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Prayer of abundance -

Our Prayer For Abundance



You know that feeling when you just need to connect to source with prayer or meditate? So you’re more able to truly SERVE and attract abundance? Shannon here – one of the biggest game changers for Mark and I has been…PRAYER.

Now I grew up in a strict, Catholic upbringing… going to church every Sunday and a Catholic highschool (yes, with the Catholic school girl uniforms 😉 )

To say I’ve been on a journey with my relationship to God, Source, Spirit is a HUGE understatement. I had to find my own path, what resonated with me vs what my parents wanted me to believe. As a result, I rejected prayer for a LONG time.

But Mark helped me open my heart (and my mind) to miracle based thinking. We made the decision to have our relationship be a Spiritual Partnership and ever since we started dating, we pray twice a day.

We believe THIS is a big reason why God/ Source/ Universe is working magic and miracles in our life and business. This is one of the sacred prayers we use to connect and serve.

This prayer has helped Mark and I attract 1000’s of clients – in under a year. It’s helped us create a 7 Figure business – in 20 months. It’s helped us have the most magical love story we never thought was possible…

…until we said this prayer. Whisper this with me:


“Help me cultivate the belief that you, the infinite universe, are conspiring on my behalf to manifest my greater calling. Help me feel into my fears, because they’re here to help me fulfill my big impact in this world. And so it is.”


It’s true – it works. And sometimes, all your dreams come true.

Here’s my deep question for you now:

What is the FEAR that you need to feel into to help you fulfill YOUR Big Impact in the world?

Please share your comment below. It will INSPIRE the entire Tribe to show up in a bigger way and help everyone make a bigger difference.

We love you!  And believe in you too 😉

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

getting married -

Let’s Fall In Love

Let’s Fall In Love


Go watch this hot video – and when you’re done, check out my hot gift to you below.




OMG, wasn’t that magical?! I couldn’t believe it – and now we’re getting married!

I’m sharing this with you because Mark and I decided to SHOW UP…

To SHOW UP for each other…

To SHOW UP for ourselves…

To SHOW UP for our higher purpose, our career, our message and our own desire for love.

And because our dreams are finally, finally coming true – Mark and I want to help YOU manifest your dreams.

Not in some far off future, but today. In honor of Valentines Day, we have something hot and delicious for you…

So in the spirit of OUR LOVE, VALENTINE’S DAY and newer level of impact – we want to offer you something special to ignite your heart and soul.

Complimentary 1:1 Speaker Breakthrough Session with a Big Impact Strategist (valued at $495)… just reply in the comments below that you want a Speaker Breakthrough Session and we’ll hook you up!


What inspires YOU to show up for your bigger impact?


For us? We’ve found that it’s our amazing clients and the Big Impact Tribe!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

The 3 steps to living abundant and free

The 3 steps to living abundant and free



Struggling to pay your rent….

Credit card debt…

Not doing fun awesome things on the weekend because they’re too expensive…

Exactly – UNIVERSE, NO!!

I mean, how on earth do you think you’ll be able to make a Big Impact with your hot, juicy message if your energy is only vibrating LACK?

Mark here and trust me – Shannon and I have been there too. Which is why we’re beyond committed to making sure it does NOT happen to you. And if ‘lack’ is your current reality – then today’s Big Impact Blog Post will fix it, once and for all.

Here are 3 steps to living abundant and free (even if your credit card’s maxed out 😉




The first thing you need to do is to move your body. As in, get off your butt!  When you move your body, your spirit is stirred. Your heart beats faster, your mind wakes up, your breathe is unleashed and your soul is open to some lovely divine abundance.




If this were only about YOU, yes – it would be hard as hell. The good news is that it’s not. You have a bigger purpose in this world than your challenges and circumstances might dictate.  Once your body is moving, tap into your divine SOURCE, purpose, soul, higher wisdom and deeper desires for greatness. Feel that? It’s the vibration of abundance.




Do you know how many 1000’s of people are WAITING for YOU to unleash...YOU?

For just a moment – picture it bright in your mind. An entire Tribe of people who are in PAIN and need your magic, secret sauce to help them make a chance.  They need YOU!

When Shannon and I see how many people come to Big Impact Live who tell us they’ve been to tons of events – but THIS EVENT is what their soul needed – it lights our soul up like fireworks in heaven.

Now that you’ve done these 3 steps, I think you’re ready for our ‘Prayer of Abundance’. The prayer is what Shannon and I say every single day to help us tune into our greater purpose and abundance.

The prayer is waiting for you next week. In the meantime, comment below…

What is a specific step you’ll take to tap into your abundance this week?

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

The Secret To Attracting Money -

The Secret To Attracting Money

Don’t start speaking until you know this 1 money secret


She cried on my shoulder and thanked me profusely. I myself couldn’t believe it.  $44,000….in less than a month? And just two months ago she was struggling to pay for gas, rent and even food.

We looked at each other and we both knew how much it took for her to transform her life.  It comes down to….one simple secret. It takes a second to say this secret and a lifetime to embody.

But she embodied it right away, which is why she was able to create $44,000 in less than a month.

It was the same thing that I had to do when I first met Mark. It wasn’t easy, I had years of bad money habits to break…. (overspending, working hard to make money, not managing it effectively, etc). But once I did, I haven’t looked back since.

Fun vacays, speaking gigs booked everywhere, a full team that supports our vision – and money is coming in like water from a free flowing faucet.

All thanks to embodying this one secret.

Get ready to light your spirit on fire my friend. Once you live this, your life will never be the same. Be warned: you can read this and nothing will change. Because it’s not about reading it – it’s about living it.

So please take a deep breathe (or five), close your eyes (now….yes, now), connect to Source and brace yourself to transform your money ceiling:

Here is the secret:


Money is Energy.

Feel urgent and scarce - you’ll only attract urgency and scarcity. 

Feel abundant and free - and you’ll only attract abundance and freedom.

The lack of money is a lack of abundant energy. And the abundance of money happens with the energy of feeling free and abundant.

Our client generated $44,000 in less than a month… after almost losing her apartment – because she began to embody a MINDSET of ABUNDANCE.

Would you like support LIVING this secret (instead of pretending you already ‘know’ it 😉

If you do, then I’d like to offer you the best support in the world:

A Complimentary Speaker Breakthrough Session (valued at $497) to help you embody freedom and abundance so you can start to generate $44,000 months (and beyond).

This way, you’ll stop hustling, start living again and feel the bigger impact you’re making in this world.  Just email to see if you qualify.

What energy is holding you back from more money? Share your insights with the Big Impact Tribe in the comments below – we’d LOVE to hear YOUR voice my friend 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

PS – It’s ON! Next week we’re revealing our ‘Big Impact Abundance’ process, so you can learn how to tune into more freedom and abundance, in just a few simple steps. See you next week!