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business is the ultimate yoga -




If you’re a Conscious Business Owner or Speaker, what you’re about to read will light your ass on fire!

Mark here, and one of the biggest challenges we face as Conscious Business Owners is running a business while being true to our purpose and soul.

The thing is that until I came across the genius you’re about to read, I couldn’t figure it out – and it was draining the life out of me. I kept on asking myself:

Why is running a business so hard?

Why do I have to deal with all this accounting, payments, systems, calendars, meetings…. sh*t!

Why can’t this just be easy when I’m aligned with my purpose?

And 100 other things that I KNOW you’ve felt too, right?

So one day as I was in Yoga class, it hit me like a lightning bolt:


Business = Ultimate Yoga


Most people have it all wrong: thinking they need to set time for their spiritual practices throughout the day to be more centered in their business.


That kind of thinking will mess you up bad and here’s why. The moment you separate BUSINESS from SPIRITUAL PRACTICE then they become two separate entities. How can you be a Conscious Business Owner when your consciousness and business aren’t ONE?

Because true spiritual work, the kind you and I live for, is not divided but totally THE SAME. Just like Yoga – it’s as much a spiritual practice as it is a physical one.

You get stretched, you feel intense discomfort and you think you can’t do it… at all, you’re done, no more. But you know that’s the sweet spot. That’s where you grow. That’s when you get stronger. That’s when you feel how incredible this is… that’s when you feel ALIVE.

In Yoga, you notice how much BODY you have, how many positions you can go in and how flexible you really are.

My friend – that’s the spiritual practice of BUSINESS. When you embody your spiritual truths in your business – you’ll grow and manifest your soul’s ultimate purpose in ways you’d never achieve alone meditating on a mountaintop.


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Business is the greatest spiritual practice in the world


All the stuff that comes up while running your business – it comes up for a reason. Business will bring out all of the sh**t you need to work on and then some. And that is why it’s the greatest spiritual practice in the world.

Did you LOVE that? Did it light your ass on fire? Let us know – we’d all love to hear from YOU, so comment below 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

How To Overcome Your Fears -

How To Overcome Your Fears

How To Overcome Your Fears


Hey [pilotpress_field name=’First Name’],

How do you overcome your fears? What most leaders aren’t addressing enough (or at all) is how freaking hard it is to get over your fears. Seriously – how do you move forward in your work as a Conscious Business Owner when the minute you get to work, this shows up:

“What if I can’t get new clients?”

“Why would people even listen to ME?”

“Secretly, I feel like a Fraud…”

“I’m not ready yet… I need more training”

“I’ve done this before and it didn’t work…”

Mark here and let me tell you… WE FEEL YOUR PAIN!  Shannon and I have been knocked down to our knees.  We struggled with our niche, started businesses that failed and yes, just a few years ago we were totally in your shoes, worried sh**t that none of this would work…and maybe we should just get a J.O.B.

We happened to come across a sentence that helped us move past those fears for good. Not that the fears went away forever – but anytime they did come up, we use this sentence and the fears melt away like snow in the Sahara.




“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?” – Marianne Williamson

Think about it:

Who are you that someone should NOT listen to you when you have so much wisdom to give? Who are you to think this won’t work when you’ve overcome so much already?

Fear and love can’t exist simultaneously. So when you’re focusing on ‘What if I can’t get new clients’ – you’re creating fear. But when you instead feel, “My new clients are going to love what I have in store for them” – you can’t feel the fear.

The way to overcome fear is to turn that exact and specific fear into LOVE.

“No chance people will pay me for this…” – just turn into, “People will LOVE to pay me well for my services and gifts” and watch how your energy shifts immediately.

(If you want to turn that incredible energy into actual results fast, check out our HOT post on the 10 steps to enroll your next client in a 30 minute soulful conversation)

Where there’s fear, there’s no love; and where there’s love, there’s no fear. So the most powerful way to overcome your fear is by turning it into love.

Let us know how YOU overcome your fears in the comment section below – you’d be serving the entire Tribe with your wisdom and experience.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

how to turn stress into ecstasy -

3 Ways We Turn Our Stress Into Pure Ecstasy

3 Ways We Turn Our Stress Into Pure Ecstasy


“Seriously?! WTF! Can you BeLIEVE what they just did?!”

Shannon here and I have a confession… we get stressed. From helping 1000’s of clients to creating awesome new content to managing a full team and our own energies – stress happens.

But Mark and I discovered this kick-ass formula we now use anytime we get stressed. And baby – we turn that stress into pure ecstasy. In today’s post I’ll share with you this formula so you’ll feel more liberated, joyous and sexy too.

You’re out there on stages, coaching groups, doing 1:1’s and ultimately your big impact depends on how well you can manage your divine energy. So when the Universe sends your brain stress signals – this formula magically shapes that stress into a wonderful high.

READY?! Me too – here you go:


1. Energetic Relaxation


As soon as you feel the stress, overwhelm, anxiety and more – here’s what to do. Use that energy to be relaxed by doing the following.

Stop whatever you’re doing, close your eyes, take 7 deep breaths and with each breath, feel your body relaxing.

Tell your body to relax from the top of your skull to the bottom of your feet, slowly slowly – let this natural high spread.

You’re now using the energy to focus your own relaxation.


2. Shots of Gratitude


Once relaxed (you’ll feel it in under 90 seconds) now it’s time to locate your current abundance gifts.

Because you already have abundance – the challenge is noticing them. So turn yourself into a Gratitude Detective.

Aim your gratitude with precision by noticing the specific abundant gifts you have already. Because the Universe won’t give you more when you don’t appreciate what you already have. And if it does, you won’t even like it.

So focus in with specific precision to everything you’re deeply grateful for – and let it overwhelm you with ecstatic appreciation, love and divine joy that you’re brought to tears.

It doesn’t need to take a retreat to get here. Just get laser focused and feel every bit of gratitude and you’ll light up in minutes.


3. Use The ‘If…Then…’ Meditation


While you’re in this higher state – it’s time to take it to the next level.

Stress will tell your mind all kinds of things that make you bonkers. You’ll never get there, it’s too hard, you don’t want the money or influence anyways, life’s simpler where you’re at….

So it’s important we use the stress as an opportunity to feel the opposite. While you’re relaxed and in the high of gratitude – use the ‘If…Then’ Meditation.

The 'If...Then...' Meditation

A. Go back to 10 years ago

B. See how FAR you’ve come

C. FEEL how IF you’ve come this far…

D. Then you’re already on the path of your greatest success

The ‘If…Then’ Meditation gets you into an ecstatic state of seeing the massive progress you’ve made. You become enthralled with the incredible movement, growth and success to PROVE to your mind that the stress is only lying to you.

Now, you’ve used the pain of stress as an incredible gift to take your message to the next level.

And YES, this entire formula only needs a few minutes, as long as you’re focused on it.

And YES, that awesomeness was a gift from us.

And YES, that’s just the beginning.

Because YES, we have a 3 day live event that gives you TONS more ways to find your sweet spot so you attract a flood of high paying clients, spread your message and take the world stage as a LEADER of a movement, making the BIG IMPACT you were born to make.

You’ve just GOT to come to Big Impact Live, you’ll LOVE IT!

The whole Big Impact Tribe would LOVE to hear how you transcend stress and use it as a way to become more empowered. So please share your wonderful insights below.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

How To Give A Talk That Sells (without being salesy) -

How To Give A Talk That Sells

How to give a 35 minute talk that SELLS (without being salesy)


Mark here with something you already know. People listen to 20% of WHAT you say and 80% of HOW you say it. So if you’re on stage giving a talk, most of what you’re saying is NOT being listened to.

Your Tribe is listening to your inner vibrations more than the practiced scripts you’re saying. So today, I’m going to help you master the world’s most important skill in communication:

How to give a talk that SELLS without being at all salesy.

I’m going to share with you 3 different kinds of ‘tones’ to effect in your Tribe a specific desire to hire you. Remember, even if you have the words – you need to know HOW to say it so they listen, pay close attention and end up hiring you.


1. Start With Your ‘Personal Voice’


When you get up on stage and people are giving you less than 3 minutes to get their attention – how do you GET their attention?  What’s the First Mental Image you can use to capture their heart and mind?

Think of how you greet a friend you just love hanging out with. How do you say hi? How do you begin the conversation? What feeling do you convey? What’s the overall feeling at the beginning?

THAT’S your ‘Personal Voice’. It’s perfect to start your talk so people’s internal critic immediately turns off. Because 80% is listening to HOW you talk, when your audience hears your ‘Personal Voice’ – their subconscious says this is something good to listen to. Just like a friend they love.


2. Deliver Your Main Point With Your ‘Authority Voice’


When it comes time to deliver your main point. Whether that’s the transition into your offer or your main piece of content – deliver it with your ‘Authority Voice’.

Just think of how absolutely crucial this point is for your audience to hear. Think of Mickey coaching Rocky before fighting Apollo (I know I’m dating myself, but come on, we LOVE ROCKY!)

Mickey needed to convey, not in words but in tone, how crucial this opportunity is for Rocky to take advantage of. He conveyed it with his ‘Authority Voice’.

The way this works Psychologically is that once a relationship has been established (‘Personal Voice’), you’re ready to accept this person who you trust as an Authority.

And when you deliver your main point with Authority, it enters the emotional part of your Tribe’s brain. Which means they’re hearing you very clearly and will remember it.


3. Conclude With Your ‘Precious Quiet Voice’


This is very interesting. When you speak loudly people get loud, but when you speak in a whisper, people become quiet to listen closely.

Because our brain is trained to pay attention to things said quietly. It means it’s important and urgent.

So when you conclude your talk, your offer or add a final bonus before you end – conclude with your ‘Precious Quiet Voice’ so people are at the edge of their seats…. anxious to run up to you after your talk to be the first to sign up.

These 3 awesome tones to use are just the tip of the iceberg to Speak Your Path To Cash. As you probably know by now, Shannon and I created a 3 Day LIVE EVENT that gives you EVERYTHING you need to make $10K a month (and serve more people) from small speaking gigs in your own backyard.

In our first 10 months, we generated over $400,000… without a website… and without a business card. How’d we do it?  Through SPEAKING!

We created this event so we could reveal the nuts and bolts of exactly how we did it- and how you can too!

Seriously, you can do this – and we’re offering FULL SCHOLARSHIPS (valued at $997)
to get you started.

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Comment below which tone you’ve used in your talks that got people to take action?
We’d LOVE to hear from you!

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

3 Ways To Start A Movement -

3 Ways To Start A Movement – How To Start A Movement

Case Study: 3 Ways To Start A Movement That Attracts Your Ideal Clients & A Massive Tribe of Raving Fans, Virtually Overnight


Your message and movement is not a luxury or something far off in the distant future. The furious desire you have to create a movement, seeing your Tribe’s transformation right in front of your eyes is literally in front of your eyes.

In today’s Big Impact Newsletter, you’re about to learn how to rapidly grow your movement. As long as you use the ‘3 Pebbles of the Ripple Effect’, things are about to move fast for you my friend.

After all, Jen was just as shocked as you are when I first told her things were about to change.

But one by one, her friends referred new clients who referred new clients…It’s this huge Ripple Effect that’s happening in the world for more Conscious Business Owners and Speakers than you ever thought possible.

The story you’re about to read is very real. Ben & Jen were struggling with serious issues, but when they used the ‘3 Pebbles of the Ripple Effect’ their movement started picking up serious speed.

Now they look at their 5000 Square Foot Resort, their waiting list of high paying clients and the conference invites that keep on piling up and just pinch themselves.


Damn It Was Hard…


But just a few years ago, before they learned the secret of ‘3 Pebbles’, they were practically homeless.

When Ben & Jen first came to Mark & I, they were desperate. They were living in the Ghetto, barely earning enough to pay for groceries with a baby on the way. Ben was even forced to sell his prized Motorcycle.

They told us they ‘tried everything’ to monetize their message and help people with their gifts. But it wasn’t working, they were exhausted and time was running out.

Mark & I looked at each other and immediately knew what they needed:


“The 3 Pebbles!”


After we taught them the secret of the 3 Stones, they went out and used them and things started to change, fast.

Yes they started to attract ideal high paying clients. Yes they generated over $30K month after month. But when they saw the ‘Ripple Effect’ take place, they just couldn’t believe it.

Before they knew it, they were really making a BIG Impact in the world and were part of a conscious shift that’s happening on the planet.

Get ready, here are the 3 Pebbles to create a Ripple Effect for your very own movement. Because you can’t create a ripple effect in water without throwing a Stone inside. These 3 Stones will create the Ripple Effect for your Ocean of a Movement:


1. Be The Leader


You’ll NEVER create a movement until you BECOME the leader. If Martin Luther King Jr was ‘wishy washy’ about his vision of white children playing with black children, no one would follow him.

If Marianne Williamson wasn’t totally sure about Love being more powerful than Fear, no one would buy her books.

Leaders are not chosen – they choose themselves. And they don’t ‘think’ about their cause, their solution, their truth – they embody it.

Their truth vibrates through their veins so strongly others feel it without saying a word.

When Ben & Jen came to us, we felt the potential of their message and movement. But first, we needed to feel it vibrating through their skin. When it did, they were ready for the second Stone.


2. Reveal The Promised Land


The meaning of ‘Movement’ is to move towards a desired and better reality than one’s current set of circumstances. Your message needs to MOVE them towards a specific and improved reality.

Martin Luther King Jr said he had a dream of white children playing with black children. That is showing his Tribe a “Promised Land”… a new possibility.

Ben & Jen’s Promised Land is ridding the world of sexual shame through sexual healing.  Where you ‘Awaken your body, liberate your mind and empower your spirit through 30 minutes of G-Spot Orgasm’. That is a very specific Promised Land for a very specific Tribe.

Now that you’re the Leader and you revealed the ultimate end goal, now it’s time for step 3 to ignite your Tribe into a movement:


3. Show The Path


How does your Tribe get to the Promised Land? What’s your program, package or Path to get them there?

When you ignite a Tribe’s deepest desire as a Leader showing them to their Promised Land with a specific Path how to achieve it – there’s nothing that can stop you or your Tribe.

The Tribe will be called and inspired to MOVE to their glorious new future. In their state of inspiration – with a Leader, A Land and a Path – they’ll tell anyone and everyone they know who belongs in their Tribe about you.

Which is exactly what happened with Ben & Jen. Their Tribe got so excited – they told one another about it.

And then they told someone else, who brought in more and more people…. reaching people all over the world.


They created a Ripple Effect


Through the secret of the 3 Pebbles… more and more lives are transformed.

Before you know it, YOU are making a BIG impact in the world and part of conscious shift that’s happening on the planet.

Now that you’re armed with these 3 Stones – it’s time to learn HOW.

How do you Embody your Truth and Message as a Leader?

How do you define your Promised Land?

How do you specify a Path to the Promised Land?

Do you know what? Ben & Jen were asking the same exact thing. And after they went to Big Impact Live – they had all the answers they needed…

Soon enough, they were generating $40,000+ months, were speaking on stages all over and eventually manifested their Dream Retreat Center.  They quite literally gave their Tribe a Promised Land.

Come to Big Impact Live To Ignite Your Movement, Today >>

Comment below what your biggest ‘aha’ moment was that you’ll taken action with this week.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon