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Her Meetup -

Only 9 People Showed Up To Her Meetup…But Then!

Only 9 People Showed Up To Her Meetup…But Then!


Shannon here to help you overcome your #1 biggest “Speaking Worry”. After helping 1000’s of Conscious Speakers just like you – Mark and I know that if you’re not yet making $10,000 a month – this worry can be overwhelming and causing debilitating fear.  


“But what if only a few people show up?!”


Which is why I want to introduce you to one of our Big Impact University students, meet Robin Treasure. Before Robin’s Meetup, she told us that only a few people signed up – and it was driving her nuts. What if only a few people show up? How can I “Rock My Talk” to less than 10 people?!

Listen closely to what you’re about to read, because it will open your mind to the deep power of speaking (and why it’s the absolute fastest way to grow your conscious business).

Speaking is the most powerful way to attract high paying clients. It is the only way for your Tribe to see YOU in your power. An email? A blog post? An article? A Facebook post? Even a video – they are all non-human interactions. And for your Tribe to fully experience YOU – they need to be at your rocking talk.

Back to Robin. Yes, only 9 people showed up to her talk. BUT – because they showed up to her Signature Talk – 7 signed up for her strategy sessions!

7…out of 9! Only speaking can deliver those kind of HOT and JUICY results.


Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 21.05.27


Now, tell me in the comments below:

What will YOU speak about THIS WEEK?


You can do it! We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

Wait, Steve Jobs…Is a Conscious SPEAKER?

Wait, Steve Jobs…Is a Conscious SPEAKER?


Mark here with an insight to rock your world today.

When most people think of Steve Jobs, they think iPhone, changing the world, big tech company, massive success, India, LSD and the Mac.

Obviously – all that is true. But the Big Impact that Steve Jobs manifested started with and continued because of ONE strategy he used.

Apple began when Steve Jobs spoke at a local college-tech Meetup. Yes, a small Meetup (read that one more time).

And how did Steve Jobs continue to build his momentum and Big Impact? He SPOKE. He spoke on stage, year after year after year. That was his big secret. All the momentum of his movement to inspire creativity happened through speaking.

The headlines on magazines, newspapers, TV and eventually Hollywood – all came through Steve Jobs’ talks on stages.

So if there’s one thing you’re going to do this week – I BEG YOU, for the sake of YOUR Big Impact – just focus on SPEAKING on small stages. That’s it.

Look how our Big Impact University students have started to generate HOT results…just by speaking!


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.14.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.15.11 PM

…and you can too my friend!

So let me know in the comments below:


“What Is 1 Local Event or Meetup You Can Speak At THIS Month?”


We believe in you,


How SPEAKING saved me from personal tragedy

How SPEAKING saved me from personal tragedy



Mark here with a deeply personal story to help you take your message to the next level. This isn’t easy to share on a blog, but I want you to know how far I’ve come thanks to speaking.

Before I met Shannon, I was married for 8 years. And about 1 year into my marriage, I was leading a seminar and got a call from my (former) wife. She was crying in hysterics and just found out her dad died of a heart attack.

By the time I went to see her, she had received a 2nd call that her mom was admitted to the hospital with advanced stage breast cancer. She died 109 days later.

Needless to say, we were devastated and although we tried to make it work, over the years, our marriage just fell apart.  The death of my in-laws & the complexity of keeping a broken marriage together was too much… I felt broken and just trying to make each day the best it could be. Then we divorced.


What Life Is Like When You’re Not Speaking


I wasn’t speaking or following my calling. I wasn’t doing yoga or hiking… In fact, I had gained almost 40lbs… I was having a really hard time, alone with nothing but my thoughts.

Having worked as a Senior Branding Consultant for Clear Channel, the largest communications company in the world and consulting clients like Marriott, AFLAC, Porshe & Wells Fargo, I knew how important a brand was… but couldn’t quite land on who my ideal clients were. I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out my niche.

I spent 7 YEARS spinning my wheels having developed 11 different iterations of my brand… none of which was an authentic expression of my essence. I was beginning to think… I don’t have what it takes. Maybe I should just go back to Corporate and get a J.O.B.  But the thought of that made me cringe.

I was isolating, depressed and realized I was out of integrity because I wasn’t following my spiritual practice or speaking… I was miserable.


I couldn’t take it anymore and finally, I took control of my life.


I mean, I had ran branding campaigns that resulted in $4M of revenue, worked with 6 figure marketing budgets, wrote and produced 1000’s of Radio Commercials, over 200 seminars with the top name leaders in our industry – so why was I having such a struggle?

I remember crying in the mirror… and saying to myself, “Mark you’re out of integrity… You’re not walkin’ your talk.” It was in that moment, that I took back control of my life:

I got back into my daily yoga practice, got back to studying ‘A Course in Miracles’… both of which I had been studying for 15 years. And… I hired a spiritual mentor. I started speaking and was committed to following my calling.

So how did we START? How did we generate 6 figures in our first event and $400,000 in our first 10 months from scratch?




The reason speaking helped me was for the following deep reasons:

  • Speaking put me out there (instead of staying home pondering my options)
  • Speaking allowed me to HELP others
  • Speaking wasn’t rocket science (you can get up in front of 4 people at a Meetup, this isn’t like putting a man on the moon!)
  • Speaking connected me to a Higher Source
  • Speaking focused me on my purpose
  • Speaking…attracts clients!


Share with me in the comments how my story helped you, it would mean a lot to me.

“How Did My Story Help YOU?  

What Inspired You MOST?”


In your corner and by your side,


Our HOT kiss under a waterfall

Our HOT kiss under a waterfall


Shannon here and I just HA’AVE to tell you the exciting news:

Mark’s taking me to Thailand and Bali!  

When we first started out – we struggled to pay rent. When we first started out, we struggled to afford anything fun on a weekend (soul crushing, I know). And that was ONLY because we weren’t speaking enough.

Then we used our SYSTEM, spoke to small groups – and BAM!  We’re now living our wildest (and HOTTEST!) dreams. Ever since I was a girl I wanted to be kissed under a waterfall by my King – and now look at that HOT pic!

It’s all possible with Speaking my friend. I just wanted to update you on the exciting news that Mark’s taking me to Thailand & Bali this month – we’re going to ride elephants, go to the Tiger Sanctuary and explore Spiritual Temples… if my dreams can come true – SO CAN YOURS!

…you just need to start speaking to small groups.

We’ll put up some juicy pics on our Facebook page (so make sure to ‘like’ us on FB and we’ll give you extra ‘speaker goodies’ too!) from the trip.

In the meantime – let me know in the comments now:


“What Is Your Big DREAM That YOU Want To Manifest In 2016?”


We believe in you,



Do YOU Feel Like You’re SPINNING Your Wheels?

Do YOU Feel Like You’re SPINNING Your Wheels?


Shannon here with a HOT piece of business for the soul. This little gem will rock your world, because you already know it. Because one of the most painful statements the Tribe tells Mark and I is this:

“I’m spinning my wheels! How do I STOP and start getting lasting RESULTS?”

So when Mark and I are on a call with our clients, we always start by asking a simple question:

“Should you really be doing ALL that?”

To which the Tribe always says in a tone that has no hesitancy or doubt: “No”.

Which is why I want to share with you this deep truth. After working with 1000’s of Speakers, Coaches and Experts, we’ve noticed a very clear pattern why virtually everyone responds, “no.”

The reason you’re spinning your wheels, doing way too much and not generating the results you crave is because of the ‘F’ word:




Spending endless hours on a website, networking, designing beautiful business cards, and listening to OTHER people’s content to no end so you hopefully land new clients is all based on fear.

Afraid of charging what you’re really worth…

Afraid of making a strong offer in an enrollment conversation…

Afraid of starting a new Meetup (even if 3 people show up)….

Afraid of being YOU.

You don’t need a website a business card or an ‘optimized LinkedIn profile’ to generate new clients. Yes, we’ll give you all the strategies you need. But it all starts with your inner game. It all starts with LOVE.

When you LOVE yourself and feel empowered like Martin Luther King at the Lincoln Memorial – you won’t be afraid to charge $2-$5K for a 90 day program. When you LOVE your Tribe – and focus on THEM, their challenges and their needs – you’ll fill yourself up with so much LOVE you can’t help but start a Meetup.

Brothers and sisters – spinning your wheels is based on FEAR. Lean into LOVE, pure and simple – and watch it all manifest like the miracle you are.

Leave your inspired comment below:


“How Can You Serve From LOVE Today?”


We believe in you!

In your corner and by your side,


Creating your SPIRITUAL Practice -

Creating your SPIRITUAL Practice

Creating your SPIRITUAL Practice


Mark here, and I get it – you’re busy trying to get clients, getting your message out there and you need to make money now. You KNOW you should be a bit more relaxed – but there’s just no time to be centered when you need to pay your car payment or rent, right?

NO – and YOU know that belief isn’t serving you (or helping you attract more clients!)  What you can’t figure out is how to get back to your daily practice when you need to get so much done. So pay close attention to every word you’re about to read:

All you need to feel more relaxed, centered and connected is a 7 minute ritual. I’ll give you a highlight of what Shannon and I do – no matter what – every single day.

The secret is taking control as SOON as you wake up. This is what we do, it’s hot, simple and totally connects us to our source:




It’s so simple and it’s what we most need after sleeping: water. We drink a half liter AS SOON as we wake up. You can’t feel sexy when your body is thirsty and dehydrated.  We carry a liter water bottle with us everywhere we go and drink at least 3 of those babies per day!




The quickest way to feel HOT and connected to your body is by doing a few simple stretches.  Shannon and I just started doing a simple stretching routine together at night, before we go to bed… it’s helping us sleep better and of course be more flexible too!




First thing in the morning, when it’s still and quiet… your spirit is ready for some 1:1 time. Close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths and imagine your entire body feeling completely calm and relaxed.

In that connected moment of your calm silence, choose 5 things to be insanely grateful for. Slowly emerge and notice how God awesome you feel. Now go use THAT energy to rock and roll – because you will.


Comment below how you’ll commit to YOUR daily spiritual practice this week?


In your corner and by your side,

My Failure -

My Embarrassing Failure (and why I really GET where you’re at now)

My Embarrassing Failure (and why I really GET where you’re at now)


Shannon here with something very important: WE GET YOU… BETTER THAN ANY MENTORS OUT THERE TODAY.

Because we were there too: we went to tons of events, spent 100’s of 1000’s of dollars in seminars, coaching and mentorship. And we weren’t getting the results.

It sucked. People kept telling us how brilliant we were but nothing was working. We sat in the audience at seminar after seminar and networking event after networking event.  Deep down, we knew there had to be a better way but somehow we just couldn’t crack the code.

We were both burnt out, frustrated and BROKE.  We didn’t know how I would pay rent every month… some months, I didn’t know how I’d come up with grocery money.  It was horrible… and I felt like a failure.

We had done all this inner-work and personal development… but we kept asking ourselves:


“Where’s the money?”


Both Mark and I went through this hell (it’s actually something we bonded over on our 1st date!)

Now, it’s important you hear our story – it’s easy to look at our success today and think “oh, it’s easy for them” or “must be nice” but the truth is just a few short years ago we were STRUGGLING!

So if you haven’t heard – when the economy collapsed, it HIT me hard and I lost EVERYTHING… overnight.  

I had a detox spa for 4 years and it was really successful right out of the gate, making over $250,000 in the first year alone. I had a team of 14 employees and was known as “The Detox Diva”. I even had a bunch of info products and had made a name for myself as a Community Leader.

We were on track to crack 7 figures and then… 2008 happened.

I lost 80% of my business overnight. People weren’t coming in for facials and body wraps when they were worried about losing their homes.

There was a ton of overhead, a big fat lease, payroll and my own mortgage to meet every month…finally, I had to make a tough decision:

I decided to close my business. It was devastating. I was embarrassed and felt like a failure.  I lost my home, I had to file Bankruptcy. I went into a deep depression and isolated myself. I couldn’t get off the couch.  I felt like a failure.

When I looked at what WAS working, it was SPEAKING. Everytime I’d get a small speaking gig in my own backyard, I’d attract a flood of clients all at once. So I knew the power of speaking.

I decided to throw myself into the Seminar Industry and learn everything I could get my hands on, when it came to events and speaking.

I started producing multi-speaker events.. I had the privilege of working closely and sharing the stage with the top speakers in the industry: Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Sasevich, Loral Langemeier, Marcia Weider, Max Simon and Bill Rancic from Donald Trump’s Apprentice.


Like You, I Needed a Model I Resonated With


But secretly, I didn’t like the multi-speaker model. Behind the scenes it lacked integrity and I wasn’t making anywhere near the money the speakers were.  It was a cattle call of “sell, sell, sell” and it lacked authentic connection and spiritual meaning which I was craving.  We weren’t really making the bigger difference and helping people. They’d buy a bunch of shit that would sit on their shelf (“Shelf help” as I call it)

Here I was promoting other people, working my ass off – helping them make a lot of money – but deep down, I wasn’t fulfilled and didn’t believe in myself.

I was DONE.  I settled and took a couple contracting jobs that didn’t utilize my skills and passions. I was underpaid and under-appreciated.  Late paychecks, inaccurate commissions, back taxes. Life was a bitch. Not having the creative license or decision power, I became even more frustrated. But yet, I knew I had something deeper inside of me. A deeper purpose, that wouldn’t let me give up.

I realized I needed to unleash my real calling and regain my power. So I focused on my spiritual practice, developed a strong inner game, hired a mentor and made a promise to myself to not believe in anything that will limit me. Not in relationships, not with money, not in business. and soon enough – I attracted my amazing man!

You know what they say? When the student’s ready – well, Mark and I were READY. Ready for a purposeful, deep relationship and to start a business that was designed to have a Big Impact on the hearts of people…. one that could be successful… and FAST!

And that’s just what we did:

Mark and I had our first date on New Year’s Eve 2013. We quickly fell in love and knew we had found “the one.” We started our business 3 months later. Fast forward 10 months and we had already generated $400,000.

We’re all in this Tribe together.. to make the world a better place.

My friend, I’m going to invite you to be vulnerable today… I absolutely KNOW that people in the Tribe will be inspired by YOUR story.  Please share in the comments below and I’ll personally respond…


What Is YOUR Story of Failure?  How Will You Use It To Propel You Forward and Make a BIG Impact?


We’re all in this Tribe together. I was vulnerable to inspire you to look a little deeper and would LOVE to hear YOUR story in the comments. I absolutely KNOW that people in the Tribe will be inspired by YOUR story 😉

In your corner & by your side,


Why Speaking On “Small Stages” Is THE Secret To Igniting YOUR Movement…This Month!

Why Speaking On “Small Stages” Is THE Secret To Igniting YOUR Movement…This Month!



Mark here with an insider’s’ secret into the speaking industry that will light your soul on fire.

After helping 1000’s of Speakers generate a consistent income of 10K, 20K even 50K months, simply by sharing their message… I know exactly what you’re struggling with:

Knowing in the depth of your soul that you have a light and message that can change people’s lives – and can change the world – and you HAVE to share it. But instead, you stare at your computer, your low gas tank and you’re dreadful stack of bills – and wish you were staring into the eyes of an adoring audience of high paying clients….

It’s hard to focus on your big vision when you’re stressed about finding clients and chasing the money. If only you could just get a consistent flow coming in every month. You know in your heart it shouldn’t be this hard, something seems to be missing.

So here’s the Big Secret:




To make money – you don’t need to speak on big, huge stages to arenas of 1000’s of people – all you need are free talks in your backyard.

What we just showed you is HOT, it can start your movement TODAY, it can help you make an additional $10,000 a month….AND – get ready for it: It really is this simple. Sure you gotta skill-up & execute the system – but it’s the simplest way to make the difference you’re called to make.

So leave a comment below:


“What 1 Action Step Can You Take THIS WEEK To Launch Your Speaking Career?”


In your corner and by your side,

Meetup Secrets from a Meetup Rock Star

Meetup Secrets from a Meetup Rock Star


Mark here and you’re going to LOVE what one of our Big Impact Rock Stars did recently…by starting a kick ass Meetup group from 0 to 24 members in 3 days.

Introducing, Maria Owl Gutierrez. She started a Meetup called Community Ritual & Ceremony without knowing exactly how Meetup even works. She posted her first event – and within 3 days had 24 members. Many of whom she’d never met before. 7 of which already said they’d attend her upcoming event. In just 3 days!

The reason why I’m sharing this with you and intentionally keeping this uber-short – is to let you know you CAN do this! Start with a local Meetup page, engage and invite members to an upcoming event. Maria attracted 24 people in 3 days – who knows where she’ll be in 3 weeks or 3 months.

You don’t need to get overwhelmed or over-complicate things.. keep it SIMPLE.  You can do this – just look at this simple idea from Maria and how quickly it took off. So let me know:

Where do you need more support with Meetup?  Post a comment and we’ll give you personalized FREE coaching!  

You’ll inspire the hell out of the Tribe by sharing your Meetup idea. You can do this!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Reconnect to Source -

Reconnect To SOURCE

Reconnect To SOURCE


Let’s take a moment and connect to source together with our simple process.

For a minute, we’ll press pause on everything we’re working on, creating and wanting. In a few breathes, let’s let go, connect and return with a renewed energy and purpose.



Start by pressing pause, life’s natural power button. Turn your mind off, release your desires, release your fears and simply relax. In this state, you’re treating yourself how you’re meant to be treated – with kindness, patience, love and respect. Enjoy this moment of relaxation and pause – for now, it’s exactly where you belong.



That’s all you need right now – is to just feel. Feel the sensitive skin on your face, fingers, arms, legs and toes. Feel how alive you are. Feel the inner sense of joy you feel. Feel the amazing sense of wonder inside of you. Feel the miraculous blessings surrounding you. Feel you.



In this relaxed, grateful and happy state – you’re naturally connected to source. There’s nothing you have to ‘do’. Simply connect. Pray by praising. Pray by appreciating. Pray by asking. Pray by needing. Pray by wanting. Pray by dreaming. Pray by being.



We’re not meant to only be in pause – we’re also meant to be in ‘play’. It’s now time to slowly return to your ‘play’. It might serve you to think of your awesome work in the world as ‘play’ instead of work. And it might serve you to frame your day in frames of ‘pause’ and ‘play’ – returning from one state to another.


The Universe created you with big things in mind. The Universe tailor made your childhood, experiences, challenges, personality, gifts, desires and vision for you to make your Big Impact in the world. The Universe is not in a rush – everything is happening exactly as it should be in your life. In these moments of connection to source, we’re ready again to create our impact. We’re ready to watch our movement unfold in front of our eyes.

In this empowered state – let us know what action you’re going to take. How are you going to ‘play’ your big impact into motion?


What is an empowering action you’ll take after reconnecting to Source?


Your comment can ignite a soul to move forward with their big impact in the world, today. Share your genius below 🙂

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon