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Reconnect to Source -

Reconnect To SOURCE

Reconnect To SOURCE


Let’s take a moment and connect to source together with our simple process.

For a minute, we’ll press pause on everything we’re working on, creating and wanting. In a few breathes, let’s let go, connect and return with a renewed energy and purpose.



Start by pressing pause, life’s natural power button. Turn your mind off, release your desires, release your fears and simply relax. In this state, you’re treating yourself how you’re meant to be treated – with kindness, patience, love and respect. Enjoy this moment of relaxation and pause – for now, it’s exactly where you belong.



That’s all you need right now – is to just feel. Feel the sensitive skin on your face, fingers, arms, legs and toes. Feel how alive you are. Feel the inner sense of joy you feel. Feel the amazing sense of wonder inside of you. Feel the miraculous blessings surrounding you. Feel you.



In this relaxed, grateful and happy state – you’re naturally connected to source. There’s nothing you have to ‘do’. Simply connect. Pray by praising. Pray by appreciating. Pray by asking. Pray by needing. Pray by wanting. Pray by dreaming. Pray by being.



We’re not meant to only be in pause – we’re also meant to be in ‘play’. It’s now time to slowly return to your ‘play’. It might serve you to think of your awesome work in the world as ‘play’ instead of work. And it might serve you to frame your day in frames of ‘pause’ and ‘play’ – returning from one state to another.


The Universe created you with big things in mind. The Universe tailor made your childhood, experiences, challenges, personality, gifts, desires and vision for you to make your Big Impact in the world. The Universe is not in a rush – everything is happening exactly as it should be in your life. In these moments of connection to source, we’re ready again to create our impact. We’re ready to watch our movement unfold in front of our eyes.

In this empowered state – let us know what action you’re going to take. How are you going to ‘play’ your big impact into motion?


What is an empowering action you’ll take after reconnecting to Source?


Your comment can ignite a soul to move forward with their big impact in the world, today. Share your genius below 🙂

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

How your ESSENCE is your MARKETING

How your ESSENCE is your MARKETING


“But no one knows who I am…so why would they ever hire me?”

Mark here and that is one of the most painful questions you’re telling yourself. I know because Shannon and I said that to ourselves when we first started out too.

In fact, one time when we talking about how much to charge for our high-end program, I said to Shannon, “But no one knows who we are or our credibility, why would they ever hire us?”

And then, with quite possibly the best answer to any question I’ve ever asked, Shannon looked at me straight in the eye and warmly said:

“But now they do”

Do you know WHY that answer is so powerful and so true? Because the hallucination of “no one knows who I am” is not a question your Tribe is asking themselves. That’s only a question we ask ourselves in a state of fear (and not love).

The only question your Tribe is asking is, “Can you help me?” And they don’t need a ‘wikipedia transformation’ – they need a personal guide to facilitate their transformation – someone they trust, relate to and believe can provide the transformation. Someone who is YOU.

Your Tribe wants YOU. They’re attracted to your essence – not if they’ve heard of you or not. Show your essence – and let them know you CAN provide the transformation. That’s what your Tribe craves the most.


So let us know – what’s YOUR essence you need to share more of with your Tribe?


Let us know in the comments below my friend. We’re here for you!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Isolated? Then Get In Bed With THIS

Isolated? Then Get In Bed With THIS


Shannon here with the most inspiring thing you can do to light your butt on fire with massive action.

And it’s not what you think – because it’s not at all about you.

You see, we’re always getting asked how our Big Impact University students get such ridiculously amazing results, so quickly.

Many going from painful debt to $20,000 months – and some even 6 Figures in less than 6 months.

While we give our clients the most kick ass and practical strategies and systems – there’s a secret weapon we’ve never spoken about before.

And the reason I want to share this with you today is because I want you to share your message in a much bigger way.

It’s time you got paid what you deserve and what you dream about. It’s time you landed client and after client….who love and adore you and pay you in full. It’s time you spoke on more stages and took more vacations. It’s time you made a BIGGER impact with YOUR message – and here’s your secret light-switch:


Get in a Mastermind.


We encourage our Big Impact University students to create small masterminds- groups of 4-5. Where everyone is safe to be vulnerable, honest, direct and celebrate small wins with each other. So if you’re feeling isolated – you HAVE to get in a Mastermind. There’s a collective power in a small group of like minded souls that is priceless.

Here’s a taste how our high end clients celebrate their wins together:

Is that something you’d like to get started in? We’re happy to let you know how you can create your own Mastermind and see if Big Impact University is right for you.

Email and ask for a Complimentary Speaker Breakthrough Session (valued at $495) to light YOUR butt on fire with life changing results like Kim & Sarah!

Share with us below:


How Do You See Community & Tribe
Supporting YOU?  


Your comment might just change someone’s life. We love to hear your genius my friend! Comment below and leave an empowered imprint on someone’s soul 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Overwhelmed? Use this ‘G-Spot’ trick

Overwhelmed? Use this ‘G-Spot’ trick



She was overwhelmed staring at the pile of painful bills waiting to be opened on her kitchen table.


She was exhausted, had enough and needed a change. Her debt, overdue bills and desire for abundance was starting to feel like a constant heart burn.


Which is why my ‘G-Spot’ strategy was the perfect solution when she joined Big Impact University.  She used it – and within a few weeks landed enough clients to practically light her pile of bills on fire.


Here’s My Secret G-Spot Strategy


The ‘G-Spot’ means ‘Goal-Spot’. It’s something you already know – that wherever you focus your mind, your energy follows. The stronger the focus, the stronger the energy.


So guess what you start to feel when you’re staring at a pile of bills? The energy of debt – and that is NOT serving you. Which means, all you need to do is to change your focus to something that WILL serve you.


A small, specific but wonderfully exciting goal. For her – it was being able to hire a personal assistant to do her shopping, clean her home and do her dry cleaning. (And by the way – it’s not something reserved just for Tony Robbins – hiring a personal assistant is way more affordable than you think).


Guess what energy showed up for her when she just MENTIONED that G-Spot? She was so excited, she couldn’t help it. And that’s the energy that fueled her ability to land clients into her 6 month high end program. HOT!


I need to emphasize how the G-Spot is not a huge goal out in the distance. Like buying an island in the pacific or speaking in front of 3,000 people or flying private – because that cannot happen in just a few weeks. But being able to hire a personal assistant? Using our system – absolutely, that is totally doable within a few weeks.


So let us know:


What Is Your G-Spot To Fuel You Into Empowered Action?


The more the Tribe shares in the comments below, the more people will shift their overwhelm into HOT G-Spot action. So share your G-Spot below and rock someone’s world.


In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon