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Tony Robbins' Secret -

Tony Robbins’ Secret

Tony Robbins’ Secret


Shannon here and we get asked this question all the time: “How do I present myself as confident and trustworthy?”

When you’re on stage in front of your audience, on the phone or in person, how do you show up in such a way where there’s instant trust?

Just look at Tony Robbins (one of my heros!)  He advises US Presidents, Leonardo Dicaprio, Melissa Etheridge and millions of people around the world every year. How does he create so much trust in so many people, instantly? What’s his secret?

Below you’ll discover his secret – just understand how profound it is.

Because when you embody this secret, you’ll create instant trust in everyone you meet. More people will sign up for your programs and book you for speaking gigs. Not if you keep this as an ‘inspiring idea’ but a Universal ‘Big Impact’ Principle you live and breathe.

Here’s Tony’s secret:

It’s not about him.

His secret is channeling an energy where it’s not about him – but his message and greater purpose to serve. When you LIVE that, you LIVE your Big Impact. You can’t help but make incredible progress like lightning.

This secret has helped Mark and I grow a High 6-Figure Business from scratch, just spreading our message. It’s helped us grow an incredible team and a Tribe of 1000’s. So here’s our prayer…

To help YOU live and breathe this secret. When you do, just watch how people ask to sign up for your programs without even offering them.


Here’s our daily prayer we’d like to share with you….

“We invite you in where you already abide. In our hearts and souls, we feel you. We choose this moment God, to dedicate our life, our business and our relationship to you.

May it be as you desire. Please remove our attachments and longings, as we learn to embrace and transcend our ego. Teach us, mold us, and shape us into the people you would have us be.

In surrender, we place our life in your hands, asking you to show us where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom. Show us how to truly know You and help us overcome the illusion of our fear so that we can best serve those in need.

May we know the joy of being used by you. And so it is.”


When you embody a message that’s bigger than you, you create instant trust and unshakeable confidence.

Let us know what goosebumps this post gave you in the comments below, we’d LOVE to hear YOU!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

how to connect and be authentic -




Shannon here with a burning question for you: Do you ever feel like a robot when you meet a new prospect at a networking event? Where you see someone who would be perfect and seems like an ideal client you’d LOVE to work with – and you just freeze?  Or you think “ooh,
they are the perfect client for me”

Your mind starts racing with heart-thumping thoughts like:

“Ok, what’s my line so they sign up for a Strategy Session?”

“God I hate to sell myself, how do I inspire them to sign up without coming off too sales-y?”

“I need this money, they know it, I shouldn’t even talk to them…”

Clients tell us how they freeze up when a golden opportunity is right in front of them too.

Here’s the best process I know of on earth that turns the freeze into a liberating rush of love and connection. The entire process is just focusing your mind on 6 words:




When you feel the LOVE of your message and how your entire soul and purpose IS LOVE, there’s no room for self doubt and fear.  The only reason you freeze up is because you’re afraid of the outcome, instead of simply loving the moment of connection.

When you’re worried to say the right line or script or if they’ll sign up – those are simply units of fear – and they do NOT serve you, your message or your BIG IMPACT you’re called to make (let alone your potential client).

Focus instead of loving this invitation from the Universe and let go of your attachment to how it turns out. When you serve with love, the right person will be attracted to you. Trust me, it’s how we built close to a 7 figure business spreading our message.

We love our Tribe, love our message and love the Bigger Impact we’re called to make. And when we do, there’s just no room for freezing up with fear. You’re heart is too big and so is your message.

Comment below how you turn around your fears, we’d love to hear YOU!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

stop beating yourself up -

STOP Beating Yourself Up

STOP Beating Yourself Up


Mark here and here’s a brutal truth: Our Tribe of Conscious Business Owners are the kindest souls on earth….when it comes to serving others. But when we’re not out there changing the world, it’s easy to beat yourself up:


“I should be further along in my business…

“I should be making more money….

“How the hell did Marianne Williamson speak, write books and create a movement so fast, why can’t I be like her?!”

“Why do I only get 10 people to my small Meetup? 

“Why don’t I already have a stadium filled with 1,000 raving fans?”


We say things to ourselves that we’d NEVER say to a client or friend. Think about it – if a friend came up to you and said they ‘only’ got 10 people to their Meetup, what would you say? You’d go on and on telling them how fantastic it is, how it’s not about the quantity of the seats but the quality of the transformation – and it’s just not about the numbers…right?

Listen, I used to do this to myself all the time – and then I learned this HOT mantra.  Because let’s be honest – that’s all we’re doing! And we’d never in a million years do it to anyone else.

Here’s 8 hot mantras to get your “inner game” on… you can say all of them or choose the one that feels best for you. Use this anytime you even get a hint of self doubt creeping in:


  • 1

    I’m never upset for the reasons I think

  • 2

    There’s no reason to be upset, there’s only reason to celebrate

  • 3

    My [‘small’ win] is in fact a real victory

  • 4

    My [‘small’ win] is contributing to a BIG ripple effect

  • 5

    My [‘small’ win] shows me how much progress I’m making

  • 6

    This victory is a manifestation of my purpose in this world

  • 7

    This victory will attract in even greater and greater victories

  • 8

    This victory is a part of my BIG IMPACT in this world


Wasn’t that a HUGE shift, in just a moment? Did you feel how your energy totally shifted? If so then let us know in the comments below (you’re right, that rhymed 🙂 – the whole Tribe would LOVE to hear how this made a positive shift in your energy.


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

How To Create Your Best-Selling Product In 28 Days or Less

How To Create Your Best-Selling Product In 28 Days or Less

How To Create Your Best-Selling Product In 28 Days or Less


Shannon here with the easiest way to create your best-selling product in under 28 days. In fact, this is a question we get asked again and again from our high-end clients. If done well, this can explode your income and impact in ways you never imagined – so let’s dig in!


The reason too many people make this over-complicated is because they immediately turn their energy and focus to ‘Product’. Instead, never think of Product, only think of ‘Packaged Results’.


When you think in this way, you begin to channel your focus where it needs to go: to your client.


The 4-Step System To Creating A Best-Selling Product


Imagine your client starting out at point A and by the end of your program they’ll be at point D. Point A is answering what first steps and shifts they need to take to make their first progress.


What does your ideal client need in order to move to Point B? Then Point C? Finally, what does Point D (or E & F if needed) look like?


Here’s a quick example to wrap your mind around this.


Let’s say you help middle-aged men lose that extra-weight so they have more energy and love their life (instead of being out of shape couch potatoes!)


Point A - Mindset and attitude around food, exercise and energy

Point B - With your new mindset and beliefs, start 5-7 minute workouts, more water with 1 power-shake, mid-day meditation

Point C - Soon enough you’ll be ready for (2) 5-7 minute workouts during the day with 2 power-shakes, evening meditation added

Point D - Start your day with a 25 minute workout + 3 power-meditations


Your program is designed to be a journey from where your ideal client is to where they want to be in 4 weeks from now. What are the magical destinations they need to get to, step by step, in order to reach their final destination?


Here’s the most effective way to create this and ensure it’s sold well to your adoring Tribe.


You can offer this in your Strategy Sessions as a Free Bonus for signing up for your higher-end service. Or you can offer it to people who did not end up enrolling with you.


To make the ‘tech side’ of this extra simple, offer a 4-Week Live Training as the program via Teleclass (check out our hot post how to make 6-figure in your flip-flops with teleseminars here). Record each training and then bundle all 4 together and sell them as a program.


Simple, right? Just follow the 4-Step System, offer it as a 4 week training (once per week) and use the recordings to re-package again and again (so you’re not constantly starting new programs every 4 weeks – you just offer what you’ve already done).


HOT! There’s no reason you can’t design the outline today and land just a few people to join this program in the next 10 days. Soon enough, before this month is over – you just exploded your income and impact.


Let us know what’s holding you back from taking action on this right now in the comment section below. Or if this totally inspired you to create something awesome – let the Tribe know all about your new vision in the comments!


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Stuck In Tedious Admin Details? Read This Now… -

Stuck In Tedious Admin Details? Read This Now…

Stuck In Tedious Admin Details? Read This Now…


If you’ve wasted 10 hours in all kinds of Admin stuff the past week, this post will liberate you forever.


Mark here and I have to tell you that our Tribe gets tripped up about this like nothing else. You probably think that you can’t afford to hire an assistant. You most likely think that as soon as you start generating some cash you’ll outsource your admin stuff.


Listen, we’re not living in the 1800’s here. There are so many affordable ways to outsource your key admin and technology tasks that are more affordable than you imagined. In fact, they’re dirt cheap and completely professional.


Just promise me this, ok? Don’t just read this and say, “Hmm, didn’t think of that…” – you must take action for the sake of YOUR Tribe. You have loads of clients and potential clients who would LOVE to see MORE OF YOUR BRILLIANCE. But they don’t because you’re doing God-knows-what in admin-detail- tedious-land.


Promise me you’ll stop it and use this brilliant strategy in today’s Big Impact Newsletter,
cool? Great, here it is:




Guess what? I just found you a professional Virtual Assistant. They’ve had experience with over 1,000 clients who all praise their work. This VA does about anything in ‘Admin-Land’ and is happy to do this work so YOU can do more of what you love and are brilliant at.


Oh, and it took me 20 seconds to find them. Here’s what to do.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Business’ and ‘Virtual Assistant’
  3. Hire this guy

Stuck In Tedious Admin Details? Read This Now... -

For $5 this awesome man will do 3 hours work of Admin work for you. 3 hours!
Look at all the testimonials 1,012 – this is HOT.


Stuck In Tedious Admin Details? Read This Now... -



Plus, he has all kinds of options.  A week’s worth for a larger scale project for just $100, etc. You don’t need to hire some fancy personal assistant who’s experience includes parking Steve Job’s Mercedes and getting Oprah her morning Tea. Let’s get practical and honest.


The Universe gave us Fiverr. It shows who has done lots of work, who has happy clients and who can do exactly what you want, anytime of the day, delivered in 72 hours or less for about $5.


Your Tribe deserves more from you and you want to give more. You know you have way more to give and it’s been super frustrating having to do all the tedious admin stuff. Well, no more my friend. Liberate your soul, hire this guy (or someone like him) and go out there and make your Big Impact doing what you love and what you’re brilliant at.


Have you used Fiverr before? Was it awesome? Let the Tribe know what kind of experience you have using Fiverr to help us all manifest our Big Impact in the world 🙂


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Here’s Why Social Media Is a Complete Waste of Your Time -

Why Social Media Is a Complete Waste of Your Time

Why Social Media Is a Complete Waste of Your Time

Shannon here and I KNOW this is tripping you up. You see all kinds of leaders in the industry with huge social media followings, saying how crucial it is to your business to have a constant, growing social media presence.

They tell you how many times a day you should post, how to grow your business through social media and why it’s absolutely of urgent importance. After all, if someone hears about you and googles you – if you don’t have a hot social media presence you’re doomed, right?

NO!  Not at all… and the truth is you’ve been lied to. If what you just read made you stop dead in your tracks, confused about what strategy you need to use to start growing your monthly income – today’s Big Impact Newsletter will be like a breath of fresh air for your conscious business and soul.




One of the most important principles of growing a 6 Figure+ Conscious Business is understanding what phase of business you’re in.

Meaning, if you’re in Phase 1, just getting started trying to land some clients – your strategy will be very different from someone in Phase 3, who’s trying to automate and scale their business.

Most likely you’re in Phase 1 or 2 in your business. Meaning, you’re not yet making a consistent $10K+ a month or if you are, you’re working around the clock doing it all yourself.   Am I right?

If that’s the case, worrying about all things ‘Phase 3’ and how to automate and scale is a complete waste of your time. Things like:


  • Having a HOT website
  • Doing a big product launch with 10 affiliates
  • Choosing Infusionsoft or Ontraport?
  • Who should manage my 500+ person live event?
  • Getting a hot social media & online presence



Those are all questions and challenges of a business that already has a steady stream of high paying clients. Those are questions and challenges of a business needing to automate and scale.

You’re probably asking questions like:


  • How do I enroll 3-5 high paying clients before the month ends?
  • How can I get a few months worth of speaking gigs so I’m not hustling all the time?
  • Can I actually do this or should I just get a J.O.B?
  • I’m going to all these networking events… why isn’t it working?  
  • Just tell me what I need to do to get awesome new clients who PAY ME well for my services…



Right? Those are questions and challenges of someone in Phase 1 or 2. The last thing you need is an effective Social Media Strategy. Here’s why:




Unless you’re some kind of Social Media Guru, who has a locked-in strategy to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to land high paying clients to generate a consistent $10K months – it’s a waste of your time.

For most Conscious Business Owners and Speakers – posting all kinds of articles and interesting quotes is not going to land you high paying clients. Social Media is for Phase 3  businesses, not 1 & 2. The PROOF is in how many CLIENTS you enrolled from any Social Media Posts.

Have you been struggling to leverage Social Media with no results for your business (bottom line, we’re being honest here. Followers don’t matter, paying clients do!)  Let us know what this post did for your mind and soul in the comments, the whole Tribe would LOVE to hear your voice.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

Are you GIVING Too Much Away In Your Strategy Sessions?

Are you GIVING Too Much Away In Your Strategy Sessions?


Mark here and this will strike a deep nerve for you. At our Bay Area Speaker’s Event the other week, someone from the audience asked this question – and right away you could hear a pin drop. The question hushed the entire audience, Shannon and I looked at each other and knew how challenging this issue is for the Tribe.

Here’s the question:

“I’ve been getting lots of Strategy Sessions lately, but I haven’t been able to turn them into paying clients. I feel that I end up giving them too much on the call and just don’t know how to enroll the right people who will end up paying me… what should I do?”

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re finally on the phone, excited to soon land a high paying client, you’re giving them your best…and then, ‘click’.

It’s over, no sale, no new client and you’re like, “Huh? Really? I gave them my best, why didn’t they buy? I just don’t get it…why doesn’t this work for me?”

Not to worry – that’s why the Universe is giving you this Big Impact Newsletter today. If reading the above story felt like your own personal diary then our HOT strategy will revive your soul like a full-day at the Spa.

There are 3 things you need to understand to enroll someone on a Strategy Session into a High Paying Client.


1. Why They’re On The Phone Now


The reason someone took you up on your free offer for a Strategy Session is because they trust you’ll help them at no risk to them. They see your offer as an opportunity to solve their specific problem. If they didn’t feel that you could do that – they wouldn’t be on the phone with you.

So the first thing you need to understand is the nature of this relationship: On their end, you’re a leader they trust to solve their problem, at no risk. On your end, this is the best way to lead a conversation to enroll them into a client.

This call is NOT meant to solve ALL their problems – that’s the purpose of your program. Let’s face it, you’ll be able to help them get WAY more transformation over a 90 days or 6 months, vs just a 1 hour call, right?  The purpose of this call is to CREATE THE SPACE where they commit to their change.

That’s it. They join the call to solve their problem, but the only way to actually deliver that change is through your transformative program. So the purpose of the call is to create the space for them to commit to it.

So why are you giving too much?


2. Why You’re Giving Too Much


What Shannon and I have seen with our clients, the reason you’re giving too much is usually based on fear. Fear that if you don’t give them all you have, they won’t want more. Fear that if you’re not your absolute best they won’t enroll.

Remember the nature of this call. All you need to achieve on the call is the SPACE for them to commit (check out our 10 steps how to do enroll your client with a Strategy Session here). When you start to actually deliver your service on the phone – there’s no space for them to commit to their change – you just gave them a ton to chew on.

The purpose of the call is NOT to deliver your service for free. That is a huge painful mistake our Tribe makes all too often. Don’t deliver your service – create the space for them to desire it and they’ll enroll.


3. How To Enroll


I referenced above our post on the 10 ways to enroll your next client with a soulful conversation – check it out because it works like gold. The one thing you need to understand though is that your client will ONLY enroll if they’re filled with desire for change and results.

When you over-deliver on the strategy session, they’re not filled with desire for change and results – they’re filled with information they need to process or actions they need to start taking. Remember – you’re job is to create the space for their DESIRE to change.

When you do that, they’ll want to work with you!  Trust us, we’ve created a High 6-Figure business with everything you just learned – in a matter of months.

What was your big ‘aha’ moment in this post? Let us know in the comments below right now.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

P.S. If you’re an existing client and you’d love some support implementing this into your next strategy session, make sure to be on the next Big Impact Support Call.

If you’re NOT yet a client, we’re happy to offer you a Complimentary Speaker Breakthrough Session to talk about where you are now and your business and give you some hot recommendations to reach your goals. Email to get your Complimentary Speaker Breakthrough Session now.

Make 6 Figures in your FLIP FLOPS... with TELESEMINARS

Make 6-Figures with Tele-Seminars

Make 6 Figures in your FLIP FLOPS…

Today’s Big Impact Newsletter will be a resource you’ll come back to whenever you need. Because we get asked all the time from clients and people we meet at events:

“I know Teleseminars are my ticket to get high-end clients – but how on earth do I do one?!”

Shanon here and you’re going to love this.  Teleseminars are a great way to build your list, make great money and best of all… work from anywhere in the world (even on the beaches of Bali 😉

Because Mark and I decided to just give you the down and dirty details how to set up your own Teleseminar, today. After going through this post, you’ll have everything in place to have a successful, money-generating Teleseminar in just a few days time.

Let’s do this my friend. Here’s everything you need:




1. Tribe’s Problem ⇒ Your Solution ⇒ Your Full Program – before anything, you need to know the topic. The topic must be solving a specific problem by offering a descriptive solution catered to your Tribe. The way to make this a failure is by being generic. Get inside your Tribe’s heart, mind and soul and they’ll flock to you… like bees to honey!

2. Landing Page Opt-InThe place to send your Tribe is to a landing page opt-in… a simple web page to tell them about the benefits of the call and get their name & email address.

The structure is very simple:


    1. Headline
    2. Subheadline
    3. Bullet-Points of Content
    4. Picture of You
    5. Opt-In Box (you’ll need an email service provider like Mailchimp, Aweber, etc to capture emails)
    6. Optional: Social Sharing/Proof (AddThis is an easy way to create sharing buttons)

Here’s an example of an uber-successful Teleseminar Landing Page we recently  hosted:

Make 6 Figures in your FLIP FLOPS...  with TELESEMINARS


Here are some free resources to help you get started:

  1. Wix- you can create a landing page here, exactly as you want completely free.
  2. Instapage– also a free way to create stunning landing pages
  3. Landingli – free landing page creator
  4. Mailchimp – your email service provider, free!

3. Thank You Page – Here’s an example of ours too (simple!):

Make 6 Figures in your FLIP FLOPS...  with TELESEMINARS


4. The Offer – At the end of the call you’ll want to make your offer. The advanced way is to offer your program (which would need a checkout page and payment system) and the easier way is to offer a Complimentary Strategy Session with you. In any case, create the way for your Tribe to take action with you. It can be as easy as emailing you if they want the Strategy Session!

5. EmailsThe optimal way to make sure your Tribe comes on the call and to know WHO signed up is by capturing their email. So you’ll need an email service provider to start with and then create these emails for the entire flow of the Teleseminar Campaign. Here are some HOT ideas:

    1. 2 Intros (What this is, What it will give them what they should do)
    2. Reminder Sequence (1-3)
      • Curiosity + What you’ll learn
      • What you’ll learn + Why this is different
      • Why this is important
    3. Follow-Up Sequence (1-3)
      • Social Proof
      • FAQ
      • Inspiring CLOSE

6. Teleseminar Service Providers

    4. Group Skype Call
    5. Google+ Hangout (free!)


That’s IT! So comment below WHY this is exactly what you needed and the topic of YOUR Teleseminar you’re putting on ASAP. We believe in you and YES, you can totally do this!

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

P.S.  You may want to save this Big Impact Kick Ass Formula… this is a 6 Figure System you can use again and again!

How To Use ‘Personal Branding’ to Be The “Go-To” Leader

become the go-to leader for your Tribe

How To Use ‘Personal Branding’ to Be The “Go-To” Leader For Your Tribe


With so many coaches, healers and experts out there, offering more or less what you offer, how do you set yourself apart from them? How do you become the Go-To Leader for YOUR Tribe, no matter how many other leaders are out there?

Mark here and I have a juicy secret to share with you that will forever change how you think about ‘having competition’. This secret will eliminate any worries you have why people should hire you – and why you’re absolutely worth all the money you charge. By the end of this post, you’ll want to do all those things you’ve been putting off to spread more of your message.

Why? Because you’re about to discover what I call, the Fountain of Unshakeable Confidence.




My background is in corporate ‘Branding’. So for years I ran Million Dollar Radio Campaigns and did the branding work for huge companies like The Marriott, Budweiser and even Porshe. Working with these successful companies I learned a real secret why people buy from YOU. While it works for big companies – it works BEST for Conscious Business Owners like you.

The reason people buy anything is because they identify with the company or person. People don’t need an iPhone 6 – but because they identify so deeply with Apple – they want it. Technically they can buy any smartphone – right? But they IDENTIFY with the PERSONAL BRAND of Apple.

Let’s say you’re a Relationship Coach. And you know there are hundreds if not thousands of other Relationship Coaches out there. So why would people buy from you with so many options out there? Simple: Because they buy YOU.

In other words, ‘Relationship Coaches’ have competition – but there is no competition to YOU. Let’s give Tony Robbins as an example. When people go to “Unleash The Power Within” (can I get a woop woop from my firewalker friends?!) or buy his Audio Program ‘Get The Edge’ – they have tons of other options to buy ‘self-help’ programs. But the reason people buy Tony Robbins is because he’s Tony Robbins – they buy him. They identify with his energy, his personality, his message.

Here’s the secret: you DON’T have any competition. There’s no one else in the world who’s exactly like YOU. When you radiate YOU, your highest and most aligned, on-purpose self – that’s what people buy.

Shannon and I get asked all the time – how do I be my most authentic self in my talks and branding? How do I do the whole ‘branding’ thing for my business?




Tony Robbins doesn’t think on stage how to incorporate branding into his message – he just unleashes himself in total alignment – and people love it.

When you soulfully and authentically express the ultimate YOU – there’s no need for anything else. People want YOU. They want your quirks, your humor, your message, your story, your SELF.

The way to be the Go-To Leader for your Tribe – is just to express YOU. Because there’s no competition to YOU.

The reverse is also true. When you’re not radiating your highest energy and your SELF, people will feel it and they won’t be inspired to move forward with you. The biggest mistake Conscious Business Owners and Speakers make is trying to model something else or trying to be a cookie cutter version of someone else.  But the moment your Tribe feels you’re not YOU or that you’re someone else – they’ll just go the source of who you’re modeling.

But when you’re YOU – on stage in all your glory – they can’t help but be drawn to buy your offering and program.

What are you going to do this week to more fully express your YOU to land more clients and speaking gigs? Be a conscious leader and share your inspiration below – the Tribe will gain a TON from YOU.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

The HOT & FAST way to find your perfect

The HOT & FAST way to find your perfect audience

The HOT & FAST way to find your perfect audience


Mark and I get asked this all the time: “How can I find my PERFECT audience?”

We love this question! So just before we reveal to you our hot tips to find your perfect audience, here’s the back story.

Shannon here and after working with 1000’s of clients all over the world, Mark and I came to learn that for every question someone has – there’s a deeper question not being asked. Meaning, if you’re asking “how to find your perfect audience” – most likely you’re struggling with defining your specific niche, offering and service too, right?

Before you can find your perfect audience – you have to get crystal clear on who YOU are, what OUTCOME your service provides and WHY it gets your juices flowing like nothing else.

The reason I emphasize this to you is simple. We’ve given the ‘Perfect Audience Formula’ to tons of people – but some still don’t get results. But it’s not because the formula wasn’t working – it was because you can’t find your audience until you’ve found YOURSELF and your CLEAR MESSAGE first.

So don’t read the next few lines until you clarify your service, outcome and message first. Cool? Alright, you’re going to love this hot stuff.




With your clear message and niche, search on Facebook for groups on that topic. For example, if your service was about Healing Energy. Here’s what you’d do on Facebook:

Search, “Energy Healers” to start (you can try 10 different variations and find a party full of groups for you!)

The HOT & FAST way to find your perfect

Have fun with this, I just clicked on the first ‘Open’ one I found:
The HOT & FAST way to find your perfect

So if you’re an Energy Healer – you just found a perfect audience! People looking for the exact service and program you provide. They were hand selected!

The next move is to join, engage, become friends and slowly move to offer strategy sessions once you created a demand for it. So for example, let’s say you’d post a few times a week about your insights, case studies, stories of working with certain clients etc. Soon, people will start to ask you more about it. Then offer them a complimentary strategy session.  HOT!

To emphasize how HOT this is, finding that group took me less than a minute. If you strategically go through groups like this, LEAD with your message and engage authentically, you could do this with tens of groups and build your perfect audience in no time at all.

You can also use this strategy with a Meetup. Check out our juicy post the Tribe just loved to find out how.



That strategy is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re going to learn at our flagship event for Conscious Business Owners and Speakers, Big Impact Live. Are you coming? If this post lit your ass on fire, just wait for what we’re revealing at Big Impact Live.

SWEET! Tell me more about Big Impact Live >>

Did you love this as much as I enjoyed writing it for you? Let Mark and I know in the comment section below 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon