What inspires you to NEVER give into your FEARS?”


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Turn your failure into power

Turn your failure into power



Shannon here with a beautiful secret about our failures. I actually discovered it while talking with Ketut, a spiritual man in Bali.  He invited us to his home for a private family ceremony and I learned SO much!  


We were sitting outside his home, waiting for his extended family to arrive for the ceremony.  We ended up getting to the topic of failure. I mentioned how painful it is for so many entrepreneurs who carry so much PAIN when it comes to FAILING (or frustrated their business still isn’t where they want it to be).


I kept on talking and suddenly noticed – he wasn’t. He listened very deeply as I spoke, which caught me off guard how PRESENT he was with me.


Then, with his sweet eyes – he shared something beautiful with Mark and I:


“Failure is not the right word. Lesson is”


Imagine if every time you felt like saying the word “Failure” you said the word “lesson”.

So, if a friend asks how you’re speaking gig went – and you’re disappointed with how you spoke and say:

“It was a huge failure”

Now you say:

“It was a huge lesson”

Powerful, right? Changing that one word can make a world of difference. So inspire the Tribe with your genius insight my friend:


“What painful ‘Failure’ can you turn into a new source of power by calling it a ‘Lesson’?”


The Tribe will gain a lot by hearing your story my friend.

We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon