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How Do You Turn Pro and Stop Dabbling?

How do you turn pro and stop dabbling?



Why are some speakers making 6-Figure incomes and others are still struggling?



It can’t just be “strategy” or working hard – because plenty of broke speakers are working hard, using lots of strategies.



And then it came to me – with the help of a cirque de soleil contortionist:



Mark and I went to see cirque de soleil the other night in San Fransisco.



We were really happy to go out, spend deep time with each-other – and watch these guys do the impossible.



As I sat there watching the performers twist and turn their bodies into jaw dropping positions….I thought:



“Wow, these are people who have made the decision to “Go Pro”….



As a speaker and a conscious business owner – you’re always in front of two tracks:



The track of “Going Pro” and the track of “Dabbling”.



This is the deeper reason why so many speakers just can’t get traction – they’ve never made the decision to “Go Pro”.



These performers made the decide that everyday they’d practice, train and go out and perform on stages.



They’re not “Dabbling” – staying up late, drinking alcohol or spending time in things that are not growing their business.



So for this week, here’s our vision for you:



Turn pro in your business. Make the decision to stop dabbling and live a life on the mastery track.



When you do, you’ll be amazed at what shows up!



This is something we train our top clients on – and what’s helped them bring in $10-30K months.



(…more on how our clients have been “killing it” with our trainings – coming soon 🙂



Share this post with someone you know who needs some love to ‘Turn Pro’ – they’ll hug you for it.



And leave a comment below how you might have struggled with ‘Turning Pro’ – the whole tribe would learn a lot from your story.



In your corner and by your side,


Mark & Shannon

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How to get anyone to say YES with this ONE sentence

How to get anyone to say YES…with this ONE sentence


Recently Mark and I hosted the Bay Area Speakers Meetup.  It was HOT!


Towards the end, after the dancing and hugging – someone came up to us and asked:


“What you guys have done in less than a year is mind-blowing…. how did you do it? I mean, I have no idea how to get people to say YES to my offerings, let alone get to Multiple 6 Figures!”


One of the secrets to “getting past no” that we discovered early on was this.


You see, “yes” and “no” are only words for, “you can help me” and “I’m not confident you can help me.”


It’s really that simple… and that deep.


The way to get people to say YES to you and your offers is to really know your ideal client’s problems.


The more clearly you articulate their pains and why you’re the Trusted Authority to solve them – the more your prospects will say YES to you.


Was this helpful for you? Then please share this post with someone you know who’s having trouble getting people to say YES to their offering.


In your corner and by your side,


Mark & Shannon

Harvard’s Secret Research To Well-Being & Success

It’s crazy, but even the most Spiritual Entrepreneurs in our community suffer terribly from ‘Energy Saps’.

Even though we’re all trained (and even teach others!) how to live more vibrant lives – when you try to succeed in your business, you shockingly find yourself lacking enough energy, stretched like a rubber band about to snap.

Without noticing them, the ‘Energy Saps’ all around you are sucking your energy dry.

So if you find yourself disappointed at the end of your day, not having manifest enough today, in a state of frustrated exhaustion – Harvard is about to be your new best friend.

We Had Enough Of The ‘Energy Saps’ Ruling Our Lives

Even though our deepest goal is to change lives and make a BIG impact – running a business can be draining.

…and we had enough. It’s time to be able to change lives, make a big impact and run a successful business:

– With glorious divine energy

– With happiness and fun

– With plenty of down-time

– Like we’re a divine being having a profitable human experience 🙂

What we discovered was just amazing…

We dug deep and found some very enlightening research from Harvard. So we couldn’t help but share it with you.


3 Ways To Vibrantly Manifest Your Purpose…Without The Overwhelm Or Stress


1. Get It All Done Without Work


As counterintuitive as it sounds – when you’re having FUN, you get a lot more accomplished.

And when you’re stressed as all hell, you’re actually not that productive. Right?

So how do you get more done and have fun?


Before you start your work day – do the following ‘Big Impact’ Meditative Practice:

1. Close Your Eyes, Focus On Your Breath and count from 7 to 1

2. Relaxed, watch your entire day’s work being a power of change in people’s lives.

3. In as much detail as possible, see how your work is literally changing lives

4. Feel the gratitude of your work and it’s big impact in the world

5. Now see yourself about to get started to work – and feel how HAPPY you are to do it

6. Slowly open your eyes and say mentally, “This is going to be fun”

The combination of ‘Meditation’ and ‘Fun’ has been proven to increase your well-being, energy, happiness and productivity – in just a single day!


2. Avoid Sleep At Your Own Peril


I can’t tell you how many YEARS I tried to avoid sleep.

Until I came across this astounding research.

Do you know what it said?

Harvard’s Business Review reported that SLEEP is more important than food.

Depriving yourself of sleep has been proven to reck havoc on your memory, ability to focus, ability to complete tasks and even be happy.

…not cool.

And the opposite is also true. That the highest achievers in society, sleep.



Sleep More To Manifest Greater Abundance

The top Violinists in the world sleep an average of 8.5 hours a night!

The Dalai Lama has even said that sleep is the best form of meditation.

So here are 3 ways to increase your well-being andimpactt in the world, with more sleep:

1. Go to sleep earlier TONIGHT

Stick to a set-time every night that allows you at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It’s either that or struggling to be focused and happy (your choice).

Once you get in the habit of sleeping like an achiever does (7-8+ hours a night) you’ll see better results.  And watch your potential manifest like Ghandi 😉

2. Wind down 45 minutes before sleep (so you’ll fall asleep when you want to).

You can only fall asleep when you’re relaxed. So the first thing to do is to prepare to sleep.

You might not be 4 years old, but something like a bed-time story works like magic!

Personally, we like to read a little Marianne Williamson or the Course in Miracles before bed.

3. Write down what’s on your mind.

I’ll admit it too. Before going to sleep my mind is racing with all the things I didn’t finish that day.

So I write down what’s on my mind in a state of flow. Then, what’s not done or completed I mark as, “Universe To Do Tomorrow”.

That gives me a sense of peace and calm and I can turn in.

…sleeping like a baby, ready to perform tomorrow like Tony Robbins.


3. Three Spiritual Buttons To Press Next Time You Feel An ‘Energy Sap’


Next time you feel drained and exhausted, press these buttons:


You could be cleaning toilets in a prison.

You could be in a cubicle…. or sitting in traffic to and from your J-O-B every day.

You could have a boss who says things like, ‘Saturday off? No, not a good idea. We work weekends here’

The good news is you’re working on a business to change lives and make a huge difference in the world.  And you write your own rules, YOU call the shots!

Wash yourself in a warm bath of gratitude and feel your energy levels rise like Moses splitting the Red Sea.


Worry about yourself and find yourself in a rabbit hole of despair.

Care for others, feel their pain and know how your work will set them free and impact their lives like nothing else they’ve ever experienced.

And suddenly your soul is on FIRE again.

OWN how your work heals the lives of others and feel how much more energy you suddenly feel.

3. FUN

Get freaky my friend – it will set you free.

Let go of the demands and understand you’re manifesting HOT awesomeness today and everyday.

Have some fun, be wild and silly, kiss your neighbor, grab someone’s ass…

That’s right, Harvard even said we should have fun!

Your soul is on fire to manifest it’s greatness.

With happiness, love and a whole lot of fun.

Share your comments below

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

PS – here are some of Harvard’s research we used when writing this post for you.

A. Good Think (Shawn Achor from Harvard founded and runs this company)

B. Harvard Business Review (posts by Tony Schwartz)

How to Land a Million Dollar Client

How to Land a Million Dollar Client

Mark here…one of my mentors has a $4 Million Coaching client.

Actually, he has tens of them.

What’s incredible though, is that his coaching is no different than your coaching.

So how does one business owner charge $4,000 and one $4,000,000 – for the same product?!

Even more amazing – he has a waiting list! Amazing:

People waiting to PAY $4 Million Dollars….


What is he doing so right that 99% are doing absolutely, positively wrong.

You have such a big soul and such a powerful message. You and your message deserve more and today’s blog post will help you a ton.

Let’s take a real life case study.


Chet Holmes started out doubling the sales for Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet’s business partner), went on to consult for 60 of the Fortune 500, wrote a best-selling book and partnered with Tony Robbins.

Chet and Tony had a big problem.

They ran a free webinar for business owners on the 4 Ways To Double Their Sales in 12 Months – and… it wasn’t converting.

The webinar was a free training that sold a $2,000 product. Well, here’s what went wrong:

People registered but didn’t show up. Plus, they were spending $20K a week on radio ads and needed to create a positive ROI, fast.

What would you advise? How would you help them turn this around?

Chet had a crazy idea.


Instead of having a free webinar – let’s charge money for it….

Not $7, not $47, not $97 or even $147.

Chet charged $229!

…for a webinar!

I’m sure you’ve been on plenty of webinars for free – could you imagine paying $229 for a webinar?

But guess what happened?

The craziest thing:

Not only did the show up rate fly to over 80%, but the conversions shot through the roof.

When it was FREE, less people showed up, less people bought and it just didn’t work.

But when they charged a seemingly ridiculous amount for it – conversions soared.

Why? And how does this help you spread your message, transform lives and start making serious money?


Chet realized that when people pay… they pay attention.

And when people pay more, they pay MORE attention.

Remember – it was the same exact program. One was free, one was $229 – and the $229 was the golden child.


Because money = love.

You pay for what you love and you love what you pay for.

People are more invested in what they pay for. And way more invested when they pay a lot more money for it.

So if you want to quadruple your income this month, here’s our down and dirty divine love advice:


…who knows, you might even quadruple the number of clients you serve too!

You’ll never know unless you at least try – and there’s a reason why you wouldn’t try.


And fear is the Kryptonite of money. Find fear and you won’t see money anywhere close.


How does my mentor charge such a ridiculous amount for a client?

When his coaching is probably identical to your coaching?

One simple reason:


He loves his clients, he loves his message and knows how powerful it is.

Not a water drop of weakness or fear.

Just pure, High Grade A Love.


If you LOVE your clients, LOVE yourself, LOVE your message and VALUE your message with the depth of respect it deserves – you’ll have the balls to charge $4M a client.

…and have a waiting list too.

You’re a powerful soul with a divine mission to transform lives.

…thousands and thousands of them.

And your mission is also to become wealthy beyond your imagination.

To jump-start your love and success, we’d like to help you with a steamy challenge:


Shannon and I are giving away a $97 Amazon Gift Card to the winner of this challenge.

The Challenge:

Quadruple your prices and sign up at least 2 clients before our next post in 7 days.

Do this before next week’s blog post (Tuesday July 15th) and report back to us in time for a chance to win!
Ok, so the deadline to email us is before Tuesday July 15th.
In any case, please share below why this excites you and makes you nervous as hell too.

Email your results to:

Simple right? But we know you’re already sweating just thinking about it.

So share your excitement with us below and then do the unthinkable: