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This 1 strategy will explode your speaking gigs

This 1 strategy will explode your speaking gigs



The reason you’re about to say, “That’s too easy”  – is because it’s true.

But don’t let the hallucination of “easy” distract you from taking action and doing it.

Shannon here with one strategy you need to do to get more speaking gigs.

So if you’d like to book yourself solid with speaking gigs in the next few weeks, here’s what to do.


  • 1

    Local Event?

    What events do community centers (like Women’s gatherings, Meetup, Charities, etc.) near you put on?

  • 2

    Your Content

    How can your content be relevant to their event?

  • 3

    Call Them

    Call up that organization and ask to speak with the organizer/ promoter.

  • 4

    Find Out

    During your meeting, build rapport and connection. Find out what’s important to THEM.

  • 5


    Share your topic and how it would benefit them and provide value to their audience.



Can you do this? YES YOU CAN!

Please let me know in the comments below:


“What is ONE challenge you’re having with getting speaking gigs?”   


Mark and I are going to hang out with you for the next hour to help you make this strategy happen for you.


So let us know what challenge you’re facing with getting speaking gigs and we’ll help you have a breakthru!


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

How your center is your answer -

How Your Center Is Your Answer

How Your Center Is Your Answer


Smoke this, now:

You’re on it, at this moment…and it’s killing you.

It poisons your thoughts and darkens your heart, as we speak.

But it’s not your fault.

We’ve been taught since we were children to inject it into our veins.

Listen, I used to be an addict too.

Mark here and of course I was doing what you’re doing.

I also injected fear into my veins.

Injecting the fear that I couldn’t make a career as a Speaker.

Fearful of what others would think of me and simply afraid I wasn’t good enough.

Shannon and I did a ton of work on this – because we’re both recovering fear addicts.

Now we smoke something else.

First thing in the morning, before a meeting, before we get on stage, after we get on stage and we do it together with our entire team every Tuesday at 11am.

This is what drives our entire business:




That deep sense of calling is what melts away all our smallness, scarcity and fear-injections.

Tuning into YOUR calling is what will drive you to make YOUR impact – no matter how many obstacles you’re facing right now.

Center yourself in your greater impact and calling and watch the fear-injections melt quickly into the high of purposeful inspiration.

Comment below and let the Big Impact Tribe know:




WAIT – Did you just feel the fear-injection you just shot yourself up with? Just from thinking to answer that one question? Well that’s the point – you might be a fear-addict like we were. It’s time to come clean my friend.

I know your comment can inspire someone who might be filled with fear right now too.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon

Our First Date

Our First Date


Like a bullet shot into my heart, it felt like I was about to die.

Unable to pay my rent, struggling to keep up with the pile of bills – I felt dead.

Even though I had so much to give.

I didn’t need a lot – I just needed a start. But where, how?

Shannon here and man, that day I thought it was just all over.

It wasn’t that I felt sorry for myself – it was much worse.

I felt SO much emotional pain that I was too numb to feel sorry.

And on New Years Eve none the less.

The last thing I felt like doing was going to a party…how could I?

My girlfriend kept calling to get me to come with her – but I couldn’t answer the phone…

So I took a moment, pressed pause on my circumstances and opened my heart to God, to Source, to the Universe. (Do names really matter? I needed help and it wasn’t going to come from me or a seminar or a course!)


I needed my heart to open up again.


I needed to pray.

So I closed the blinds, turned off the lights and lit a candle.

I closed my eyes and sat in complete darkness… inside of my room and inside of my soul.

Then, before I began to pray – I just quieted my mind.

In that moment, I let go of everything. I suspended all my beliefs…

Except for just one.

I turned that one belief into my prayer and I offered it to Source:

“I now let go and open up to the source of all.

I put my my soul into your hands.

Please give me wisdom and courage.

Please give me love and power.

So that I may share it with others.

Please guide me to meet those who will support me on my journey.

Please send a miracle on my path,

So I can give what I’m meant to give.

And help who I’m meant to help.

And be who I’m meant to be.

I now unleash my soul to the entire universe.

And open my eyes to a brand new day of love and miracles.

To make the impact I’m called to make…

And so it is…"


I allowed that prayer to flow from me and let it wash through me.


When I finished, I felt open. I felt good. I felt…


I answered my girlfriends call. Later that night she picked me up and we went to the party.

And from across the room like in a movie, I saw my prayer’s miracle answer.

I felt something open up when our eyes met.

He soon came over and in a magical moment, I knew my life was about to change.

And wow – did my life change. Because I met my miracle.

That’s was the night of my FIRST DATE with Mark!

Over the next two years, Mark and I have built a 7 figure business from scratch, are engaged to be married, attracted an amazing team that supports our bigger vision and have impacted 1000’s and 1000’s of lives.

So my friend, if you’ve ever felt hurt, stuck and overwhelmed with all the obstacles that stand in your path – remember the belief that inspired my prayer:




And sometimes you need the right prayer to help manifest that miracle.


Let’s inspire the Big Impact Tribe together and share your wisdom in the comments below to this one question:


How have YOU manifested a miracle?


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

The Yoga of Live Events -

The Yoga of Live Events

The Yoga of Live Events


My thigh was burning, my arms reached way past my neck until I could NOT stretch any further.

But Shannon said two words and then I did it:

“Go deeper…”

The burning got much stronger and my whole body was on fire… so I breathed and just kept going.

3 minutes later we were done…sweating, panting, exhausted, done.

And it felt like…


I’ve spoken a lot this past year on just how much Yoga means to me and how much it has changed me.

There are many secrets of Yoga that have not only expanded me – but also exploded our business.

So after that juicy Yoga session, drenched in my own sweat and bliss, I had a hot idea.

“Shannon – I got it.”

“What babe?”

“This is how we’re doing our Live Events from now on.”

“What do you mean?” Shannon asked.

“We’re taking our Tribe much deeper in our live events. It’s through live events that we can have an even bigger impact… It’s through live events that we met… It’s through live events that the transformations our Tribe is seeking actually happens… It’s through live events that real miracles occurs…


In order heal… they have to feel… and only by doing that deeper ‘stretch’ will they get the clarity they really need”


“And you know Shannon, with the success of our business, we are ready to take our clients even deeper.”

“Hot babe! I mean, that’s what we do already, so taking them deeper will get them even better results- they have to go deeper to get what they want. Love it!”

Look, if you want to spread more of your message and see it impact 100’s, 1000’s and even millions of lives – you’re not going to get there until you go deeper…

Go deeper, stretch beyond where you’re at right now…  you can do this… we believe in you. It’s when you do that extra push and stretch – that you find an explosion of clarity.

So comment below by answering this one question:


What ‘stretch’ are you committed to in order to make your Big Impact in the world?


In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon


Here’s a hot story why business = love

Here’s a hot story why business = love


My heart was hot as a ball of fire, thumping like an African drum.

And he wouldn’t stop.

While everyone was staring at us.

But after their initial shock – they joined in with us too.

The whole room was rocking, dancing, laughing… on fire.

And all Mark and I were doing was what we had dreamt to do from the beginning.

So how did we move from being audience members in events in ‘seminar-land’ to now Leaders in the Speaking Industry?

Our mentors are now asking US how we do it… Why, they ask – do people go absolutely INSANE over our events?

And take their Conscious Business to the next level so quickly?

How does our Tribe get the FASTEST Results on the planet?

By results I mean 0 to $10,000+ a month – within 3 weeks. Just sharing their message, speaking on small stages and knowing how to monetize that message.  Going from struggling, not being able to pay the bills to $24,000 months.  From spinning their wheels, not knowing their niche to getting crystal clear who they’re here to serve.


And it goes deeper than that…


And it goes deeper than that. They shift from running their business from a place of fear to a place of love and certainty. They engage in the scary behaviors because they have Mentors & a Tribe who believe in them… and support them. It’s unlike anything else… anywhere else.

My friend – the hot, secret sauce is not what you’ve been told.

Your greater calling lies not in the big email list.

Your bigger impact will not manifest from doing a product launch.

Your soul needs more – it needs the hot, secret sauce.

No one else has figured it out, which is why we’re here to tell it you.

Get ready for it and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Here’s your hot sauce to manifest your Big Impact faster than anything:




Turn your Conscious Business into lovemaking and watch your success explode!

That’s it.

That’s the reason our events are being called the hottest thing in the industry.

That’s why our clients are generating insane results (not just in business, but also in their mental, emotional & spiritual lives)

All because of this one hot secret:

It’s all about LOVE.

When you breathe it in your bones – you’ll see how quickly your powerful message turns into a movement… right before your eyes. This requires one to be more loving in your minds… so that you are more loving in your behavior. As within… so without.

A Course In Miracles is the real secret sauce. Its a great course of study for the serious Conscious Business owner and speaker… because it works miracles in your life.

At it’s core, A Course In Miracles is a mind training that moves us from fear based thinking to love based thinking… and it works. Imagine your business as a container that holds your spiritual growth & teaches you how to use your mind for miracles.

Learning to speak, sell & market with integrity will bring up your shit… as Conscious Business Owners you must have a practice in place that transforms the way you perceive these things inside your mind.

It’s time you took this to the next level…do you feel it? If you’re ready to illustrate Conscious Business in a more authentic way and explode your income and impact at the same time – here’s how we can help you.

Over the next several weeks you will be hearing about our upcoming event Big Impact Live: Speak Your Path To Cash”. Where we break down the exact business model of not only how we generated $400k in 10 months… but also how we turned our business into our spiritual practice.

Get ready for your heart to thump like an African drum… at Big Impact Live we will transport you into a world where Business = Love… and there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Comment below by answering this one question:

What does coming from love in your business look like?


Let’s rock the house, share your hot secrets with the Tribe 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon