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ENERGY for strategy sessions -

Show Up With This Energy for Your Strategy Sessions

Show Up With This Energy for Your Strategy Sessions



Mark here…and I just got off a call with one of our Big Impact University clients. They were frustrated to the brink that yet another potential client did NOT enroll. I was digging to find out why. After all – they knew everything they needed to so their Tribe member would enroll.

Then it became clear as day why no one was enrolling with them. Because you can have all the “strategy” in the world, but if you don’t have THIS – you’ll never enroll one client.

Shannon and I want you to feel in your blood that you need two levels of mastery to enroll clients:




Our client did not lack strategy. He lacked energy. Yes, there’s a ton of energy work we do inside our Big Impact University events. For now – I want you to master the following level of energy in your strategy sessions:




When your Tribe feels that YOU are a master – they’ll enroll. But if you’re concerned if they’ll pay you, and you need more money, and maybe you should be doing something else, or maybe you should do some other strategy….or maybe this…maybe that…

…that conveys a lack of leadership and mastery that your Tribe will feel. When they need a leader but feel that you’re not showing up as a leader for them – they won’t be able to enroll. They need YOU to show up with the energy of Mastery.

This is exactly what I told our client. His clients will trust him so deeply that they’ll pay him (very, very well) – when they FEEL that he is the MASTER.

But when he’s emitting vibrations of “what if….” – then they will too…and they won’t enroll. So here’s the “writer downer”:


When you emit the energy of Mastery, your Tribe will emit the energy of “Tribe” and enroll.


The more your energy is aligned with a leader, the more your Tribe will align as your devoted follower.

Be HOT and comment below:


What energy do you show up with during strategy sessions?


In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

Wet & Wild in Bali -

Wet & Wild In BALI!

OMG! You HAVE to check this out. I can’t believe it myself…but…Mark and I just got back from a WET & WILD trip to Thailand and Bali.



There was even a morning when Mark and I were on this beach. It was 10am, the sand was white, water clear as the sky and I promise we didn’t have any drinks yet (that started at 11 ; )

This is one of the big joys of having a thriving conscious speaking business. YUMMY exotic trips! If it weren’t for speaking, we would NOT be able to do this. We’ve both been wanting to go to Thailand & Bali for OVER 10 YEARS.. and thanks to our Speak Your path To Cash System that was downloaded to us from Source, we’re able to travel to the most amazing places… we feel SO grateful : )

Wet & Wild in Bali -

I wanted to tell you about this for a very important reason. Mark and I are no different than YOU.. we know you have hopes and dreams and fears, just like us.  You have a desire to make a bigger difference and make the world a better place.  You CAN have the life of your dreams.. it is possible!

My friends – there’s a better way. You CAN have it all (like going wet and wild in Bali!). All you need is our Speak Your Path to Cash System. If you’d like personal guidance how to “Speak YOUR Path to Cash” – If you’d like, we’re happy to offer you a complimentary “Speaker Breakthrough” Session. Just email and we’ll get you the support you need.  

Time for some fun…

Let me know the 1 place you MOST want to travel to and WHY?


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

speaking -

Speaking & broke? So was I…

Speaking & broke? So was I…


When we have new clients sign up for Big Impact University they always say, “Wow, how did you master the enrollment conversation so well? You only started 2 years ago!”

Mark here – and yes, thankfully Shannon and I started from scratch and within our first 10 months generated over $400,000. But I admit – there’s more to the story than you see.

Because we didn’t exactly ‘start’ 2 years ago. Both Shannon and I had been speaking for years, decades even. Which is why we understand what you’re going through so clearly.

Do you know how many times I spoke to a massive audience in a large conference with tons of people coming up to me afterwards telling me how powerful my talk was?  Giving me all kinds of compliments, only to get ZERO new clients from it…for YEARS?!

I can’t tell you how many ‘rockin talks I gave that changed peoples lives over the years…only to go home with a lot of good feelings and an empty bank account.


What gives?


I kept at it and eventually with my Queen Shannon – the “Speak Your Path To Cash SYSTEM”  was downloaded to us- which changed everything.

That SYSTEM is how we generated $400K in 10 months and now run a multi-million dollar Conscious Business (holy sh*t, I can’t believe it myself!)

This is why Shannon and I GET YOU and know what you struggle with (on a minute to minute basis – we’ve been there my friend). That’s also why we’ve helped our clients generate insane results in such a short time span as well.

speaking -

speaking -

I wanted to be open with you and let you know that Shannon and I weren’t exactly an instant success. It took us decades to develop our now proven, plug and play System. I guess it’s like they say – a 10 year overnight success, right?

Be open with me in the comments and let me know:


How would your life be different if you generated 6+ Figures by Speaking?


If you’d like, we’re happy to offer you a complimentary “Speaker Breakthrough” Session. Just email and we’ll get you the support you need.  

(*If you’re already a Big Impact University Client, just ask how we can help you during our next Big Impact Support call).


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon


Say These 2 Words First Thing in the AM

Say These 2 Words First Thing in the AM


How you wake up effects your entire day. Common sense? Yep. Common practice by Conscious Business Owners.  Not always. Shannon here to share 2 words you need to use so your day ROCKS.

Instead of waking up to the overwhelm of “I don’t have enough money” or “ahh, I have so much to do, it’s overwhelming!” you can wake up to an almost nirvana like state by saying these 2 words.

During one of the hardest times in my life, when I was in such a dark unhappy place that I felt I’d never get out – I said these two words. In that moment (and all you need is a moment) everything changed.

Say these two words to get present, be focused and allow the blessings of abundance to pour down on you like rain.




By saying those two words BEFORE anything else – you invite blessing into your life. By getting present and grateful to your current situation and not escaping into an imaginary world (filled with overwhelm and worry) you become abundant.

When you fully embrace those two words, you can feel an almost nirvana like state. Because nirvana is a pure experience of the beautiful now. Nirvana doesn’t analyze the past. Nirvana doesn’t anticipate the endless potential of the future. Nirvana is a full embrace of you being here, now. Leaning into it, feeling it – and letting that powerful love and life permeate your every cell.

Say thank you.


What are you MOST Thankful For TODAY?


In your corner and by your side,


Mark & Shannon